We built our website platform and Market suite of tools with innovative and progressive dealers in mind. Our experience and innovation in the industry has given us the opportunity to work with a number of OEMs across Canada. Our projects have evolved from supplying 400 Cadillac SFE dealers with lot capture devices and vehicle management solutions, in 2005, to our current OEM projects, which include: Honda and Acura Canada, Mercedes-Benz Canada, Volkswagen Canada, Ford and Lincoln Canada, Nissan and Infiniti Canada, FCA Canada and more coming in the near future.


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December 1997


Strathcom was created. The name Strathcom was derived from the location of our first office, located in the Old Strathcona area of Whyte Ave in Edmonton.

March 1998


Edmonton Motors a local Chevrolet and Cadillac dealer became Strathcom’s very first automotive website customer.

January 1999


The Edmonton Motor Dealer Association (EMDA) contacted Strathcom to provide a Dealer Association website with grouped inventory for its members.

February 2000


Strathcom went all in on automotive development with its launch of Used Cars Canada.com and Easy-Loader Vehicle Management software.

January 2002


CMDA joined Strathcom to power the Calgary Motor Dealers Association website.

January 2005


Cadillac SFE USA became Strathcom’s first OEM customer and we provided over 500 dealers with lot capture tools.

February 2006


Honda and Acura Canada integrated with Strathcom to offer a CPO site to their consumers.

July 2009

LogoKijiji integrated with Strathcom and launched its Used vehicle offering with bump up ads features for Auto Dealers.

September 2011


Strathcom launched its suite of Market Platform tools: Inventory, Leads, Pricing, Pitch, Appraisals & Equity

March 2013


Strathcom became Nissan and Infiniti Website certified.

June 2014


FCA selected Strathcom as a vendor for their Digital Advertising co-op program for dealers.

December 2015


Kia recognized Strathcom’s websites for the Kia Centre of Excellence preferred vendor program.

August 2016


Mercedes Benz Canada selected Strathcom as a vendor for their Website and Digital Advertising program.

August 2017


Volkswagen Canada selected Strathcom as a vendor for their Website and Digital Advertising program.

March 2018


Ford / Lincoln selected Strathcom as a vendor for their D3 Digital Advertising Services (DAS) program.

April 2018


Jaguar and Land Rover Canada selected Strathcom as a vendor for their Website and Digital Advertising program.