Merchandise Your Inventory From Your Smartphone

70% of shoppers do not click through from a SRP to a VDP when a stock photo is used.

Instead of keeping you tied to your office computer, Strathcom’s easy-to-use mobile app gives you the freedom to work wherever it’s convenient.

Chances are there are only a few items you always have with you. Your phone or tablet is definitely one of them. Put that iPhone, iPad, or Android device to work and use Lot cAPPture.

Strathcom’s Mobile Lot cAPPture is the simplest way to keep your website inventory up-to-date, giving you the best chances of capturing online shoppers.


Inventory on the Go

Hate running back and forth from the office? Our mobile app means you can manage your inventory anywhere.


Works on Android and Apple

Wirelessly take photos and videos, edit prices and add vehicle descriptions—all from your Apple or Android device.


Included in all Strathcom Website Packages

When you sign up for any website, the app is included and linked directly to your inventory account.

Keep Your Inventory Current


This app gives you the following powerful functions:

  • Photo taking and uploading
  • Video filming and uploading (YouTube and your website)
  • Price editing
  • Entering descriptions
  • VIN Scanning (Coming Soon)
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