Geo-Fencing vs Geo-targeting

geo-conquestingThe terms Geo-Fencing and Geo-targeting, are increasingly being used, but are not clearly being explained and differentiated. We decided to shed some light on these two similar, but distinct terms.

Definition of Website Geo-Fencing
Geo-Fencing is essentially a virtual perimeter that you can draw around any location on a map to deliver dynamic content to visitors – it is a form of website personalization.

Great! So, Geo-Fencing = personalization. So, what does this mean for dealers? This means that dealerships can generate personalized content in real time based on where their visitors’ IP addresses are registered. Since we know where your visitors are physically located, we can leverage this information to provide visitors with personalized videos, photos, text, and calls-to-action that are relevant to them. This will ultimately provide your buyers much more value from their visit.

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Benefits of Vehicle Descriptions

Vehicle descriptions are a big part of user engagement on a website. Users are more likely to click and on a car when they see a write up that points out why they should buy that car. So what really grabs a viewer’s attention? CAPITALIZED LETTERS? Listing an essay size amount of package options that can turn a reader cross eyed? All these ideas are outdated and consumers skim over them without a second glance.

So how can your write ups engage consumers?

vehicle descriptions

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Facebook Is A Must-Have Advertising Platform

In March 2016, Google came out with a case study that highlights how the modern car buying process predominantly involves digital interactions, 71% of which occurred on mobile devices. In November 2015 they stated that 1 in 4 car buyers turned to mobile every day to do research on vehicles prior to purchasing. Google’s 5 big moments should be something all digital marketers think about, which is why I think Facebook is an advertising platform that will strengthen any marketing efforts if executed properly.

Facebook advertising can help you generate more credible leads.Facebook has over 1.65 billion monthly Facebook users1 and that number grows each year. On average, users spend approximately 20 minutes on each Facebook session2. In Canada, about 21 million people are on Facebook and about 16 million of those users are on Facebook every day. Just the sheer amount of daily users should be enough to consider advertising on Facebook, and we haven’t even gone into the features and tools that help you get more leads and engage potential and past customers. Not to mention, you’ve probably heard more than once that everyone is always on their phone. Well, 1 out of every 4 minutes spent on mobile is spent on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Connect with potential customers via Facebook and InstagramIf you want to compete and get ahead of your competitors you should be where people spend their time – Facebook. Not only will people be familiar with your brand, but the people who are truly interested in purchasing will interact with you on Facebook. How, you ask?

  • Your ads can generate website or page traffic which can result in a lead.
  • Competing to engage with people interested in makes or models outside of your own.
  • Facebook allows users to fill out a form directly on the app or website.

The third point should stand out the most. Facebook has lead ads that allow users to fill out a form quickly through Facebook. You don’t even need to worry about a form being too long. Facebook pre-populates their info reducing the time it takes a user to fill out a form. Which means you get all the information you need to get more qualified leads.

Want the best strategies and optimizations for Facebook and Google? Contact one of our Strathcom Online Marketers to learn more.

Fast Company

How Mobile-Friendly Are Your Ads?

Mobile search has become a way of life for consumers. In fact, Google proclaimed that 2015 was the first year that saw more searches being done on mobile devices than on desktops and laptops combined. Not surprisingly, more and more people conduct their research online before making a purchase, and automotive customers are no different. Buyers are now Googling vehicle brands, reading reviews, comparing models, and visiting dealership websites before finally deciding on which vehicles they’re interested in and where they will be purchased.

Customers are spending more and more time on their smartphones

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Conquering Mobile Conversions Part 1: The Moments That Matter

Going into 2016, Google reported some big changes in the way consumers are researching and purchasing online. Google has reported that 86% of research is done on mobile, and 52% of these searches are done during work hours. It’s pretty clear we are shifting to a mobile driven world, when we consider these additional stats: we are checking our phones 150 times, and spending 177 minutes on our phones a day.

Customers are spending more and more time on their smartphones

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GM Launches Online Used Car Sales Program

Buying a vehicle is about to get easier.  General Motors announced this week they will be launching a new online sales program to purchase factory owned Chevrolet, Buick, GM or Cadillac online.  Catered to buyers who prefer to shop online, shoppers will be able to choose a vehicle and a participating GM dealer and use the Shop-Click-Drive feature to purchase the vehicle.

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Turn Even More Website Visitors into Leads

Advertisers love the ability to follow around potential customers with remarketing ads because it’s a great reminder to customers of their ever growing list of wants, as the advertiser patiently waits until your will power is at its lowest and for you to finally return and make your next purchase. You may even be running these images ads for your own dealership.

Today, this is how most people search for new vehicles.

