Smartphone Shoppers Are Invading Your Stores!

A new research study by the Google Shopper Marketing Council says that 84% of smartphone shoppers are now using their phones while in a physical store. Does this mean it’s time to panic? Will chaos, destruction and a loss of sales ensue? No! Not when you have Strathcom to set the record straight.

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You already know that having a mobile site is imperative to your business. If you have checked your Google Analytics lately and seen the mount of mobile traffic to your site, you’ll know that 84% of smartphone shoppers represents a huge number of users. But how does this affect your business, and how can you take advantage of it?

Mobile Customers Need To Find You Online

Mobile shoppers use their smartphone from their home, their vehicle – your competitor’s car dealership – and everywhere in-between. Make it easy for your customers to find you by providing your location, phone number and hours of operation on your mobile site. According to the Google study, of in-store smartphone shoppers:

  • 53% make price comparisons
  • 36% find location/directions
  • 35% find hours
  • 39% find promotional offers

The Role Of The Salesperson Has Changed

Today’s customer is more informed. Your salespeople aren’t just there to educate customers on the features of a vehicle; they need to be put an emphasis on building relationships. That means dealership reviews have just increased in importance.

“82% of shoppers use search engines when browsing product info in-store” – Google Shopper Marketing Council

Glengarry Glen Ross SalesmanTips:

  • Encourage customers with positive experiences to review your dealership online.
  • Place QR codes on vehicle windows and the exterior doors to your parts and service departments to help customers get information while on your lot.

Optimize Your Inventory

Today’s customers take the initiative to educate themselves before going to a dealership. That’s why the pictures, descriptions and pricing for vehicles on your website need to be bang-on and up-to-date.

“1 in 3 shoppers use their smartphones to find information instead of asking store employees”


  • Descriptions shouldn’t be a generic list of product specs. They should be unique stories that give the customer a feel for the vehicle.
  • Customers will be looking at reviews of makes and models on their smartphone. If they have a question, your salespeople need to be well informed about all of the vehicles you carry.
  • Since mobile shoppers value saving time and money, they will also be searching for vehicle specials and promotions while in your dealership.

Focus on Parts and Service

It’s crucial that these profitable departments be easily accessible on your mobile site. The probability of converting a customer in your dealership into a service customer goes up significantly with the ability to book an appointment from the mobile site. Google’s study also found that users significantly increased their order size when given the opportunity to order through a mobile site.


A well-thought-out mobile site that properly represents your inventory, parts and service departments needs to move up your to-do list or competitors will be stealing your business. The in-store experience and the mobile experience need to compliment each other, and will allow you to offer better customer service by building relationships and helping customers save time and money.

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