Meet The Team

Our team consists of over 50 experts that know how to help your business succeed

Bill Warren

780-433-8844 ext. 302

When you need to call on someone to get the job done, Bill Warren is your man. With over 22 years of experience in management and 13 in IT solutions, Bill is a veteran who knows the ins and outs of the industry. After cutting his teeth in inventory management and customer service across Western Canada he came to Strathcom for a new challenge. He certainly got what he was looking for.

When he started as the Project Manager at Strathcom in November 1999 we were a small web design company with just five staff. Since then Bill has seen us through many ups and downs, and as Vice President of Operations he now oversees the Design and Support departments along with Strathcom’s Workflow Processes. His other responsibilities include client domain management, site launch coordination, contract management, data syndications relationships and SalesForce administration. With his hands in every part of the process, his co-workers and his clients can breathe easy – because Bill never has time to.

Adam Price

Director of Client Services

With a knack for providing excellent customer service and maximum value for your online marketing campaigns, even Bob Barker would agree that the Price is Right.

Adam joined Strathcom Media four years ago with a more technical focus. He would lead website training sessions, troubleshoot problems for clients, and perform bug testing. Was he ever called “The Exterminator”? No.

Adam has since moved into a Senior Online Marketing Manager role with the company, a position where he gets to help dealers navigate the choppy waters of online advertising and website design/tools, also keeping up to date with the latest tech happenings.

Outside of work, Adam is a multi-instrument musician, writing and recording music that sounds like Beatles-era ’60s rock, twenty years after Oasis made it cool. He is most likely the owner of the fedora in the Lost & Found bin.

Carrie Oliva

Director of Web Design & UX Specialist
780-433-8844 ext. 304

Carrie’s been developing websites since she was 12. Imagine her at that age, building sites from scratch during the start of the internet revolution—now imagine what your website could look like today with Carrie at the helm.

At a point in her life, she got paid to play videogames as a streamer on Twitch TV, but, as awesome as you can imagine that’d be, her passion for marketing and design eventually took over. Now Carrie handles the channel’s growth and exposure, and she’s found a career in Design and Development with Strathcom. She’s even leveraged her background in business to increase our clients’ website performance and usability.

Carrie builds websites like she lifts weights: with glistening muscles and a bulging temple. She’ll teach herself new programming languages that would seem as foreign to you as Mandarin. She’ll optimize your website in less time than she takes to optimize her heart rate. And she’ll harmonize body with mind to build that website into a juggernaut that will rampage its way right onto Google’s front page. Booyah. Carrie stands ready to take your website to level 100, and all you have to do is invite Player 2 into the game.

Troy Eberhardt

Support Manager
780-433-8844 ext. 307

Have you ever received a high five over the phone? That’s how energizing it feels when Troy is on the other side of the line.

Managing the support department is no small task, and Troy Eberhardt has been working for just over 11 years at the front lines to keep our clients satisfied. “Turning frowns upside down” is just the tip of the iceberg to what Troy does, which includes working hands-on with clients to set up new accounts, syndication and providing training and support when they need it.

Step into Strathcom’s support den on any given day and you’ll see Troy and his incredible team manning the phones and scanning incoming e-mails, ready to respond to customers throughout Canada with legendary reflexes worthy of The Flash.

When not providing excellent service, Troy can usually be found spending time outdoors with his wife, three amazing kids, and his two Boxer dogs which are (almost) as energetic as he is. His free time is usually spent on the ice when Troy laces up his skates with his men’s league hockey team – leaving just enough time left in Troy’s day for a cold one after the game.

Melina Beeston

Dealer Development Manager

“Crazy people don’t think they’re going crazy. They think they’re getting saner.”

Melina is a growth marketer who believes that establishing a concrete brand and reputation trumps traditional advertising methods any day of the week. With more than 10 years of in-dealer automotive experience with brands such as Honda, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Toyota, Buick, and GMC, she is no stranger to the smell of exhaust in the showroom or the push to get the last deal counted on the thirty-third day of the month. When it comes to assessing your dealership’s marketing plans, she also isn’t afraid to kick over your proverbial apple cart and set flame to any pre-conceived notions of “what we’ve always done” in favour of strategy based on facts instead of feelings, and in the name of a positive customer experience.

Outside of the office, she can usually be found organizing food trucks for What the Truck?! events around Edmonton, or blazing a trail through the river valley with her golden retriever, Desmond (he’s her constant). She dreams of one day living and travelling around in a blue Volkswagen T2a. If your dealership’s brand strategy makes about as much sense as a flash sideways universe, Melina is ready to be your constant.

Alecia Wilson

Business Development Manager
780-784-6036 ext. 314

Should you happen to be paired with Alecia to oversee your dealership’s online strategies, you’ll quickly realize why friends call her “Superwoman.” This Bachelor of Commerce graduate, former Marketing Coordinator, and freelance Content Writer will place the power of Google Analytics and AdWords at your beck and call.

