TADA’s Auto Dealers Innovation Series Recap

Auto Dealers Innovation Series 2016

This year’s event dove into marketing and sales strategies and featured presentations from several keynote speakers including: “Dragon” and innovation expert Bruce Croxon, Erin Elofson -Director of Auto and Financial Services at Facebook Canada, and Mike Badour – General Manger of Business Development and Direct Marketing at Canada Post.

Key Takeaways 

Bruce Croxon

Bruce Croxon spoke about how now is the best time to be a consumer and how dealers have the ability to reach the consumer through multiple places and products. Everything from Google to Facebook, cellphone to desktop. He said that dealers need to invest in core values that include teamwork, vision and planning, as well as make sure that they are measuring what is working and what isn’t working. Customer acquisition cost is key, and the importance of relationships between businesses and customers is coming back.

DD20_MichaelCirillo_HeadshotThe Dealer Panel discussed the customer journey and the use of technology. The panel  included the perspectives of dealers, vendors, and OEMs and was moderated by Michael Cirillo – Co-Host of The Dealer Playbook Podcast & President of Flexdealer. They determined that, when it comes to marketing, the old school vs new school argument doesn’t matter. You should never assume what level of technical experience your customers have; in other words, you should base your marketing on your customers’ habits, not their age. They also spoke about how customers expect an ‘instant process’ that matches the experience that got them to the dealer in the first place. The importance of price transparency in the online journey was also reiterated.

2._Erin_ElofsonErin Elofson with Facebook Canada told dealers to forget about fans and followers and to think of Facebook as a new channel to get buyers into your dealership. Out of the over 3.1 million mobile apps out there, 82% of the time spent on apps is split between only 5 apps, one of them being Facebook. Something that a lot of people don’t realize about Facebook advertising is the targeting ability. Since everyone logs into Facebook as themselves on all sorts of devices, Facebook always has the ‘real identity’ of users. Not only that, but Facebook can target people using the immense amount of data that they have about users, and they can use CRM and website matching. Also, since Facebook ads show up on your news feed without interrupting your experience, people tend to be more open to ads on Facebook compared to ads on YouTube, for example.

Mike_Badour-crop1-lgMike Badour with Canada Post spoke about how direct marketing is not only still relevant in a digital world, but actually complements other medias for a complete marketing plan. He also introduced Canada Post’s brand new Smartmail Marketing which uses Neuroscience to help businesses find new customers and increase the value of existing customers. Mike used Audi’s A8 launch as an example of a really cool mail campaign.

This was just a short summary of the conference, but as always, we learned a lot and look forward to attending next year!

Content Strategy: How to Take Your Dealership's Content to the Next Level

Content for Car Dealers Strathcom had the privilege of attending a seminar recently put on by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network (225 million members can’t be wrong). LinkedIn held an invite-only workshop that focused on the merits of Content Marketing. Sitting down with Jason Miller, Content Strategist at LinkedIn (previously of Marketo fame) was very enlightening. Not only does Jason have great taste in music and a pretty impressive list of viral posts under his belt, he also has a key understanding of marketplace dynamics and knows how to give people what they want. Here are my key takeaways from Jason’s presentation 1. The Power of Social Media Social Media Content Marketing Strathcom

  • 2011 was the year of social media.

  • 2012 was the year of content.

  • 2013 is the year social media and content come together.

You need to be delivering content to your customers in the format they want to see it. Explore new options in addition to Facebook and Twitter like Vine, Pinterest, Slideshare to grow your client base and reach a new audience. Between 7% and 13% of traffic is dependent on social signals, so the more influential the people that share your content are, the better. 2. Change the Mantra from “Always be Closing” to “Always be Helping.” always be closing Your content should helpful, not sales driven. Provide value first. If your customers (and the search engines) feel that you and your site are a resource of information and provide a wealth of knowledge, you will get more traffic and more leads. Keeping your content consistent is key; make sure it’s frequently updated and supports your brand message. 3. You Have to Pay to Play Use specific targeting in Social Media and PPC to showcase your great content to a captive audience (these campaigns can be so specific as to target gender, income, interests, marital status, etc.). 4. Repurpose! repurpose content strathcom Think of your content as Thanksgiving Dinner. Serve it up as a blog, and then reuse that content in a webinar or infographic. Some content works better in different formats, so experiment. 5. Keep it Entertaining Let Strathcom Entertain You with Content There is a reason that singing goats went viral. People like to be entertained. Make it funny, make it original and find a way to connect your message to popular culture. To see the rest of Jason’s take on Content Marketing for Canadians, check out his slideshare presentation or follow him on Twitter.