Highlights of DealerTalk 2016

This year’s edition of Kijiji’s DealerTalk went down at the Allstream Centre on Tuesday, September 20.  One of the changes for this year was having two streams that attendees could attend; one for sales and marketing, and the other for the executive level.  I personally thought this was a great way to provide attendees with the flexibility to attend what mattered to them most.

Jon Montgomery speaking at DealerTalk TorontoThe day opened with an inspiring keynote from Georgian College Alum, Olympic Gold Medalist and TV personality Jon Montgomery.  Jon is definitely a charismatic and fearless guy. Who else flies head first down a sheet of ice at 140km/hour? Or just hands his golf medal into a crowd and says: “I’ll get it later”?

After Jon Montgomery, dealers were invited to head to their first break out session.  Due to the fact that I can only be in one place at a time, I cannot give you a break down of all the sessions, but if you are looking for a bigger breakdown check out the site: https://dealertalk.ca/.

I checked out Alan Dickie’s presentation on how he uses video and Facebook for his business and how car dealers can do the same.  Alan is definitely an energetic presenter.  He opened with asking everyone in the room to go to Facebook and put in their status “if I can guarantee you $3,000 over what your vehicle is worth would you trade it in?”.  Towards the end of the session he asked the brave souls who did it what happened.  It definitely generated some buzz.

After Alan I checked out Susan Seto’s data driven presentation on what motivates Canadians to buy a car.  This was a jam packed session with a lot of charts.  Having just attended Google’s Think Auto event, I was interested in seeing what Susan had to say.  It’s important to note that Think Auto samples 5,000 individuals while, to my understanding, this data was based on 1,800 individuals.  Biggest difference in my mind was in the data on most important sources used when buying a car.  There was a little bit of overlap, but while Google says Search, OEM Sites, Dealer Sites and Reviews are where customers are looking, Kijiji – surprisingly – placed classified sites on the list and did not have a single mention of dealer websites.  Seems a little convenient, but then again, I sell dealer websites and Kijiji sells classified listings.  You’ll have to decide for yourself or trust Google!

After lunch I checked out Kyle Costa’s presentation which focused on some fundamentals that you need to get right and then some next level initiatives you can work on when you have the foundation laid.  I agree with Kyle’s mentality that other industries are being disrupted and our industry is ripe for the picking.  Companies like Carvana and Beepi are making an attempt to change the game and if you don’t step up, they will succeed.  Kyle provided real examples straight from the trenches that are working for him, not just ideas a consultant dreamed up and has never tried.

DealerTalk TorontoKevin Graff closed the day with an afternoon keynote which was very impressive considering he had only 30 minutes. Kevin had everyone agreeing that we can all sell more and provided us with five foundations to do this:

  1. Focus on Goals – if I called anyone in your store would they know their target?
  2. Share Results Constantly
  3. Accountability for Success – people play the game different when they know it matters
  4. Ongoing Training and Coaching – do you train every week?
  5. Make it Worthwhile

Overall, I thought that the day was well put on and well received by the attendees.  I also really appreciate the sweet K-Way jacket from Kijiji!

Kicking off the Toronto Auto Show at Kijiji Autos' VIP Party 2013

Duncan Cochrane @ 203 Kijiji VIP Party - Toronto Auto Show

What’s the best way to kick off the 2013 Toronto Auto Show? It’s hard to beat Kijiji Auto’s VIP party. This Valentine’s Day, Strathcom’s VP of Sales Duncan Cochrane and crew joined Kijiji’s team at the trendy Real Sports Bar in Toronto for good, times, great eats and an awesome party. What happens in Toronto doesn’t stay in Toronto! Check Kijiji Canada’s Facebook page for more (potentially embarrassing) pictures as they get posted.

Kijiji Knows Best!

“Mistakes happen to everyone!” said Kijiji Head of Marketing Bart Molenda in late 2012. With a massive surge in popularity, Kijiji has become the most-searched retail brand in Canada – which was why it was a surprise when Kijiji was omitted from Google’s 2012 Zeitgeist List of Most Searched in Retail.

“[…] the numbers don’t lie: Kijiji is the clear leader amongst competitors in searches for online retail brands in Canada” – Molenda

Kijiji Versus the Rest Without fanfare, Kijiji has since been added to the top of Google’s 2012 search trends list. This was after Kijiji used Google’s own analytics tools to verify their leading position and independently published their results. Mistakes and flubs aside, there is now no doubt that Kijiji is the most-visited classified site in Canada, reaching nearly 9 million Canadians each month. At Strathcom, we’ll help you coordinate your Kijiji efforts and grab a slice of that 9-million-user pie. Here’s how it works: once you set up an account with us, we’ll put you in contact with one of our technical support managers – wizards, really – who will train you on our Easy Loader software. You’ll be live on Kijiji overnight! * You can than update your inventory whenever you want to get the best exposure. You also have the freedom to choose from a number of templates that will make your cars easy-to-find and eye-catching. Kijiji is just one portal of Strathcom’s data syndication service where we give you access to the largest auto data syndication network in Canada. *We do not sell directly for Kijiji, as all sales must go directly through Kijiji. Rulanne Patry & Michael Fisher