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Become an Authority

No longer reserved for obnoxious food critics and prospective video game testers complaining about the latest release, Blogs can be an integral part of driving traffic to your dealership website. You know better than anybody that it can be difficult to distinguish your store from your competitor down the street. Having a regularly updated blog gives you the opportunity to answer questions, provide useful information, and inform your customers about new vehicles and services. Just think of our blog service as another tool to ensure that you stay top of mind with your customers


Improve Your SEO Ranking

Google’s search result algorithms favour websites with consistently fresh and relevant content


Create A Voice

It’s hard to stand out. Blog posts help your dealership develop its brand and character.


Delight Your Customers

Blogs are a great opportunity to reengage with your customers after the sale and answer frequently asked questions.

Build a blog and take a page from our book

When you secure a beautifully optimized and modern Strathcom website, you gain the ability to edit your own content as you see fit. But if you want to turbocharge your ability to reach new customers, sign up for our Blog Service.

With unlimited, expert advice from our Online Marketing Managers, you’ll get help implementing article ideas that will register highly on search engines. Some worthwhile blog topics include:

  • New Vehicle Reviews & Comparisons
  • Maintenance FAQs
  • Dealership Promotions
  • Community Events
  • Staff Profiles




Succeeding online largely rests on providing interesting, useful, and fresh content to your customers. Proper content management is a key component to drawing new customers to your store and keeping them coming back for more. To get our experts started optimizing your site, give Strathcom a call toll-free at 1-888-914-1444 or contact us by email at

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