Now, what if I told you that you could have this same stalking ability but get your business in front of audience that is actively shopping for your products a second time? No more passive approach to remarketing, patiently waiting until a user is ready to continue down the purchase path. You can skip the waiting and now entice previous website visitors when they’re actively on the hunt again. How can this be? Well…

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8 Steps To Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is certainly one of the most popular acronym’s rolling around the interweb at the moment. More and more businesses are attempting to optimize their sites in order to extract more customers from their site visitors, however most website providers in the auto industry don’t seem to have hopped aboard the bandwagon.


How can Conversion Rate Optimization help your business?

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Changing The PPC Game with Google Customer Match

In the world of Google and PPC, there are currently only 4 ways you can target potential customers. These include:

  • Keyword searches
  • Past site Visitors
  • In-Market Audiences and;
  • Affinity Audiences

Recently, Google – in their infinite wisdom – decided to throw another targeting method into the mix and it is sure to float the proverbial boat of car dealers across the world.

Modern advertising involves targeting the individual.

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Turn Pictures into Cash with Instagram Ads

Since 2013, many big brand companies have been taking advantage of Instagram’s 400+ million member community by sharing high quality, image-rich content while driving results that matter. Thanks to the great success of these campaigns, Instagram has opened up their advertising product to all advertisers, internationally. No brand, budget or idea is too small to take advantage of this next wave of social media advertising.

Turn Instagram ads into happy customers and increased revenue!

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Introducing TOAST Fixed Ops and Finance Online

We often hear that “Sales doesn’t make the money—it’s all made in the back.” In almost all cases, the Service Department is an integral part of the financial success of any dealership.

TOAST Fixed Ops

That’s because, on average, about 50% of a dealership’s revenue is created by fixed ops.

Taking it by the numbers, you’d think that 50% of any dealership’s advertising budget would be spent on attracting customers to fixed ops (and 50% of a car dealership’s website dedicated to this huge earner).

Continuing on this track, 50% of Facebook and Twitter expenditure would go to hunting and gathering for fixed ops—and 50% of the Google advertising budget to the “Shop.” Makes sense, right?

Excuse my rhetoric, but that just doesn’t happen. In the real world, most dealers pay very little attention to service and parts when it comes to the online advertising budget.

Not on Twitter 99 problems meme.

When it comes to service, the most that the average dealer will do on their site is put up a page showing service hours, a stock picture of some guy with a wrench, and a “contact us” link. As for the parts, it’s a pitiful showing for those guys and girls too.

It’s Time to Fight Back!

Fixed operations departments across Canada are struggling. Big businesses like Mr. Lube, Canadian Tire, Jiffy Lube and Kal Tire are controlling the ZMOT highway online, and dealers are making little or no effort to fight back.

Those crossing their fingers and hoping “things will turn around” are in for a rude awakening in the not-too-distant future.

TOAST Fixed Ops is starting a revolution. Take up arms with Strathcom Media, and join us for this brand new TOAST session, coming to a city near you.

View Upcoming TOAST Training Sessions

Toon Town TOAST Session for Car Dealers

TOAST Header Today’s Online Automotive Sales Techniques (TOAST) is kicking it off in Saskatoon, and this is your chance to take your digital car dealership to the big leagues. TOAST introduces you to the tools you need to make your dealership dominate online.

Time & Location

Where: Park Town Hotel, 924 Spadina Crescent E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3H5
When: 9:00 am to 3:45 pm, Thursday, July 18th.


Price: $199 per person attending


• Morning and afternoon TOAST session attendance
• Lunch, as well as coffee and refreshments in the morning and afternoon
• USB drive containing TOAST examples and templates

Breaks are scheduled periodically throughout the day and lunch will be served around noon.

For more information check out our TOAST page or watch our TOAST Video

TOAST Heats it Up in LA (Lethbridge, AB)

It might not be as hot as Cali, but LA just got a lot TOASTier!

Lethbridge Alberta is the next destination for Today’s Online Automotive Sales Techniques (TOAST) and the crew is coming to heat up your dealership’s online sales.

Meet Strathcom Media’s Stuart Bendall and find out what your dealership can do to succeed with valuable insights into automotive marketing online.

Time & Location

  • Where: Holiday Inn Lethbridge 2375 Mayor Magrath Drive South, Lethbridge AB, T1K 7M1
  • When: 9:00am to 3:45pm, Wednesday, June 12.

The Reviews Are In!

Stuart Bendall recently gave a sneak peek at TOAST in the DealerTalk Kijiji Webinar series, and response has been overwhelmingly positive:

“Holy smokes!
What a Webinar! Strathcom Media’s Director of Training, Stuart Bendall took the DealerTalk Webinar series to a whole new level. After 5 – 10 minutes I was laughing out loud and writing notes frantically. This wasn’t another “the internet is going to be big type of education. If you are responsible for the online merchandising of your dealership’s inventory, this is a must watch.

