Cars Now Appear in the Knowledge Graph (USA)

The Google Hummingbird algorithm was all about improving the knowledge graph. This change was not just an update, but also a whole new algorithm. The Hummingbird algorithm primarily improves the speed of more complex conversational searches. Hence being named after the quick and speedy hummingbird. Google announced their conversational search back in May. According to Google’s Senior VP Amit Singhal, “People communicate with each other by conversation, not by typing keywords” and their goal was to make Google “understand and answer your questions more like people do.” When I previously covered the Hummingbird update this past October, Google hadn’t added the automotive industry to the graph—but I cautioned that it wouldn’t be long before automotive-industry related information would appear in the database. Well, according to Barry Schwartz, News Editor of the popular SEO company Search Engine Land, that time has come. He wrote an article this month announcing that Google had added cars to the knowledge Graph.

This is his screenshot of a 2014 Mazda3 showing up in the database:

mazda-knowledge-graphThere is also a carousel of vehicles that shows up in the database:

Vehicle Carousel

I did similar searches on, and soon found that this information is not yet ready in Canada. Google still hasn’t added data from the automotive industry in Canada. While there is no word on when it will be added, it could be soon. The knowledge graph was announced only two months ago and cars have already been added in the USA. I will be keeping a close eye out for any updates to the Graph.

What can a dealership do in the Hummingbird era?

1. Continue to provide a website that is useful for your searchers including:

  • Vehicle inventory, photos, copywriting and more to keep users on your site for a longer period of time.
  • Not too many sliders or large images that could slow down website loading times.

2. Be the authority in your market:

  • Host events in your community.
  • Engage in conversations and answer questions on social media.
  • Manage your online reputation properly.
  • Optimize and update your map location accounts.

3. Ensure your website has conversational text. One way is to write blog posts like these:

  • What kind of winter tires are right for a Honda Civic?
  • How do I winterize my vehicle?
  • What is the fuel economy of a Toyota Corolla?

It takes time and effort to market your company online, but the your time and effort always pays off with more online leads and vehicles sales. ~Samantha Goettel

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