Online Advertising

As a recognized Canadian Google Partner, Strathcom Media is the ally your dealership needs to create and manage the most successful campaigns possible.

We have become the leading online advertising provider for the automotive industry in Canada for good reason: we help you focus on what matters most, and that’s selling cars.

Canadian Google Partner

Trusted and certified by Google as a Premier Google Partner

Specialize in Automotive

The auto industry is all we do. Target your audience every step along the way down the sales funnel.

More Options

Find your customers where they are – through Search Engines, Remarketing, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. At Strathcom, we can target your customers in more places, in more ways.

Display Advertising

Bring traffic your way

People don’t just search for cars online; they are also busy shopping, looking for recipes and more. Not sure where your potential customers do their vehicle research online? Leave that to our PPC (pay per click) team.

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We use two methods to get your image ads clicked on by the most qualified people: 1. Within relevant keyword content that your audience is reading 2. On web pages important to the car industry and your dealership

Our display services include:

  • Geo-targeting and scheduling to best optimize your budget
  • Monthly reporting and performance check-ups
  • Contextually target your customers by interest
  • Custom Placements
  • Original Graphics & Design
  • Custom copy in three available ad sizes

We’re seriously committed to online advertising and know what it takes for you to develop a strong, cost-effective campaign.

Remarketing Advertising

Show them what they want to see

With so many distractions and auto brands competing for buyers online, remarketing ads allow the perfect opportunity to re-engage and sell to the people most likely to buy from your dealership: those who have previously researched your cars and services.

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Our remarketing services include:

  • Geo-targeting and scheduling to best optimize your budget
  • Monthly reporting and performance check-ups
  • Custom copy in three available ad sizes

Facebook Advertising

Reach them where they are

Built for so much more than cat photos and Likes. In Canada, 1 in 4 minutes spent on mobile are spent on Facebook and Instragram. That is a lot of minutes that users could be spending viewing your ads!

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There are over 21 million people on Facebook in Canada. Out of these 21 million people, 16 million are on Facebook every day. If you are surprised by those numbers, you should be even more surprised that very few dealers are taking advantage of this platform for their advertising.

Especially after learning about these engaging types of ads that Facebook offers:

  • Lead ads – it takes 38.5% longer to fill out a form on a mobile device. That is no longer a concern thanks to Facebook lead ads! Lead ads pre-populate your lead forms using the information Facebook already has about that user.
  • Video ads – as your potential customer is scrolling through their newsfeed, catch their eye with an engaging video ad.
  • Carousel ads – showcase 3-5 images of vehicles, services, or specials that you would like to highlight. Users can scroll through the images and click the one that appeals to them, taking them right to the appropriate page on your site. Convenient!
  • Canvas ads – canvas ads act as a miniature version of your site within Facebook. You can build your canvas ad with videos, still images, and CTAs. This type of ad is a blank canvas – literally – that lets you get creative with your advertising!

Hyper (re)Targeting

You may have heard of similar products to Hyper (re)Targeting offered by mobility companies. They’re great options if you only want to target their customers on their network, but our solution allows you to target virtually anyone.

We utilize data from 10 North American programmatic exchanges which increases our reach capability,
as well as provides us with more in-depth behavioral and geographical data.

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Bing is not only the default search engine for Microsoft products, but also a cost-effective advertising medium!

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Way Beyond Traditional Targeting Methods

Traditional SEM allows you to target specific market segments, devices and even FSAs but Hyper (re)Targeting takes it to the next level. In fact, it can take you as close as a 50-meter radius!

Any Device, Any AD Type.

Not only can you target virtually anyone, anywhere, but you can do so with Display, Remarketing, or Mobile Advertising!

Conquesting Made Easy

Target customers in your dealership, your competitor’s dealership, and even specific neighbourhoods down to a few houses


No longer restricted to news bloopers and movie trailers, the Google-owned video network is the world’s second largest search engine and a leading source for car shoppers to get information on your products.


Bing is not only the default search engine for Microsoft products, but also a cost-effective advertising medium!


Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It’s a great way to share photos and videos with followers or with a select group of people.

Trust only the best

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Our experts live and breathe PPC. With Strathcom handling your day-to-day online ad services, you won’t have to worry about losing time managing your AdWords Campaigns. We use bid management that optimizes keyword bids every 30 minutes, ensuring you don’t waste any money by overbidding or lose position by underbidding. Our focus is pay per click, and our goal is to make your campaign a success.

Dedicated Google Reps

Working so closely with the world’s largest search engine means exclusive access to new beta programs. Agencies like ours are typically the first to try out and leverage new Google products.

Continual Commitment to Improvement

We employ industry-leading tools such as WordStream and Optmyzer to audit our PPC account each month, ensuring we deliver the best strategies and recommendations to improve account performance, month over month.

Online Advertising Services:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Remarketing
  • YouTube
  • OEM Co-op Campaigns
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Auto Audience Network
  • Dynamic Inventory Ads
  • Bing Advertising
  • Twitter

Pay-per-click requires a serious commitment. In order to see consistent results, you must continually manage and update keywords, ads, bids, campaigns, and other variables. You can’t simply activate your campaign, let it run, then expect it to generate a great return. You must optimize daily and understand different metrics and trends in order to make your campaign successful.

We each understand how important a role marketing plays in selling cars. In a dynamic and ever-evolving field like Paid Search, you cannot afford to pay it minor attention. Instead, count on Strathcom Media and our team of Google Certified PPC experts to help your dealership stand out from the noise and pull in new leads.