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Top 10 Reasons Why I’ll Miss Working At Strathcom

I couldn’t say goodbye without sending off a farewell/keep in touch email to you all (you can find all my socials at the bottom). As the last Content Writer/SEO Strategist/whatever-you-guys-preferred-calling-me standing, I’m sharing my farewell sentiments with you guys the only way I know how: through an extensively researched, well-written blog post you can all skim through without spending too much time reading.

1. The Snack Wall

Bill and Barnaby always came back clutch af to the office from Costco, and they never missed the mark when I wanted Doritos, Rice Krispies Squares, Smarties, and the occasional bag of Oreo/Chips Ahoy Minis. Of course, who could forget the iconic selection of Tide Pods when you have the hankering for some dank meme-ing during breaks.

Not only was the snack wall the hub for office break treats, but the stand-up table also deserves a special shout-out for hosting all our incentive-day pizza parties, Pi-day pies, and the annual Christmas card decorations.

2. Lunch Hours

There were so many things we could do at lunchtime! Whether it was carpooling for runs to Nak’s Bistro, walking to DQ in the Summer, or driving to Pho Hoan Pasteur even though you could just walk over in 10 minutes (lunchtime is of the essence!). Special shoutout to the one time I actually attended/got invited to Broey’s though. My only regret is that we couldn’t do Jumbo Dim Sum or hot pot with everybody as a goodbye lunch. 

This other lunch-hour shout-out goes to the common area couch, which was perfect for lunchtime book club, the occasional team meeting and stand-up, as well as the indulgent power nap that I definitely wasn’t supposed to take when clients were coming into the boardroom.

3. Push Up Challenge & Gym Gang

My boy, John Positos, started a beautiful tradition at Strathcom. Push-up challenge was my favourite thing to look forward to to get over the morning and afternoon slumps. I’m never gonna forget Wesley doing up to 2 pushups on the conference room table (the secret’s out now, Bill!), or Nathan hitting 100 pushups straight.

What was even better was Push-up Challenge evolving to Gym Gang during lunch hours! I miss having a group to go to the gym with and help me push myself harder to try and bench press 2 plates—now I just miss going to the gym.

4. Outside Office Hours

Not only was it nice to have great people to work with, but it was even better to have people (and dogs) to hang out with after office hours. I never would’ve passed up the chance to spend the afternoon watching Avengers: Infinity War or Ford v. Ferrari (especially if Uncle Bill is paying hehe), or watch everyone get super inappropriate playing Quiplash during Extra Life.

Plus, getting to know a lot of you through Donut meetings was great 1-on-1 time. Next thing you know, you get paired with someone who likes rock climbing and so you go rock climbing with them and then end up bumping into your eventual girlfriend of almost 2 years 🤷🏽‍♂️

5. The Christmas Parties

On my first week at Strathcom was actually the first time I got to experience the chaotic energy that is the annual Strathcom Christmas party. You guys threw me into the Lion’s pit, having me sing “Yeah” by Usher with the assist of my favourite and handsome Strathcom bois dancing in the background/on top of speakers. 

Every Christmas party since then has been just as memorable as the last—At least I think it was? I don’t know what more to say about Christmas parties because I can’t remember what else happened after Uncle Bill opened up the bars.

6, Friday Energy at the Office

Speaking of chaotic energy, Fridays at the office are what makes Strathcom “Strathcom” and I’m gonna miss the ridiculousness that goes on at the end of the week. Hearing Candace screaming across the office was a good sign to kick back and slow down everyone’s work output so thank you for that, lol.

Also, shout out to the snack wall fridge for the long-weekend drinks on Friday so we know when it’s real.

I’m also gonna miss the chaotic Strathcom Fridays photoshop battle with the designers, Friday Darene and Dana sass, and my general apathy towards completing tasks and leaving them for Monday.

7. Halloween at the Office

Having Halloween at the office was actually the first time I got to dress up and celebrate it since high school. There were no shortage of fun and creative costumes, and the surprises everyone came in with on the 31st were something to always look forward to.

. . . especially watching Justine scare the shit out of everyone in the office, and me having an excuse to either dress up in drag or wear my short shorts in the office.

Other notable costume mentions:

  • Vincent going as Trump
  • Carrie as a big inflatable dinosaur
  • Candace & Aadil with the Hulk Hogan + Macho Man Randy Savage combo

8, Our Doggos

Not having dogs allowed in the new building is the main reason I’m leaving, tbh.

9, Professional & Personal Development

Needless to say, working at Strathcom really put me to the test and helped me grow as a professional. I started here at the ripe age of 22, with only a fresh marketing degree and a short story I had published once. I never would’ve thought my time here would turn me into a full-fledged content & senior SEO strategist, where I learned how to use WordPress, train and onboard new hires, and eventually lead an (albeit small and phased-out) team.

Four years later, as much as there were things that made me want to stay, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to become a content marketing manager and lead my own team of writers / SEO strategists. I won’t forget or take for granted the skills and experience that people like Carrie and Melina helped me foster while I was here.

10. You guys, Duuuuh

What else was it gonna be (besides the doggos)? A great workplace isn’t a great workplace without the people that made it. Office politics, acquisitions, and the occasional stakeholder complaints aside, the one thing that didn’t change was the special culture we had. I wrote all this because, despite my complaints and difficulties with the stuff I mentioned, I didn’t wanna forget the good stuff either. 

Everyone knew how to have fun during work downtime. Our collective sense of humour was shared amongst everyone who came and went, and there weren’t hard feelings between each other (at least from what I’m aware of lol). We endured hard times and changes—like account losses, layoffs, and parent companies—with stride and always made an effort to reach out to those who left. The people made this place what it was, and that energy stays even outside office hours.

With that in mind, feel free to send this to other Strathcom alum if you’d like to share and indulge in my bittersweet sentiment.

Oh yeah, and like I mentioned earlier, my socials:

So goodbye hot pot next time, when all this is over, yeah?