Win A Trip to Google’s Newest & Coolest HQ!

golden ticket google

We have all heard the rumors about the perks of working at Google. Thanks to movies like The Internship and shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley, the curiosity surrounding the inner-workings of Google are reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. If you have always wanted to get a firsthand look at working for the Search Engine giant, great news: Strathcom Media has your Golden Ticket to Google!

We are giving away 6 all-expenses-paid trips to Toronto and Waterloo! Strathcom and Google will pay for everything, you’ll be our VIP.

  • golden ticket googleWe’ll fly you to Toronto for one of our Google Breakfasts at Google HQ
  • We’ll transport you to Waterloo for a tour of Google’s newest & coolest HQ
  • We’ll look after all of your accommodations & meals
  • We’ll also set you up with a swag bag packed full of all kinds of Google and Strathcom merchandise
  • You’ll also get One on One Time with a Google-Certified team member


Google’s Kitchener-Waterloo location opened in January of this year and – according to one of our Google reps – is the coolest location they have opened yet! The trip is September 21-23, and the contest is running until the end of August. Enter Now! And for access to more opportunities like this one, subscribe to our newsletter!

golden ticket google

Strathcom’s Look Inside Google Partners All-Stars Summit 2015

Google Partners Global All-Stars Summit in Mountain View, CA
Google Partners Global All-Stars in Mountain View, CA

Strathcom was honoured to be selected among hand-picked agencies around the world for the exclusive Google Partners All-Stars Summit held in Mountain View, CA. The agencies invited to attend were the top partners in each country and Strathcom represented Canada. Continue reading “Strathcom’s Look Inside Google Partners All-Stars Summit 2015”

Google Partners Pumpkin Halloween Contest & Costumes

Being a Google Partner has its perks. A week before Halloween, Strathcom received a mysterious brown box all the way from Wisconsin with a return label from Google Partners.

When we opened the box we were surprised with a real live pumpkin, complete with a handy dandy carving knife and an invite card.




We were invited to a Google Partners Pumpkin carving contest. Instructions were to carve our pumpkin and submit it to the Google Partners Pumpkin event on Google+

Google Partner Pumpkin Event


Our designers got to work. We wanted to do something Google-y and Halloween-y, so our final design by Dana was an Android (Google’s Operating system mascot robot) Zombie, complete with a moon, bats and a graveyard. Our artistic Administrative Assistant Sarah got to work with Dana’s creative design.


Here was the final carved pumpkin!

Zombie Android Pumpkin
Zombie Android


Android Zombie
Zombie Android with Moon and Bats


Moon & Bats Pumpkin Carving
Bats and Moon on One Side


Graveyard pumpkin carving
Graveyard Carving on the Other Side

Well done guys!

We submitted them and received Pluses in hopes of winning some sweet Google swag!

While we wait to see if we won any cool Google paraphernalia, check out some of the awesome Strathcomian Halloween Costumes:

Strathcom Media 2013 Halloween Costumes

Skeleton makeup
Trish as a Deathly Skeleton
Senior Developer Halloween Costume
Ryan as a “Senior” Developer
"cereal" killer costume
Sarah as a “Cereal” Killer
Harry Potter or Cho Chang
Carrie Potter.. Harry Potter? Cho Chang?
Senior Designer Halloween Costume
Ella as a “Senior” Designer
Grumpy Cat Halloween Costume
Erin as Grumpy Cat


Happy Halloween from everyone at Strathcom Media!