More than 150 dealers from across Canada were tuned in for some playful banter and education from our favorite Brit. Stuart has worked in a dealership. He knows the struggles dealers face every day. Today he basically gave away all of his secrets, and then some. Who said there was no thing as a free lunch?
– Ryan Thompson, Kijiji Autos

Strathcom to guest speak at Free Kijiji Autos Webinar.

Strathcom’s Director of Training to be guest speaker at Kijiji Autos Webinar!

Stuart Bendall, Director of Training here at Strathcom Media, regularly hosts Today’s Online Automotive Sales Techniques (TOAST) sessions across Canada (recently in London, Mississauga & Vaughan Ontario and upcoming sessions in Vancouver BC & Halifax Nova Scotia), presenting online industry insights to eager-to-learn auto dealer employees.

Have you been thinking about attending an upcoming session but find it hard to find time to attend a full day session? Well today is your lucky day! We are excited to announce that Ryan Thompson, Head of Sales at Kjiji Autos, has invited Stuart to guest speak at their upcoming FREE online training webinar. Get a free TOAST sneak peek this May 23rd with our friends at Kijiji Autos. Simply register below and log in from your work or home computer and let the learning begin!

Here’s what Ryan Thompson of Kijii Autos has to say about our talented Stu:

“TOAST master” Stuart Bendall has nearly a decade of applied experience in Automotive Sales, and brings a wealth of life experience to his role. Stuart has been around the world a couple of times, spent time with the British Special Forces and has developed a colourful resume that gives him the authority to speak in many areas of retail sales.

What you will learn in the webinar:

-The importance of your online profile and how it affects a buyer’s research period, AKA the Zero Moment of Truth
-The importance of salespeople in the ‘new buyers process’
-That the ‘digital customer’ affects everyone in the dealership, not just the internet manager
-How to take effective photos which actually sell your product
-Why pictures are so important
-The importance of written unique descriptions
-How to write unique descriptions
-Why to rethink your pricing
-How to stay “sticky” and lower your bounce rate
-Why speed is so important when replying to email leads
-What to say and what not to say in email replies
-How to build a relationship through email
-Customer profiling online
-Setting the appointment

We look forward to seeing you there!

Interested in learning more about what TOAST is all about?

TOAST from Coast-to-Coast

Today's Online Automotive Sales Techniques (TOAST) by Strathcom Media

Get out your surfboards, because this month’s your chance to catch the wave to online success with Today’s Online Automotive Sales Techniques (TOAST) sessions in Halifax Nova Scotia and Vancouver ( Burnaby), British Columbia. Meet certified “Toast Master” Stuart Bendall and gain valuable insight into the world of online automotive marketing. TOAST is all about real-world ways to boost your bottom line and succeed in the automotive car dealership industry.

East Coast of Canada

  • Halifax –  TOAST Session 
  • Where: The Four Points Hotel, 1496 Hollis Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • When: 9:00am to 3:45pm, Thursday, May 16th.

Register Today: HALIFAX

West Coast of Canada

  • Vancouver (Burnaby) Toast Session
  • Where: The Executive Hotel, 4201 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, BC
  • When: 9:00am to 3:45pm, Tuesday, May 21st.

Register Today: VANCOUVER

What is TOAST all about?



 The Morning Session of TOAST covers the elements of an effective car dealership homepage and how to attract customers. There is a new force guiding how today’s customers shop online: you will learn about the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) and how it influences your customer’s buying cycle. We’ll top off the session with some real-world examples of ways to improve your bottom line.

Learn about:

  • Effective online advertising
  • Getting people to your car dealer website
  • Receiving and replying to automotive leads
  • The automotive online sales process
  • Building value in yourself, your dealership and the product
  • Making and confirming the appointment


The Afternoon Session of TOAST is a guide to effectively promoting your automotive website online. You will learn more about how leading search engines like Google find your website, and see how cost-effective proper search engine marketing can be. Learn how reviews can become a powerful and effective way to boost your online marketing strategy without spending more on your budget.

Learn about:

  • Google
  • Online Advertising
  • Google Analytics (measuring your success)
  • Adwords (how they work)
  • Handling Reviews
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and more)


Price: $199 per person attending

• Morning and afternoon TOAST session attendance
• Lunch, as well as coffee and refreshments in the morning and afternoon
• USB drive containing TOAST examples and templates

Space is limited, so register now! Fill out and fax either the Halifax TOAST Registration form (PDF) or  Burnaby TOAST Registration (PDF) depending on what is convenient for you. You can also contact Strathcom Media online, or phone us toll-free at 1.888.914.1444 or visit our TOAST page for more information.