If her passion for skiing in the mountains, competitive volleyball, and having the mental fortitude to wake up at 5:30am every morning to hit the gym are any indication of her keenness, we know that she’ll be a great addition to your marketing arsenal. But don’t get us wrong; Alecia is no dour overachiever. She loves to laugh, spend time with her two dogs (German Shepherd mixes), and enjoy a glass of wine.

And like the protagonist in a Dan Brown page-turning thriller (her favourite author), Alecia’s critical mind will illuminate for you what was once a mystery. If you need help blowing the dust off your old website and exposing those seemingly clandestine leads, she’ll be the one to guide you through it.

Megan Lepp

Senior Online Marketing Manager
780-433-8844 ext. 320

Marketing maestro Megan Lepp has been working in the industry since 2010 and is swiftly becoming a legend in her field. As an Online Marketing Manager (OMM), Megan helps clients update and maintain their websites and assist them with their online marketing needs including Google Analytics, Pay Per Click and all of their essential online initiatives.

A knack for keeping track of tiny details would have made Megan the ideal undercover agent, but at Strathcom Media her covert operations aren’t so secret: she’s here to see to it that our clients’ goals are achieved. Before moving from BC and starting at Strathcom, Megan refined her skills at a full-service marketing, media and communications agency where she managed accounts for a variety of businesses.

Megan sets her sights on another target outside of the office: she’s been hunting since she was sixteen and loves everything about the outdoors. She brings the focus and timing of a sniper to everything she does. Whether it’s hunting game or helping clients succeed online, Megan rarely misses what she aims for.

Ayla Gagnon

Senior Online Marketing Manager
780-433-8844 ext. 325

She can recite The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring as if it were written on the back of her hand. With that kind of commitment and her ninja-level Google Analytics and AdWords skills, Ayla is prepped to be your dealership’s online marketing master.

Originally from Lloydminster, Canada’s only border city, Ayla has the kind of mind to break through barriers and discover new lands of opportunity for digital marketing. She lived on the Saskatchewan side most of her life and had (and still has) some major Rider Pride. As she settles into Edmonton, she still enjoys hockey, camping and anything Disney.

When she’s not taking care of her 7 dogs, all of which are rescues, she’s meditating on website optimization, focusing her thoughts on new ways to improve your company’s online presence. Ayla’s background is in Digital Marketing and Customer Service, with 7 years of Retail experience. So if you think you could use a hand with your website and reaching out to new customers, she stands ready to guide you; she is the rescuer of strays and the Sam to your Frodo.

Adam Boven

Online Marketing Manager

Adam Boven is an “instagram husband” to his girlfriend and a human to two sphynx cats (Yep! Naked Cats!). Besides that though, he has been in the automotive industry for 8 years, working his way from Harley Davidson to here at Strathcom Media.

As an Online Marketing Manager he is always there to help your digital presence and website. Need help with your next project? You’ve found the right guy!

He has had a “natural progression” during his career, driven by his love of automotives. He started his career by exploring various university programs before his passion for web took over and he completed Digital Media and IT at NAIT in 2015. He has thrived in his career ever since, excelling at all things online.

Adam wears many hats. He’s athletic with his love of motorcycle racing and skiing. He’s the “Guy Fieri of guacamole”, a Frank Ocean fanboy and most of all a huge family man! His dinner conversation revolves around social media with his girlfriend who also works in media, some may say it’s dorky, but to them it’s so fascinating that they love it!

Candace Robichaud

Online Marketing Manager

A decade in the auto industry gives someone a deep understanding of what dealers want. Nine years of operating a successful Albertan auto magazine–that requires a high level of commitment and management. Candace Robichaud is who we’re talking about, and she’s a human encyclopedia with her bookmark placed at “Online Marketing.”

Candace is a new addition to Strathcom’s Online Marketing Management team, but she’s been a client of ours for many years now. She maintains a massive network of clients from her many experiences, and would like you to become her latest premium client. She’s a personable team builder and a high-powered generator of marketing leads. She’d be an invaluable addition to your digital strategy network.

Candace finds that she’s most content when she’s doing something creative, such as working on a marketing plan for your business. She’s currently writing 3 books, sharing her knowledge and experiences with people looking for some uncommon insights. You should speak with Candace and tell her your dealership’s story; we’re sure she’ll help you write its next chapter.

Kaleena Heihs

Online Marketing Manager

Kaleena loves anything to do with fitness: crossfit, yoga, even kickboxing! But she also enjoys exercising her mind, which is why she joined Strathcom as an Online Marketing Manager!

With a diploma in Graphic Design & Marketing, as well as 9 years experience in the newspaper industry (including working as a Digital Marketing Coordinator), Kaleena has what it takes to push your business’ online marketing to the next level! Whether it’s improving your internet presence or caring for her rescue cat – Kaleena is always ready for a challenge.

She also enjoys travelling to Nova Scotia with her boyfriend to enjoy the seafood and a good bottle of wine. So if she’s cracking open a crustacean or cracking away at your company’s marketing campaign, Kaleena is someone you want on your side!