Market Appraisals

Appraise vehicles based on market conditions

What’s your process for appraising vehicles? Your gut feeling on a busy Saturday or data driven decisions that mean more money?


Data, Data and more Data!

An appraisal tool is only as good as the data that powers it.  We have one of the largest pools of data in the country.  Give us a call and put the data to the test for your market.


Integrated Right Into The Market Platform

One system one password for everything that you need


Accessible from Anywhere

Away for work?  Login to the market platform to see all appraisals and help manage deals.

Use Real, Local Data to Appraise


Take advantage of:

  • Canadian Black Book Values
  • Average Local Market Data
  • Estimated Reconditioning Costs
  • Profit Objectives
  • View Previous VIN Specific Appraisals by Your Dealership or Group
  • Print Functions

With Strathcom’s Market Appraisal tool, you get a fully integrated web application that will save you time and give you a more thorough, quantifiable way of appraising trade-ins using real time automotive market data.

To get the most out of market appraisals you don’t have to be a hardened auto industry veteran nor a computer whiz. We’ve created a simple intuitive interface that has all you need-to-know information in one place