Why a Google My Business Profile is Essential, and How to Optimize it

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Your website isn’t your be-all and end-all anymore. Google is always adapting and changing to best serve users searching for businesses and what they want, and look to deliver that as quickly as possible (while generally keeping the user on the SERP). They can’t do that with your website, so that’s where Google My Business comes in. Google My Business (or GMB) helps you manage your business on both Google search and Google maps by providing users with the best information, news, promotions and ability to interact with your business via questions, reviews and more. You’ll often see this “profile” materialize on the right side of your desktop browser, or throughout your screen on mobile as you scroll when you search for a business in Google search. It also populates similarly in Maps view, an ever-increasing way people are searching for businesses, not just to find them online, but to visit in person as well.

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Why is My Dealership Not Outranking My Competition in Search?

We all want to be number 1 at what we do, whether you’re LeBron James chasing down Michael Jordan, Nelly or a dealership outselling its competition. But it takes a lot of work to be number 1 in any field and outrank competitors, especially in the automotive industry, which always invites a healthy dose of competition.

You might assume it’s only your website that determines how well you rank in search (and sure, it does play a part), but there are a lot more factors that determine where your dealership lands in SERPs when you search for a business, question, keyword or phrase and why one dealership may outrank the other. Google’s algorithm attempts to follow what its users like best, and those users like consistent, groomed activity online. Consequently, Google also likes that same consistent, groomed activity on everything it can crawl or interact with, including everything from the technical SEO on your website, your Google My Business profile, citations and external links coming into your site.

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