Google Eliminating Duplicate Maps Business Listings

Google has started automatically upgrading Google Place listings from their old platform to the new Google Places dashboard.

Google Places

If Google detects that your business has a duplicate listing, they will send out this email asking for your help:

We’d like to inform you that Google Places no longer accommodates more than one authorized owner per business location. Your account contains one or more listings that have been identified as duplicated of other listings and as a result, some of the information you provide will not be shown to Google users anymore.

Google Places Duplicates Email

Many businesses now have accounts on Google Places, Google Plus, and Google Plus business listings. Google Places and Google Plus are now one. That means if you claimed your Places listing through your Plus Account in the past, you may have a duplicate listing in your Local dashboard.

Internal Duplicates

Normally your claimed listing will be labelled “Claimed,” and if you have a duplicate it will be unclaimed. If your duplicate doesn’t have any reviews or other important information that Google pulled through, then it’s safe to go ahead and delete it and keep your “Claimed” page. However, if your duplicate listing has all of your old reviews, you’ll need to call the Google Places Team support centre. 

External Duplicates

Unlike internal duplicates that appear on the dashboard, external duplicates appear on maps, places, and local business listings. To clean these up, edit the business listing by clicking on the About Us Tab and then Edit Business Information at the bottom of the “Contact Information” section.

Edit Google Plus Page Duplicates


Once you click “Edit Business Information,” you can check the option suggesting the Places page is a duplicate of another and leave comments to prove your assumption. It’s a good idea to leave a link to the other duplicate listing. The duplicate listing should then be fixed by Google.

Watch Google closely to ensure that your profiles get properly merged into one. For more information on the topic, you can check out an answer on Google’s forum from Google Employee Jade.



~ Samantha Goettel

It's Happened! Verify Your Google Plus Listing to Keep It in Canada

Two-and-a-half weeks ago I wrote a post on how Google Place Plus users would have to update their accounts or their listings would be deleted from Google and  I predicted that it could soon happen in Canada.

Google Places

 Well, today, it happened! I logged into Strathcom Media’s Google Plus listing and I received a message at the top of our plus page. It said ” To Keep your Google Page. please review and submit your information.”


It then took me to a page that said “To keep your listing live on Google, please review your information, make any necessary changes and click Submit at the bottom of the page.”

Verify Google Listing to Keep it Live

I updated our information, added a few pictures and then clicked “Save.” It took me only a few minutes.

Verify Place Listing

I skimmed our Gmail account and I didn’t see any emails with the warning. That means you will have to log in to your Google Plus account and update your listing to ensure you don’t lose it.

Google Places listings are incredibly important for local SEO. Google Places accounts blend with the authority of your website and often appear above website listings directly in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in what’s called the Map Pack. One would not want to see their places listing disappear and potentially lose top spot rankings.

If you need help claiming your listing check out our post called  Google+ places for businesses – How to claim your dealership

Or if you have any more questions on updating your listing Contact Us today!

~ Samantha Goettel

4 Places to Get Dealer Reviews

By now, everyone understands the benefits of getting positive reviews for your business. But where do you send your customers to leave their reviews? Is it just a testimonial page on your website? There are actually a number of popular review websites that you can send your customers to.

Here’s the shortest, sweetest list of where to get customers to leave their reviews:

1. Google+ (duh)

Getting positive reviews on Google+ has arguably the biggest bang for your proverbial buck. Google weighs these reviews, combined with the quality of your Google+ page, the heaviest of all the review sites. Why? Because they own this sh*t!

The authority of your Google+  listing combines with your website authority to give you a better chance of showing up in the Google maps locations in the search results page (known as the “Map Pack”).

Map Pack Google Screenshot

If you lack time or resources (who doesn’t?), definitely start with this one. Your first steps should be to claim your Google Plus and Places listing, complete it as thoroughly as possible, and then ask customers for reviews.

2. Facebook

Facebook might be getting a little tired to some of us, but it’s still hands down the social media giant. With 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users, you can bet that people are asking their friends and family about buying a car and looking for advice and information.

Facebook also launched something called Graph Search in January, 2013, that makes their database easier to search with conversationally-phrased questions like “what is the best Ford dealership in Vancouver.”

Facebook only shows results from popular Facebook pages already in their database. If you don’t already have a Facebook business page, set one up and post a few times before advertising the page too much. Not sure about the whole Facebook thing? Read some reasons why your car dealership should be on Facebook and see if we can change your mind.

3. Yelp

With over 60 million registered users and over 20 million reviews posted on the site, this is not one to ignore. Yelp is also considered the second most important review site (next to Google+) to help boost your SEO.

In the beginning, Yelp was mostly used for reviews on the restaurant industry but other industries now account for more than 75% of their listings. To get started with Yelp, check to see if you already have a Yelp listing and update any incorrect information on your account. If you can’t find your dealership, then create a new listing.

4. Dealer Rater

Of all of the review sites built just for the automotive industry, we see customers leave the most reviews on Customers can search for a dealership, service centre, or actual vehicle using this site and leave a review by logging in through their social media account or by creating a Dealer Rater account. In order to become a Dealer Rater Certified dealership, you have to pay to play.

If you need help improving your online presence or gaining positive reviews for your business, Contact Us at Strathcom with any questions!