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Webinar Recap – How to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Pages

How to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Pages

In an increasingly competitive market where customers demand more from you, conversions can be the key to successful leads and to driving traffic on your website. Conversion Rate Optimization, also known as CRO, is a systematic way of increasing the percentage of visitors to a website who are likely to convert into customers or who have taken a desired action on a webpage. This post expands on some key points that were covered in the webinar on February 22nd (How to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Pages) that’ll help you maximize your conversion potential on landing pages.

A popular question asked by many of Strathcom’s clients is, “what can I do on my website to get more leads”? An important thing to consider when asking yourself this question is how your website looks from the average user’s point of view and what you might do to improve their experience on your website. When filling out a lead form, users typically don’t want to provide a huge amount of detailed information; they want a quick and easily accessible form with minimal required fields and other obstacles that stand between them and them pressing “send”. To determine which fields are most important, your Online Marketing Manager can supply data that will allow you to adapt these aspects based on the people visiting your site, whether this be customers in a younger demographic more oriented towards email, or customers in an older demographic that may prefer the phone. We’re here to meet those needs and push your website to its full potential.

Another important question to ask yourself is “what is the goal of your website”? What key messages do you want to focus on or make known to the user with the aim of keeping them engaged and interacting? At Strathcom, we recommend studying your website analytics. This data is the most important tool in your arsenal for helping to improve your site specifically based on your audience’s preferences. Heatmap tools like Hotjar or Crazy Egg can help shed light on how a user interacts with certain elements of your website by observing their clicks and scrolls. This, in turn, allows you to focus on those areas by generating precise messaging for what you want to present, when you want to present it, and to whom.

We quite often get inquiries about how to make key messages “pop”– something very effective when done correctly. The average user spends about two seconds on a pop-up message before closing it out. It’s essential to make sure you are putting the right pop-up in the right form, in the right context. For instance, if your aim is to create a pop-up for mobile sites, make sure that it is simple and small so that the disruption to user experience is minimal. Fonts should be clear and concise, using toned downed colours that focus the reader, rather than fatigue them. Refine the contrast between your background colour and the fonts your using; create something enticing but not overwhelming to the human eye.

Different fundamentals of Conversion Rate Optimization continue to change in today’s world, and the possibilities are infinite when expanding your brand. Focus on the users’ needs by making sure it’s easy for people to contact you and do what they want to do on your website!

Heads Up! You May Have to Book Days Off for these Events

Heads Up! You May Have to Book Days Off for these Events

Auto Remarketing Canada (March 27-28)

Auto Remarketing Canada Conference is a must attend event to ensure you are on the path of consistent learning and growing. Along with some key speakers, you will also get an opportunity to interact with other industry leaders, and network with vendors, whether it is by finding new means of getting your message across or re-hauling your entire marketing plan. In two compact days, ARC covers retail, remarketing and auto finance to further improve your performance in the industry. Learn new strategies to increase your leads and sales; connect with individuals from media, marketing, finance and other dealers; and discuss growth. Carefully selected speakers will talk about topics such as automotive financing, automotive retail technology, digital marketing and used vehicles.

Melina Beeston, a marketing superstar within our team, decided to put on her cape, fly to Toronto, and share her strategies to elevate your sales game. A growth marketer with over 10 years of in-dealer experience, Melina can guide you in your online pursuit of marketing supremacy. In the name of positive customer experience, you should definitely attend her session at 11:15am for which she will be talking about the 5 Ranking Factors That Matter Most For Local SEO. You can also register for the March 27-28 Auto Remarketing Canada Conference here!

Women & Automotive (March 29)

We live in a day and age where women are finally getting recognition for their work. Their voices are being heard and they are getting the respect that is long due. Given that the automotive industry is mainly a male dominant industry, it is great to see women stepping up and taking on key roles to not only further empower and educate other women, but also to push the sales goals. Women and Automotive is an event created to give these amazing women some extra push and confidence to use their skills to improve the auto industry. Women leaders from across the nation and various auto-related organizations will attend the event and speak to educate and empower the current and future women interested in the auto industry. Along with their own stories, they will discuss strategies to improve your presence in the industry. During and after the speaker series, you will also have an opportunity to network with the speakers and other attendees.

With some amazing women working at Strathcom Media, the choice of a speaker for this panel was difficult. With tremendous marketing knowledge and a passion for user experience, Carrie Oliva is someone who can aid in your pursuit of accomplishing the impossible. As the Director of Web Development and Optimization, she can powerlift user experience to new heights. She may not be Oprah, but make sure to catch the Carrie show at 11am, where she will be discussing How Networking Replaced Resumes – Making Connections That Matter, and perhaps handing out couple of business cards too.

