Market Equity

Speed up your sub-prime process

If you’re like many Canadian auto dealerships, poor credit clients make up a significant portion of your sales and finance duties. Strathcom’s Market Equity tool speeds up the process of finding subprime cars for customers and quickly shows you the best vehicles in your inventory for managing their negative equity. Stop wasting time jumping between Canadian Black Book and your inventory and do it all from one screen. This tool is useful when a customer is “upside down” or “underwater” (they owe more money than their trade is worth) and they need to bury a certain amount of money into the new vehicle purchase.


Save Time!

Our tool speeds up the car-finding process and helps take away frustration—for dealer and shopper both.


Quick Search, Maximize Profits!

It’s specifically designed to help you find the right car in which to bury a client’s “upside down” payments

Accelerate Sub-Prime Sales


Quickly search your dealer inventory using the following metrics:

  • Trade-in Value
  • Amount Owing
  • Negative Equity
  • Lending Bank
  • Credit Tier

We at Strathcom believe that the simplest solution is usually best. That’s why our Market Equity tool was designed to be fully integrated and super simple to operate. Why spend your time poring over separate books and programs when Market Equity gives you all the necessary metrics in one intuitive system?

Just one click and you’ll receive a listing of all your suitable vehicles based on Max Loan and Max Profit. Choosing the right car that fulfills both your client’s and your store’s needs couldn’t be easier.