Benefits of Vehicle Descriptions

Vehicle descriptions are a big part of user engagement on a website. Users are more likely to click and on a car when they see a write up that points out why they should buy that car. So what really grabs a viewer’s attention? CAPITALIZED LETTERS? Listing an essay size amount of package options that can turn a reader cross eyed? All these ideas are outdated and consumers skim over them without a second glance.

So how can your write ups engage consumers?

vehicle descriptions

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Facebook Is A Must-Have Advertising Platform

In March 2016, Google came out with a case study that highlights how the modern car buying process predominantly involves digital interactions, 71% of which occurred on mobile devices. In November 2015 they stated that 1 in 4 car buyers turned to mobile every day to do research on vehicles prior to purchasing. Google’s 5 big moments should be something all digital marketers think about, which is why I think Facebook is an advertising platform that will strengthen any marketing efforts if executed properly.

Facebook advertising can help you generate more credible leads.Facebook has over 1.65 billion monthly Facebook users1 and that number grows each year. On average, users spend approximately 20 minutes on each Facebook session2. In Canada, about 21 million people are on Facebook and about 16 million of those users are on Facebook every day. Just the sheer amount of daily users should be enough to consider advertising on Facebook, and we haven’t even gone into the features and tools that help you get more leads and engage potential and past customers. Not to mention, you’ve probably heard more than once that everyone is always on their phone. Well, 1 out of every 4 minutes spent on mobile is spent on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Connect with potential customers via Facebook and InstagramIf you want to compete and get ahead of your competitors you should be where people spend their time – Facebook. Not only will people be familiar with your brand, but the people who are truly interested in purchasing will interact with you on Facebook. How, you ask?

  • Your ads can generate website or page traffic which can result in a lead.
  • Competing to engage with people interested in makes or models outside of your own.
  • Facebook allows users to fill out a form directly on the app or website.

The third point should stand out the most. Facebook has lead ads that allow users to fill out a form quickly through Facebook. You don’t even need to worry about a form being too long. Facebook pre-populates their info reducing the time it takes a user to fill out a form. Which means you get all the information you need to get more qualified leads.

Want the best strategies and optimizations for Facebook and Google? Contact one of our Strathcom Online Marketers to learn more.

Fast Company

How Mobile-Friendly Are Your Ads?

Mobile search has become a way of life for consumers. In fact, Google proclaimed that 2015 was the first year that saw more searches being done on mobile devices than on desktops and laptops combined. Not surprisingly, more and more people conduct their research online before making a purchase, and automotive customers are no different. Buyers are now Googling vehicle brands, reading reviews, comparing models, and visiting dealership websites before finally deciding on which vehicles they’re interested in and where they will be purchased.

Customers are spending more and more time on their smartphones

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Does Your Website Reflect Your Brand?

How do customers remember your brand? What jumps out to your consumers and sets your company apart from your competitors? What are the benefits that set your brand apart from others? These are the types of questions people responsible for positioning brands focus on.

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Introducing TOAST Fixed Ops and Finance Online

We often hear that “Sales doesn’t make the money—it’s all made in the back.” In almost all cases, the Service Department is an integral part of the financial success of any dealership.

TOAST Fixed Ops

That’s because, on average, about 50% of a dealership’s revenue is created by fixed ops.

Taking it by the numbers, you’d think that 50% of any dealership’s advertising budget would be spent on attracting customers to fixed ops (and 50% of a car dealership’s website dedicated to this huge earner).

Continuing on this track, 50% of Facebook and Twitter expenditure would go to hunting and gathering for fixed ops—and 50% of the Google advertising budget to the “Shop.” Makes sense, right?

Excuse my rhetoric, but that just doesn’t happen. In the real world, most dealers pay very little attention to service and parts when it comes to the online advertising budget.

Not on Twitter 99 problems meme.

When it comes to service, the most that the average dealer will do on their site is put up a page showing service hours, a stock picture of some guy with a wrench, and a “contact us” link. As for the parts, it’s a pitiful showing for those guys and girls too.

It’s Time to Fight Back!

Fixed operations departments across Canada are struggling. Big businesses like Mr. Lube, Canadian Tire, Jiffy Lube and Kal Tire are controlling the ZMOT highway online, and dealers are making little or no effort to fight back.

Those crossing their fingers and hoping “things will turn around” are in for a rude awakening in the not-too-distant future.

TOAST Fixed Ops is starting a revolution. Take up arms with Strathcom Media, and join us for this brand new TOAST session, coming to a city near you.

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