We highly recommend attending both these events to help your dealership take its next step towards effective and efficient sales and marketing strategy. In an ever-changing industry, keeping up with the latest tech and sales information is ideal to ensure you remain successful among heavy competition. You don’t want to be left behind while your competitors are embracing the change and implementing solutions to get ahead in the game. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact Strathcom Media and we will be more than happy to provide more information on these events, or you can go ahead and register for the March 29 Women & Automotive conference here!

Canadian International AutoShow 2018 – Recap

Canadian International AutoShow

The Strathcom team was ecstatic to attend the Canadian International AutoShow VIP night last week at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and to see so many of our clients and industry partners out for the evening.

Things started off with checking out the Facebook VIP Pit Stop party before the show at the Rec Room. Facebook put on an amazing event, as always, with a live band, great food and a gif center (check out our Instagram page, @strathcommedia, to see us in action). Two of our favourite highlights were the mobile oyster shucking bar, and the macaron station where you could get your face laser printed on a macaron flavour of your choice! The Pit Stop party ended off with a great speech from Joshua Bloom, Head of Auto at Facebook, showcasing how far the platform has come even in the last year alone.

From the Pit Stop party, we made our way over to the big ticket event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. There were thousands of cars, trucks, exotics and more to check out and we definitely didn’t even scratch the surface. One of our favourite areas that we checked out was Ford’s. Not only did they have an awesome Lego building setup where you could build your own Lego Ford racer, and a life-size Lego Ford racer present, they were also showcasing a Ford GT Performance car that made us weak in the knees.

And what kind of AutoShow would it be without a heavy luxury and exotic section? The Canadian International AutoShow is on from February 16th to 25th and we definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in town. If Toronto is too far to venture, mark April 12th – 15th in your calendar for the Edmonton MotorShow.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Opportunities exist with almost every element of your website to help convert visitors into customers. Conversions happen on more than just lead forms; they’re on your homepage, landing pages, footer, and more. So what is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? It’s the data-driven process of optimizing elements of your website for a higher number of conversions.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

What is a Conversion?

A conversion is an action a user has taken on your website that you wanted them to take. It can be anything from clicking a button on a landing page or a navigation item, to signing up for a contest. Conversions are unique to your website and are determined by the goals you want to achieve with your site.

CRO is a process you can use to help drive more results from your existing visitor traffic so that your website works smarter, not harder, for you. It involves more than just changing the colour of a button or making a graphic “pop”, the CRO process requires experimentation, data collection and analysis. Data is your most important tool, you can’t improve conversions if you don’t know how users are interacting with your website.

How Do I Start Optimizing My Conversion Rate?

We recommend diving into your website analytics to study patterns users take to browse your website. You can also add a heatmap tool like Hotjar or Crazy Egg to find out how a user interacts with elements on your website through clicks and scrolls.

Another great exercise is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You know what actions you want a user to take, so try to look at your website with ‘fresh eyes’ and see if it’s easy to accomplish them. Ask yourself questions while you do this; does that button stand out or is it drowned out by four other buttons? Is the content clear and concise? Can I easily get to my contact page from my navigation? Do I even know what the goal of this page is?

Start Testing!

Once you’ve collected data and identified friction points or areas that can be improved, start your CRO experiment. Create a hypotheses (example: reducing the amount of CTA buttons in a section can add more visibility to the remaining buttons), formulate a test (remove 3 call to action buttons in my hero section), and create an objective (get more clicks on my promotional offer landing page button).

When your experiment is laid out, you can run A/B tests, start collecting more data, and iterate on your tests to gain maximum performance.

The world of conversion rate optimization is limitless, and with new behavior insights and optimization tactics being discovered every day, the CRO process is never fully completed.

If you’d like to learn more, join Strathcom’s CRO specialists for an online panel on “How to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Pages” on February 22, 2018.

WordPress is Taking Over

Expect WordPress to take over the CMS market.

The Strathcom WordPress platform has been evolving on a daily basis. We are progressively adding features and pushing out improvements to ensure that your websites are at their best. If you want to know more about the platform, you can check out this post to give you some insight.

So how can the platform shine even more? Simple: by having Google lend a hand.

Google is one of the most dominant entities that can shape the internet. Recently, they started to invest their resources by teaming up with WordPress. WordPress is one of the largest open-source CMS (Content Management Systems) out there, boasting a market share of close to 59% and an estimated 1/3 of all web content published. Expect these numbers to increase with Google’s help.

What does this mean for the future? As Alberto Medina (Google Developer) states, “The goal of our team is to help bring these two worlds together and work both with the WordPress community and core developers, and the web platform developers to enable amazing user experiences on the web”- Albero Median blog.

This is great news for any web-hosted WordPress websites in general, as we will be seeing accelerated speeds and vast enhancements.