Do Car Dealers Still Rip People Off?

sleazy car salesman

If video killed the radio star, perhaps the internet killed the sleazy-car-salesman stereotype. Of course there are always going to be salespeople that only have their own best interest at heart, but thanks to the internet it is much more difficult for car dealers to manipulate a customer like they could back in the ’70s and ’80s. All a customer has to do is enter the information for the vehicle they want into Google and can determine right then and there if they are getting a good deal.

As discussed in an article from Dealer Bar, the auto industry is very unique in that, “As consumers, we don’t blink an eye when buying a couch or a shirt that brings in 50% or more profit to the retailer, but car dealers often struggle to make 4% off of a vehicle sold”. Of course dealerships are still making money, but this distinction is something that car buyers should consider.

This is great news for car buyers! We can now make more informed buying decisions and we should no longer feel so intimidated when visiting a dealership. I think as car buyers we can begin to view the process this way:

“They aren’t your enemy. You want to buy a vehicle and they want to sell one. Your goals are aligned.”

What 500 Millennials Told Strathcom Media about Buying Cars Online



Strathcom Media’s President, Duncan Cochrane, has recently returned to Edmonton for a brief layover between automotive conferences.

Last week he was at the 2015 Auto Remarketing Canada Conference in Toronto, where he presented in a panel discussion entitled “Marketing to Millennials: What Changes and What Stays the Same?” 

The timing couldn’t have been any better. Duncan’s presentation came at the same time as the Auto Remarketing Magazine published his breakdown of our quarter-long survey of millennial buying habits. (This double achievement likely accounts for another accolade we’re excited to announce soon…)

We now republish this article for you to read in its entirety.

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