Responsive Websites

Don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to web design.

Get a car dealer website tailored to your franchise, dealer group, or independent used car dealership that looks great on any device. We offer a completely managed solution (Market Presence Premium) and a standalone Content Management System (Market Presence CMS) if you want to manage your website yourself.

Website Solutions for Dealerships of all Shapes & Sizes

Start with a custom, responsive website design and finish with a steady stream of new customers. We start every website with a strong foundation of on-page SEO, and then build a beautiful user-friendly design that’s responsive and backed by research on conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Get your hands dirty with the Market Presence CMS and update your own website, or take the hands-off approach and let us take care of everything with Market Presence Premium. No matter which option you choose, the following tools and features come standard: Market Inventory, Market Leads, Lot cAPPture, and an kick-ass automated DMS. You can also take advantage of other advanced features like geo-fencing, geo-targeting, personalization, silent salesman, and more.


Credit Site

Your customers have many different reasons for needing help getting a vehicle loan: divorce, bankruptcy, repossessions, new Canadian residency, etc. Our SEO experts research the keywords and search terms they’re using in your region—building them right into the content of your website.


You don’t need to be a franchised dealer to have a strong online presence. Even if you are a non-franchised dealer, you can still have an excellent, unique and responsive website. Compete with the big guys with a site from Strathcom Media!

Franchised Sites

We know that to receive Co-Op Funding, you have to meet franchise standards set by your OEM. Strathcom Media has experience in building compliant sites for every major brand; with a Strathcom site, compliance is one less thing that you need to worry about.

CO-OP Blog

Group Sites

Want to show you’re part of a group but still showcase each store’s individual identity? No problem! We work with some of the largest dealer groups in Canada and know how to make each of your stores stand out

Personalization & Geo-Fencing

Unique visitor, unique message.

Take your website to the next level and serve website visitors a different message or offer based on what they have previously searched for, or based on their geographic location.

Notepad & Silent Salesman

Inspired by tools used by Expedia & Amazon.

Automatically save vehicles searched and viewed by visitors, then apply scarcity and abundance tactics to increase conversion.

AWS and Pantheon

AWS and Pantheon are the best of the best when it comes to websites and website security. These companies boast clients like the United Nations, Cisco, Dell, Expedia, Air BnB, Netflix, and more!

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So, what makes them the best of the best? One thing that sets Amazon Website Services apart is Availability Zones. Servers hosted on AWS are located in Availability Zones that are their own physically distinct, independent infrastructure, and is engineered to be highly reliable. Because they are physically separate, even uncommon disasters like fires, tornados, or flooding would only effect one single AZ, meaning that even in these disasters your site will not go down.

Pantheon delivers the fastest page speed for WordPress sites. With Pantheon, you also get a reliable uptime of 99.95% and you are utilizing the same cutting-edge technology used by companies like Facebook and Salesforce.