Instagram Advertising

With over 500 million users, Instagram is becoming one of the largest mobile platforms and a large contender for other advertising mediums. In 2015, Instagram launched Instagram Ads which has given businesses the ability to increase awareness, message association, as well as increase traffic to their websites.  Before choosing which ad format works best for your company’s objectives, you need to choose an audience that best fits your business model. For example:

  • Where are you trying to target (location)?
  • What age range?
  • What detailed interest are you trying to target?

After choosing your target audience, now you have the hardest choice to make:  which ad format should you choose?

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#FAIL: 5 Things You are Doing Wrong on Instagram

We hope we have you convinced by now that your dealership should be on Instagram and that it’s important to your brand development. The insane growth of the app presents a great opportunity to define your brand and increase your presence on the mobile network. With over 400 million users worldwide, Instagram has now surpassed Twitter as the largest mobile photo-sharing app in the world.

Considering the amount of active Instagram users, it should be easy to collect a significant following in your area with some simple hashtags and nice pictures–but your dealership account can’t seem to break 10 Likes or increase followers. Instagram is so much more than a Valencia filter and #yeg. Let us help you get past the 5 mistakes you might be making and that you don’t want to throwback to.


  1. Not Having an Optimized Profile

When a customer searches for your brand, there is nothing worse than for them to land on a private account. This makes your brand appear closed and selective, and customers do not want to be granted permission to view what you have to offer. Public accounts allow you to be easily accessible and approachable, and give them a visual glimpse of your brand.

It’s also important to fill in the Bio section of your profile. Use keywords to help customers find you, and include your website to encourage visits and leads.

  1. Misusing Hashtags

Maybe you aren’t using enough hashtags for interested customers to find you, and this means fewer interactions with your posts. More hashtags equals more Likes and comments, and Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per image. Start by testing 5 different hashtags per post until you’ve collected a significant amount of tags to use in every post and guarantee results.

  1. Only Posting & Not Engaging

Like on Facebook, users on Instagram want a glimpse into your brand, and to interact with whatever posts interest them. By replying to comments on your posts, you are demonstrating you’re a dealership that’s excited and committed to customer interaction and service.

  1. Too Promotional

Instagram is a great platform to promote any deals and specials running at your dealership. However, your profile should not be cluttered with promotional images that overshadow any of the personal content you post. Limit promotional posts to once a week, or get in touch with our team to start Instagram Advertising.

  1. Not Having a Plan

Like with other marketing tools you use at your dealership, always have a plan for what outcomes and goals you want to achieve through Instagram. Is it to promote a lifestyle or community engagement? Avoid random posting, but also make sure you have a consistent schedule for when and what content you plan to post to your account.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and we can ensure these words are being heard. Instagram is not your grandparents’ social network, and you can turn hashtags into dollars for your dealership. Contact Strathcom Media today to find out what we can do to improve your Instagram presence!

Getting Started: 5 Tips for Using Instagram At Your Dealership


A few months back, Instagram hit 400 million users, making this mobile photo-sharing app officially larger than its rival Twitter. The growth in user-base isn’t slowing either, as it only took nine months for Instagram to achieve its last 100 million users.

If you are already leveraging social media platforms, you are more than likely using Facebook and maybe even Twitter. But you have ever thought to use Instagram to engage with your customers and develop brand awareness? Today, companies are increasingly turning to Instagram to engage consumers and boost their image.


We have all heard the expression: A picture is worth a thousand words. The use of images is a great way to tell stories, and stories are much more effective in engaging people to generate an emotional response. Instagram is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself in the marketplace by expressing experiences that define your brand.

In this video below, you can see how the Instagram’s advertising tool (carousel ads) gives brands the ability to create a story using photos.

