Dealers, Avoid Car Jargon!

“DOHC with VarioCam Plus variable valve timing, 8 s., sequential automatic transmission”


How most customers react to car jargon

Every industry has its own jargon, and the automotive industry is no exception. In fact, insider jargon at car dealers is so prevalent that if you search “car dealer jargon” in Google, you will find endless jargon dictionaries to prepare customers for a dealership visit. Some believe that the use of jargon strengthens their sales presentation and their image by making them seem more technically savvy or more knowledgeable.

This is a mistake.

If you are looking for the source of a problem with a customer, there is a strong chance that it may rest on some misunderstanding, and this often stems from a lack of common vocabulary. If you’re not in the automotive industry, it’s highly unlikely that you will be exposed to the technical jargon used within dealerships, and even simple car jargon can be confusing.

Using car jargon just leads to frustration for both parties

If the customer has no idea what you are talking about, they often won’t tell you. Even the small portion of those who will tell you have lost valuable time trying to understand what could have been put in plain language.

So what’s the solution?

Unfortunately, since dealer jargon has been used for so long, sales associates often don’t even realize they are using it.  But to truly inform and engage your audience, pay attention to the terms you employ, the descriptions you use and the people with whom you are communicating.

If your messaging isn’t adapted to the person to whom you are talking, your client will not understand and they will end up being heavily disappointed and frustrated at the end of your interaction. Therefore, listen to the words your client is using and bridge the terms they use with yours. By demystifying the language used within the automotive industry, you will successfully build a sense of trust between you and the customer, and we all know trust is critical for sales success.

TOAST Hits Ontario – Automotive Sales Techniques to Kick Ass Online in 2013

Toast Online Automotive Sales Techniques in Ontario

This April we’re giving you three opportunities to catch a piece of TOAST in Ontario! Today’s Online Automotive Sales Techniques gives you an inside look at the world of online automotive marketing and how to succeed in your industry. It’s all about boosting your bottom line. Click here for videos, information and registration.

  • Session 1

    Where: The Four Points Sheraton, 150 Wellington Road South, London, ON
    When: 9:00 am to 3:45 pm Tuesday, April 9th.

  • Session 2

    Where: The Four Points Sheraton, 6090 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON
    When: 9:00 am to 3:45 pm Wednesday, April 10th.

  • Session 3

    Where: Aloft Hotel, 151 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Vaughan, ON
    When: 9:00 am to 3:45 pm Thursday, April 11th.

Check out this TOAST preview:

TOAST 1.0 & TOAST 2.0

Toast 1.0: Learn what it takes to make a great homepage. If you’ve read Strathcom’s Online Car Selling Checklist, then you already know the importance of images and descriptions. In this session we’ll show you what it takes to hook customers with great descriptions and images. Learn about how to cultivate your customers by assisting their Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). Topics include:

  • Effective online advertising
  • Getting people to your own site
  • Receiving and replying to a lead
  • The online sales process
  • Building value in yourself, your dealership and your product
  • Making and confirming the appointment

Toast 2.0: Now that you know how to make a great website, learn to promote it online. Be seen by leading search engines, see the benefits of an organized search engine marketing campaign and learn to track success with Google Analytics. Reviews are also an important part of managing your online reputation – we’ll show you how a response strategy can boost your online marketing strategy. Topics include:

  • Google
  • Online Advertising
  • Measuring your success with Google Analytics
  • Adwords and how they work
  • Handling reviews
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and more)


Price: $199 per person attending

  • TOAST 1.0 and TOAST 2.0 session attendance
  • Lunch
  • Coffee and Refreshments in the morning and afternoon
  • USB drive containing TOAST examples and templates

Space is limited, so register now! You can Contact Strathcom Media to book online, or phone us toll-free at 1.888.914.1444.