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What is Conversion Copywriting?

TL;DR: Conversion Copywriting is copywriting that aims to entice users/prospective customers to make a decision and take action for a specific goal.

Anybody working in sales needs that driving force to help entice customers to buy your product. For the average car salesman, it’s “let’s step into my office,” or for the sales associate at Best Buy selling an extended warranty for your laptop, it’s “protect your investment”. Online marketers don’t have the luxury of face-to-face sales, so the solution to help your prospective customer take the next step is high-quality conversion copywriting.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting itself is anything written by marketers; everything from traditional advertising like billboards and commercials to online methods like blogs and ebooks. As Copyhacker’s Joanna Wiebe writes, “It’s salesmanship in print.” Marketers have relied on copywriting to create brand awareness, entice customers, and drive sales since the inception of the profession itself.

How is Conversion Copywriting Different?

While copywriting involves building brands, conversions focus on motivating someone to act/make a decision. If copywriting is “Kanye West announcing the next limited release for Yeezy footwear”, then conversions are “getting people to enter a raffle so they can have a chance at just buying the sneakers”.

Conversions drive urgency to your customers and help them take the next step.

Some of these steps can be:

  1. Clicking a Call to Action button
  2. Filling out a form
  3. Adding items to your cart
  4. Starting an online chat
  5. Getting directions to your store

. . . The list goes on.

You want your customers to buy your product, so you’ll need to find the right words that drive them to take action.

If done correctly, high-quality conversion copywriting will be what gets customers to say “Yes” and click “Buy”.