Needs some ideas on how to use Instagram to promote your brand? Here are some of the ways other brands are leveraging Instagram as an essential part of their marketing strategy

  • Show off your Inventory

Use Instagram to show a collection of your products. See how Chevrolet highlights their line up:

  • Demonstrate what your products can do

Use Instagram to increase demand by showing customers some highlights features of each model. Initiating an Instagram contest can work wonders in engaging your customers. For example, users can share photos of them in their car or using cool features.

If you would like to highlight your service department, show the impact of your work before and after.

  • Introduce your employees

Consumers are often daunted by the car buying experience. Performing a campaign highlighting the staff of your different departments within your dealership will help put a face to your brand and put consumers more at ease when they come for a visit.

  • Create anticipation

Share “teaser” photos to satisfy the consumer’s curiosity and to create anticipation for your new model launches. Remember to use popular and trending hashtags. This will make it easier for users to find your Instagram campaigns.

  • Highlight satisfied customers

Highlight a customer’s post-purchase satisfaction. Customers have a story to tell so give them a chance to tell their story in pictures and showcase what’s great about your car dealership. These images will play a huge role in reassuring customers of their decision making throughout the buying process.


Does managing an Instagram campaign still seem like a daunting task? Are you still unsure of where to start your campaign? Let Strathcom Media help you leverage this major social media outlet so you can better connect with your customers. Contact us today to find out more about our popular Instagram package.

Social Media Video Marketing Is About to Explode!

There has been a lot of hype concerning using video social media platforms for use in the marketing world in 2014. Popular among these is Instagram video and Twitter owned ‘Vine’. Some brands have taken an early lead in establishing themselves as effective viral video marketers including the following brands:



And, of course, technology giant Samsung

The attraction to this form of marketing comes in part from how short the videos are. A company can create an enticing video that only takes 6 or 15 seconds (Vine or Instagram, respectively) to capture the attention of a potential customer. This short length makes it much more enticing than, say, the 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute. This is not to say you should stop making YouTube videos to engage with your customers, but the new form of short-video advertising is having a large impact on the up-and-coming tech-savvy generation and may be another channel to add to your list.



“Brand Vines are shared 4x more than other online videos, and 5 Vines are shared every second on Twitter.” — Heather Taylor, Vice-President, Ogilvy.

As Vine is a largely community based social network, you must carefully choose how you want to communicate. Posting regularly would be best to stay current and keep the “Re-Vines,” or shares, coming. There are large opportunities here for creative ideas and with short-video marketing being such a new segment, there are many video effects such as stop-motion and product-demo edits that are easy enough to do and can have a large effect on the audience. However, remember that in the end you want these clips to drive users to your business.

GE Soap Effect


Instagram introduced their video feature to compete with Vine and since its inception, “59% of the world’s top brands are now active on the app,” according to Simply Measured. The 15 second video clips can be a pro or a con depending on how you use it. Brands must remember to keep videos engaging because, as is the fickle nature of social network users in this day and age, if the content does not keep them interested, then they will simply skip over the rest of the video.

Instagram can be a great tool because the portfolio of your account can showcase your company’s atmosphere and ‘mantra’. Through the use of pictures as well as videos you can create a community that will be engaged with your content ideally driving them to choose you over your competition.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Instagram has reached 150 million users which is a huge database a brand can tap in to. And HubSpot reported that 40% of people respond to visual content versus written, and videos generate 3X the amount of inbound links than written posts.

And important factor for the automotive industry would be to make sure we are not coming off as a “car salesman” mentality. But using these platforms could prove to be a great way to eradicate that belief.


Social Media Video marketing is slated to explode in 2014. When interacting in Social Media, remember to showcase your community and/or office appeal as this can create more of a community than your actual product. You should not be using social media to sell your product, but rather to interact with your customers. Most importantly, be different —quirky,funny—or whatever angle you choose.

In a dealership’s case, some examples include doing 360-degree picture stitches to showcase new vehicles for a more informative angle or taking the funny route and showcasing a quirky aspect of your sales team. Best of luck and film away!