Strathcom Media Paint Nite

As a reward for smashing our fourth quarter PPC targets, our friends at Google treated us to a team Paint Nite! It was a great opportunity for us to celebrate as a team while allowing us to meet our needs to get creative and get messy.

Google sent us everything we needed to create our masterpieces including canvases, aprons, brushes, and paints; the only thing they didn’t send was artistic ability because, as you can see, we already had plenty of it!

File_004                    File_003 (1)

The contest was called Escape the Winter, and the challenge was to sign 5 new accounts and have them spend at least $30,000 between November and December, 2015 – and we did it! Nice work, team!








Strathcom Team Building day

Strathcom Media employees had a wonderful team building day last Wednesday August 28th to celebrate the end of summer & all our hard work this past year.

We started off the afternoon with some short ribs & some personal chefs.
eating food
Everyone filling up on salads & short ribs.

After we filled our hungry bellies with scrumptious mandarin vegetable salad, Mediterranean orzo salad, salty beef short ribs, sweet fruit salad & cookies, we were ready to begin our Minute To Win It team building challenge. The popular TV Show Minute To Win It is a game show where teams have to complete tasks in the quickest amount of time within a minute time frame. The team with the least amount of time wins free lunch for a week! With free lunches at stake, everyone was down to compete good and hard.

The first minute to win it challenge objective was “knock the cans off the boxes with a yo yo tied to your waist”
yoyo challenge
This challenge was tough for tall people as you see here with Rob Golden our fabulous Controller.
Face cookie challenge
Our fearless leader David Lord leads the “Get the cookie in your mouth without using your hands” challenge.
Cookie Challenge
Troy our Director of Support cautiously tries to get a delicious cookie into his mouth.
Toilet Paper Challenge
The next challenge objective was “Who can unroll a whole roll of toilet paper around their body without it breaking”
Toilet Paper Challenge
DLord is twisted up like a mummy in this challenge.
Balloon Challenge
The 4th challenge was “who can keep 3 balloons in the air the longest”
Balloon Challenge
Dave Lam our Web Design Lead tries to keep all 3 of his balloons in the air.
Balloon Challenge
It was breezy day & one of the most unsuccessful challenges.
Kleenex Challenge
The second last challenge was “who can pull out kleenex from 2 boxes the fastest”
Kleenex Challenge
Things got a little kleenexy
Don't Blow the Joker
The last challenge was called “Don’t blow the joker”. The objective of the game was to blow the whole deck of cards off of the glass except the last card which is the joker. Here we see Duncan Cochrane our VP of Sales getting ready to blow his cards.
Don't blow the joker
Aaron Fay our Development Manager looks at his final card left on his glass. Way to go!

All in all we had a blast playing A Minute to Win It & enjoying our tasty food to celebrate all our hard work over the past year at Strathcom Media.


We Are Spartan!

This past Saturday, two of us here at Strathcom embarked on an epic journey into the wilds of Calgary where we participated in the annual “Spartan Race” — a mud-slicked obstacle course designed by marines and ex-military to push your body beyond its limits. Proceeds of the 5K Spartan Sprint went to muscular dystrophy, which was an added incentive to strain and stretch our physical capabilities to capacity.

As we stood at the starting line with adrenaline coursing through our veins, yelling “WE ARE SPARTAN!” we knew there was a possibility we wouldn’t make it out alive. The horn blew and we set out with one goal in mind, “we don’t need to win, we just need to finish!”

It was hot, dry and dusty. Our sweat blinded us as we traversed hot coals, scaled and hurdled over walls, climbed mud-slicked ropes, dragged cinder blocks up steep hills and heaved tractor tires through the dust. With fatigue setting in and the sun beating down on us, we kept repeating, “we just need to finish.”

We envisioned the finish line as our prey: as it neared, each of us was like a cheetah in the tall grass, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting water buffalo. We leaped over a line of fire and narrowly avoided being pummeled by two Spartan warriors guarding the finish. The checkered flag wilted in defeat as we crossed the line.

Basking in the rays of pride and glory, we came home conquerors.

Sarah Guenette & Michael Fisher


It's Chili inside at Strathcom Media

Our heating is just fine, even though Strathcom Media had a Chili Friday. A Chili Cheese Dog Friday that is!

VP of Operations & fabulous chef Bill Warren took employee morale higher than a US tour de France competitor.

Bill wonderfully cooked homemade chili full of fabulous beans, beef, spices & vegetables. Strathcom employees piled the delicious Chili high on huge jumbo hot dogs, topped with grated cheese and accompanied by nachos and salsa.

Thanks Billy! We look forward to the next Chili Friday.