Strathcom is Presenting at Auto Remarketing Canada and Women & Automotive!


Have you noticed how many companies have been talking about algorithms and personalization lately? Twitter recently announced that they are implementing an algorithm that – similar to Facebook – will personalize the content that users see. A few weeks later, Instagram made a similar announcement.

You may be wondering what personalization is and why so many  large companies are doing it. If you are going to be in the Toronto area next week, you’re in luck! Our president, Duncan Cochrane, will be presenting at the Auto Remarketing Conference in Toronto for the second year in a row.  He will be talking about Iteration and Personalization and what Strathcom is doing to provide personalization tools to dealers. With over 16 years of combined experience in sales, advertising and marketing, Duncan will show dealers how they can incorporate personalization into their website.

women-automotive_sponsorNot only is Strathcom attending the AR Conference for the second year in a row, but we will also be presenting at the first annual Women & Automotive conference in Toronto on April 6th. Given the current condition of the Canadian economy, our Director of Client Services, Trish Rowsell, will be discussing how dealerships can not only survive in lean economic times, but thrive in them. Trish has over 14 years of leadership experience in sales, promotions and marketing, so she has experience working in economic downturns and will teach dealers how they can make the most of their marketing dollars.

Strathcom Media is honored to have the opportunity to give these presentations, and we hope to see you there!

Stay Ahead of the Curve with These 2 New Google Marketing Strategies

Prior to heading off on vacation—and in between rolling his Rs and hitting the fake ‘n bake—our il presidente contributed an article to Auto Remarketing Canada. In it Duncan Cochrane outlined the two newest Google advertising methods you can use to funnel clicks and conversions to your website. Continue reading “Stay Ahead of the Curve with These 2 New Google Marketing Strategies”

Strathcom Hosts Google Partners Digital Breakfast

Strathcom is pleased to have hosted our Google Partners Event, where we welcomed automotive dealers from across Ontario to the Google Canada Offices in Toronto. We started the day by pairing a delicious hot breakfast with a little networking, settling ourselves in for two presentations on Automotive Digital Marketing.

Kim Rellinger from Google Autos reminds attendees how their online demographic is evolving.


First up, Kim Rellinger from the Google Autos team. She began the talks with her presentation, “Finding Your Customers Online,” and discussed new data trends and insights from the Canadian digital automotive space. Kim provided some interesting new statistics and surprising updates to how Canadians are interacting with advertisers during the buying process. During the very engaging Q&A portion of Kim’s presentation, prizes were handed out including a stainless steel, Google-branded French press coffee maker. Most attendees returned to their offices sharing swag including Strathcom water bottles, USBs, & Google notebooks and pens.

It’s all in the game: Strathcom’s Duncan Cochrane shares the promising idea of scalable pre-roll YouTube videos for dealers.


Next up, Strathcom’s President, Duncan Cochrane, presented “Expanding on the Fundamentals.” For his talk, he discussed how to leverage online basics to make the most of your advertising spend, as well as key new trends car dealers can take advantage of in the digital landscape to rustle up more leads. Strathcom also unveiled our scalable YouTube pre-roll packages, allowing even the smallest of dealerships to compete in the video advertising game.


The lucky dealers were then extended with an exclusive offer for attending. To wrap up the day, Strathcom & Google team members were available for any further one-on-one questions.


We had a great time and want to thank everyone who came out to join us!


Please stay tuned as we will be hosting future events in Halifax, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg, with more cities being announced this fall. Want a part of it? Contact us to learn more.

Strathcom Media’s Tony, Liza, & Trish taking in the Google Breakfast in matching SMI t-shirts.

Online Analytics for Car Dealers – Cost per Acquisition

Most car dealers now measure their marketing fairly well.  There are a ton of tools that make it easy, and most service providers have some kind of chart/graph/wizardry that purports to explain the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) of said service.  Having said that, I have seen some highly questionable measurements come out of this.  I have seen service providers in the online space measure a visit to the contact-us page of a website as an acquisition.  While this is quite likely going to lead to a lead or contact of some point, it is a bit loose in my opinion.  In my last post, I talked about Faith Based Marketing, which is essentially what calling a visit to the Contact-Us page is.

Measuring CPA for Car Dealers (in Canada)

Most of the dealers I talk to measure CPA in some way, shape, or form.  Some simply allocate a marketing budget based on the number of vehicles they expect to move in a given month.  With all the data that is easily available, and the ability to tag virtually every aspect of online traffic, there is no real good reason not to allocate your marketing dollars to the platforms that produce leads (and more importantly, sales).

Automotive marketing is a fairly complex animal.  Below is a list (by no means comprehensive) of the major portions of a dealer website in Canada today, and where the marketing falls into:

  • Your Dealership Website.  Your dealer site is your main online marketing tool.  It is where you drive everyone through your branding, SEO efforts, PPC, and so on.
  • Your Direct Online Marketing Campaigns.  Newsletters, E-Mail Specials, any digital communication direct to your existing or new client base.
  • Your Major Online Auto Portals.  Kijiji, Auto Trader,, CBB, and so forth.  These sites have a broad national reach.
  • Your Local Portals.  The Edmonton Journal Driving Section, Castanet, The Chronicle Herald.  Sites local to your shoppers.

Here is a simple table to get you started: (Click for full size)

I know how simple it seems, but I am willing to bet over 50% of car dealers are not doing this currently.  All this information is readily available with a little legwork (or say, a Premium Website Solution and a Google PPC Campaign) and some monthly updates to a simple spreadsheet.

This is also just the start.  From this, with a proper CRM (or a more serious excel doc and a lot of legwork), you can actually narrow each lead source down to revenue, gross,  and net.  How many marketing dollars could you save if you knew exactly what sources drove THE MOST PROFITABLE leads, not just the most leads.

And, for those who are wondering, this data is actually a scaled down percentage wise from actual car dealers.  What can you take away from that?  Invest in your website, start with PPC, and banners are really awesome for branding, but are only ok for leads (or maybe the dealers need better banners).  From a Syndication perspective, I would try and highlight my inventory on Kijiji (Maybe a new Kijiji Features Package?)