One of the most frustrating situations in auto sales is when you devote hours of your time helping a customer find the right vehicle, answer questions, and go for test drives—only to have them buy from your competitor down the road.

We’ve created the solution to roving shoppers. Strathcom’s Market Pitch application gives you the ability to email or print off a slick, individualized sales document that details your store benefits and the promises you’ve made—all in less than 90 seconds!


That’s all it takes to plug in the client details and create a professional sales sheet.


Show interested shoppers the many reasons why buying a car through your store is best.


Stand out from other dealers in your area with a personalized presentation that’ll help you close more deals.

Add some process to your pitch

Market Pitch - Strathcom Media

You already know why your dealership offers the best value and service, but do your customers? Market Pitch was designed with one task in mind: winning over shoppers during the do-or-die “go home and sleep on it” stage of the buying process.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter a client’s information, trade-in details, and financing options
  • Plus any promises you’ve made
  • Print off or email a professional sales sheet
  • All in well under 2 minutes

Sure, price is important, but Canadian car buyers want to know what benefits you can offer them after the sale. Market Pitch is your opportunity to impress, reduce flight, and close more deals.

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“Since switching to Strathcom for our web site services this year we have realized a marked increase in our web site activity as measured by Google analytics. The monthly web site reviews via conference call ensure that our site is current with factory programs, seasonal themes and departmental specials. Response from Strathcom with respect to any campaign we wish to promote on our site is timely and their creative department ‘gets it’ in terms of dealership promotions.” – Chuck Clayton President, Clarington Honda