Strathcom Websites & MotoInsight Retailing: The Perfect Combination

Banner depicting the Strathcom and MotoInsights logo on the left; and the phrase "Redefining Digital Retailing, Together" on the right

Making your dealership relevant in the world of digital commerce is more important than ever before—and making a website is only half the battle. At Strathcom, we’re always developing new online solutions for your dealership to take advantage of in addition to our responsive websites. That’s why we’re partnering with MotoInsight to bring you and your customers the most integrated website and digital retailing experience in the automotive industry. 

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MDA UnWorkshop Recap: All About Local SEO

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I recently attended the UnWorkshop event put on by MDA for Edmonton and Calgary automotive dealers. The moderators for the event, Jay Radke and Michael Cirillo, keep these events more hands on and collaborative—and less about being presented to.

This event was focused on local SEO with Darren Shaw, founder of the Edmonton agency WhiteSpark, and he performed a live audit in each city for one of the dealerships attending. Darren focused on 5 key areas during his audit, Google My Business, Reviews, Citations, Website, and Links. Below are a few key takeaways from the conference. Continue reading “MDA UnWorkshop Recap: All About Local SEO”