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sam jackson meme

Marketers have been falling head over heels for memes as they grasp for the elusive grail of viral marketing. Unfortunately, in many cases, they fall face first into the concrete of failure. If you want to market with memes at your car dealership, and want any chance of an automotive campaign going viral, you have to get a gut-level sense of what memes are all about.

Being creative by using strategies like internet memes in your marketing will make your dealership stand out from the rest. Of course, just like any marketing strategy, it takes some trial and error.

Some people just don’t “get it” at first, but don’t worry. You can always employ the services of your teenage son or daughter to further explain the concept of memes! Read on to see how your dealership can create awesome memes for your internet marketing.

What is an Internet Meme?

Well, first let me tell you that you’re probably saying it wrong. It’s pronounced “meem”—like beam, or team—and not like the silent French street artist who gets trapped in an invisible box (that’s a mime). Some misguided souls also pronounce it “me-me,” like it’s two words. Don’t. I’m just letting you know, because I only learned this after much humiliation and ridicule from my peers.


Richard Dawkins coined memes in 1976 as a “package of culture.” He later defined memes as “anything that spreads by imitation.” You can see his potentially-acid-induced presentation on the subject here. Internet memes, he says, have hijacked this original idea. Rather than spreading by chance (like trends), Internet memes are created deliberately by devious troublemakers sitting alone at their computers in their parents’ basements.

Ok, he didn’t actually say the last part. The point is that memes are an imitation of culture. They copy from popular movies, quotes, and current events—just about anything. Strictly speaking, even Twitter hashtags are memes as they indicate trending topics. (More on Twitter here.)

Internet Memes: “Popular quotes, images, and real people, which are copied, imitated, and spread all over the [I]nternet(s)!” –

Ditto Meme Internet memes include any concept that spreads across the Internet. That could be videos, images, audio, or even quotes. Some memes spread fast and multiply like viruses. They become “viral.” That’s the goal of viral marketing. Get it?lionel

Memes in Marketing

Futurama Fry Marketing Meme More and more companies are using memes for marketing, and your dealer can get on board too. Memes add a light-hearted humour to otherwise dry topics, and when done right they’re hilarious. (When they’re done wrong, they’re painful.) They’re also great for sharing through social media to increase “likes” on your dealer’s facebook page, or followers on twitter. dodgeball Full discloser: this is not actually the work of Amy’s Baking Company (as far as we know).

One company, Moz (Formerly SEOmoz), introduced important company news with memes instead of a dull press release. SEOMOZ meme

If you do a Google Image search for “marketing memes,” you’ll find an overwhelming number of examples.Old Spice Marketing Meme

Making Memes

There are lots of free online meme generators on the Internet where you can choose the combinations of images and text that you want, as well as see other memes for examples. Two popular ones are:

  1. Meme Generator (
  2. Quick Meme (

Go ahead and try making some of your own marketing memes. Memes are great for sharing on social media, whether you make them yourself or take ready-made memes from the internet.

Our Favourite Car Memes

We all knew that this blog post was just an excuse to browse the Internet to find our favourite memes. So, without further ado, here they are!

Because Racecar Meme

bc race car Because Racecar Parking Lot meme

Why Upside Down? Because Racecar Because Racecar Supercharger

They Still Don’t Suspect Meme

Don't Suspect Minivan Meme baked potato

Still Don't Suspect Tank Meme

Turbo Lag Meme

Turbo Lag Meme

Turbo Lag N/A Meme

Subaru Meme

Scubaru Subaru Meme

Mechanic Meme

Scumbag Mechanic Meme TDC Top Dead Center Meme

trust the mechanic meme

There’s Your Problem Meme

bmw accident repair meme There's your problem meme

car flooded meme flooded car problem

Go Home You’re Drunk

go home car meme drunk truck meme

Scumbag Car Salesman Meme

Scumbag Car Salesman Meme

Tuner Meme

Tuner Racing Meme lower your car they said meme

big flood car giant rims meme performance mod car meme

Meanwhile in ___ Meme

meanwhile in america truck meme Meanwhile in Australia Meme

Meanwhile in Germany meme Meanwhile in Pakistan Car MEme

Smart Car Meme

smart car fart meme smart car air collision meme

Invisible Racecar Meme

Invisible RaceCar Meme Invisible Bike Cat Meme

Invisible Racecar Cat

“Soon” Car Meme

soon parking lot meme

Mazda Miata Memes

high and happy Miatas meme go home car you're drunk meme

confused miata meme

Truck Meme

huge truck meme lowest truck meme

moose truck meme towception truck meme

truck exhaust meme

truck torque meme

Random Car Memes

Storm Trooper Car Meme Slow Down Scared Cat Meme

car washing rain meme Stupid Car Meme

cat at a motorcycle race meme

bmw burnout meme

priorities meme

car proposal meme

good guy stick driver

car tank meme

grandma thug meme

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