A Few Fun Facts About Car Brand Fans

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Have you ever wondered where your favorite automotive brands fit within market niches? The Auto Insurance Centre has your answer; their study was conducted using over 114 million Facebook brand fans from across North America. Continue reading “A Few Fun Facts About Car Brand Fans”

Facebook Visits Strathcom Media!

Facebook logoSome of our friends at Facebook dropped by our office to share some information about their products as well as to answer some of our questions. First, they shared some of their statistics from the latest quarter:

  • There are 1.8 billion people on Facebook worldwide and 550 million people on Instagram.
  • In Canada, there are 22 million people on Facebook and 17 million of those users are daily users.
  • there are 3.1 million apps available on the App Store and 82% of time spent on apps is only spent on 5 of them; the most time is spent on Facebook.

One question that we asked Facebook was: “what benefit does advertising on Facebook have over ‘boosted’ or ‘sponsored’ posts?”. This depends on what your goals for online advertising are. If you want Likes, Shares, and Facebook Friends, boosted posts are what you are looking for. If you want leads and to sell cars, Lead Ads on Facebook are what you are looking for. If you are unsure of what the difference is between boosted posts and lead ads, here are some examples:

Example of a Lead Ad on Facebook
Example of a Lead Ad
Example of a boosted post on Facebook
Example of a Boosted Post

Now what everyone really wanted to know: What advantages are there to advertising on Facebook that you won’t get on traditional search engines – even Google. Facebook was pretty transparent on both the benefits and shortcomings of advertising on their platform. Search engines are the perfect place for a dealership to get in front of their customers at the last possible second of the purchase journey; keyword-based searches drive high-intent clicks and conversions. While Facebook doesn’t offer keyword-based search ads, they do offer something that (we think) is even better, identity-based targeting. Facebook wouldn’t share their secret sauce with us but it turns out Facebook doesn’t use the traditional cookie-based tracking that most people are used to when attributing actions or generating targeting buckets. Through their technology, Facebook is able to track their users through their actions and behaviors on the platform. Your likes, comments, uploaded photos, hashtags and more are all used to to help Facebook determine exactly who you are and what you’re interested in. Because they don’t use cookies, there’s no risk of lost data when a customer switches between devices or clears their browsing history. This revolutionary identity tracking algorithm takes the typical interest targeting accuracy from 62% to an astonishing 92%!

It’s not just how Facebook targets customers that helps win over our hearts. Facebook is Canada’s biggest media channel with the average person spending an average of 50 minutes a day scrolling through news feeds, profiles and groups – think of all the possible eyeballs on your ads!

If you’re as excited about Facebook advertising as we are, it’s time to consider adding it to your advertising repertoire. It’s not just for sharing cat videos or baby pictures. Facebook is a powerful website traffic and conversion driver that everyone should be taking advantage of. Get started with Strathcom today and receive $500 in bonus Facebook ad spend!

Facebook Ads are Getting Pricier – Don't Ignore Your Budget

Paid advertising on Facebook is getting more expensive. How much more expensive is it? It’s so much more expensive…that it’s about 10 percent pricier than it was at New Year’s. (*crickets*) facebook catBetween more dealers recognizing the advantages of targeted Facebook ads, and the company’s recent redesign of their News Feed that limits paid content to 5% of total News Feed items, those surefire search terms of old are becoming more of a luxury.

What does this mean for your Facebook marketing strategy?

Some cities have very high rents; that’s in part because a lot of people really want to live there. Facebook advertising works in the same way, and now the competition is boosting up prices. Just make sure you don’t blow your whole budget on promoted content just because all the rich kids want to. At Strathcom, we recommend that you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Keep a close eye on your vital marketing metrics (like total cost per new customer) and make sure your ROI is still within an acceptable range. Meanwhile, don’t overlook your other promotional avenues, and opt for a well-rounded campaign that aims for market penetration and growth. Facebook Like Button For a free audit of your current marketing efforts, contact us now at info@strathcom.com.

Social Media for Dealerships — Strathcom Meets Auto Marketing Consultant, Ryan Holtz

We were recently lucky enough to sit down for a half-hour chat with Ryan Holtz, the internationally recognized automotive marketer and social media consultant.

Check out what Ryan had to share with Strathcom’s own Duncan Cochrane about the often uncertain and puzzling yet crucial marketing realms of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more including:

  • Why should your dealership be on social media, and who should manage your account?
  • How can you get more likes and followers?
  • What’s the next big thing in social media for 2014?

But, most importantly, does this actually sell cars? Here’s the full interview (click on the links to view the video in parts):