Reputation Management & How Dealers Can Use It To Make More Money

2016 was the beginning of the big push toward establishing your dealership’s brand and ‘brand management’, and it has only continued in 2017. What most dealerships seem to miss is the difference between their brand and their reputation (or that there is a difference in the first place).

Your brand creates an impression that makes a customer think or feel something when they think of your dealership. Your reputation is what gives your customers an expectation of your future behavior based on past experiences – either their own, or from other customers who have dealt with you. Continue reading “Reputation Management & How Dealers Can Use It To Make More Money”

How 5 Minutes Can Save Your Reputation Online – Twitter Photo Tagging

It’s finally happening. Twitter is changing its photo settings, making it possible for you to tag and be tagged in photos. Great news, right? Well, not unless you have a savvy social media expert on your team who is available every single minute of the week to un-tag you from unflattering photos before they repel all of your followers.twitter bird

A picture is worth your monthly marketing budget—get it right!

As you’ve probably already learned from Facebook, people share photos that are flattering for them, even if they don’t showcase you in your best light. You want your Twitter followers to remember you for the bumblebee-striped Corvette in your showroom and the glowing grins of your staff and customers. Not for a slouching sales manager caught mid-sneeze, standing next to a dingy mop and bucket in an out-of-focus cell phone pic. And you certainly don’t want an unhappy customer slandering you in your newsfeed with an intentionally humiliating shot of your dealership, tagged for all of your followers to see. Why bother hiring photographers and designers to cast your dealership in its most glamourous light, when a few unflattering tweets can torpedo your image in a few seconds? You can’t entirely eliminate the damage caused by an unflattering photo, but you can drastically reduce its spread by taking a few simple precautions.

It’s better to be in control of what shows up in your newsfeed

Five minutes is all it takes to protect you and your dealership from a few easily avoidable disasters. We recommend that you change your photo settings on your Twitter account and disable the tagging function now.

  1. Locate the Settings tab (The gear icon in the top right hand side of your Twitter screen)
  2. Click on Security and Privacy (In the navigation on the left hand side)
  3. Select, “Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos.” (Under the Privacy Section)

twitter tag block