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Google My BusinessThis week, Strathcom had the chance to tour Google’s new office in Waterloo as well as hear what Google has planned in the coming years by the head of Google Canada – Sam Sebastian – and also attend some training on Google products. As a Premier Google  Partner and the largest partner in the Canadian automotive space, we find this training invaluable. Getting information from the horse’s mouth allows us to keep our clients’ campaigns top performing, and gives us insight into new strategies we can use to progress them even further. Not to mention, we can ask about our clients’ pain points, and that brings me today’s blog topic: Google My Business.

Google My Business is not a product to be bought/sold, but it is a roadblock that all of our clients have to go through. Having a well maintained Google My Business account is vital for any business. People want to know where you are located, see photos of your business (show people that renovation you just invested $1,000,000 in, for example), what your phone number is, what time you open, what time you close etc., and Google is where they go to get this information; being a business owner, you want them to find, and you want it to be accurate. Most dealers have a Google My Business account, but it has sat dormant for a while. The information is wrong and no one knows the login to change it. Here are the steps to regain access to your existing Google My Business account so those potential customers out there can find you.

Step 1: Sign In To/Create Your Google Account.

Use the same email you think was used to originally create the account, if you don’t know, a general account should be used, not an individual employee’s personal account.

Google My Business - Sign In


Step 2: Search for Your Business.
Find your Google My Business account by clicking here and search your business name.

Google My Business - Search You Business

Step 3: Select Your Business or Add It.

Google My Business - Select Your Business

Step 4: Enter Your Business Details
Choose the “Car Dealer” category, fill out as much information as possible.

Google My Business - Enter Business Details

Step 5: Confirm Your Information

Step 6: Verify Your Business

This is where people usually get hung up. Google has a manual process for verifying your business. For most businesses, Google is important to customer acquisition. You can imagine how many shady business owners try to go after their competitors Google My Business account, so there is a way around this: Google will send a postcard to your business with a code on it to enter into your Google My Business account page. Make sure to let your receptionist know the card is coming so they don’t throw it out with the junk mail.

All your information is now complete and accurate and will be updated across all Google properties.

When we visit Google offices around North America for training or meetings, the mind set is always the same – if it’s the user’s problem, it’s our problem – and Strathcom shares that ideal. The dealerships that also share this logic will find far more success than those that don’t. So make your potential customers life easy, and action this blog. Someone is on Google right now looking for a car, will they find you?

Today’s the Big Day: Verify Your Google My Business Listing, or Watch It Disappear!

Back on December 11, 2014, we gave you some best practices of how to make the most out of your Google My Business listing. Those best practices have now become exorbitantly more important with Google’s latest release. Tentatively, starting today, July 28, 2015, Google is going to start removing unverified business listings, so there’s no better time than now to make sure you’re verified.

Not sure if you’re verified, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Google My Business. If you’re new to Google My Business, all you need is a Google account. This is generally the same one you use for your Gmail account.
  2. Choose one of two categories of local business: Storefront (you as a car dealer) or Service Area Businesses.
  3. Enter the name or address of your business and select it if it appears in the drop-down.
  4. If you see your name, click on it and a message should pop up saying the account has been verified (you would need to be logged into the same Google account associated with the listing).
  5. If you don’t see your business listed, click “No, these are not my businesses” or “I’ve correctly entered the business.” You’ll then be prompted to enter in your business details. Once you’ve correctly entered everything, hit Submit.
  6. You will then be asked to verify your business either by Postcard, Phone, or Instant (only available in certain circumstances).
    1. Phone or Postcard are your best options. For either one you will just need to follow the instructions Google provides you.

If someone else has claimed your Google My Business listing and you’re not sure who has the admin rights to the page, follow these steps to see what you can do.

laptop open to Google Search Page
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