Social Media Management

Create & share your voice

Businesses work hard to earn a solid reputation, especially online. Amplify that positivity through regular social media management. Posting regularly on various social media channels is critical to building an engaged online audience. But who has the time at the dealership?
We can generate and post engaging content on to your Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels. When creating social media posts, we strike a balance of marketing posts – such as specials, or products and services you offer – with interesting and relevant content online or on your dealership’s website or blog. Our team creates relevant and engaging copy, and schedules that content into 4 regular posts per week for dealers.
This package is only available to dealers who have signed up for our Reputation & Review Management Package.


The average person will spend nearly two hours (approximately 116 minutes) on social media every day, which translates to a total of 5 years and 4 months spent over a lifetime, which beats out time spent eating and drinking, socializing, and grooming


Customers see social media as a service channel where they can communicate directly with the business, and develop a stronger bond with regular engagement.


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Thankfully, with social media, you can see which types of content generate the most interest (and with which demographics), and then produce more of that type of content. You can also measure conversions based on different promotions posted on various social media channels, and eventually find a perfect combination to generate revenue.

Today’s consumers are spending most their time – 84% – using just five apps. Facebook is the leader here with 18 million daily users in Canada alone. Keeping a strong presence on Facebook is crucial, and this package will help you maintain it.

In addition to our Review & Reputation Management Package, you can expect:

  • An onboarding call with a dealership contact. We will discuss your goals, your brand voice, your preferences, any other information we can use to bring your dealership’s persona to life.
  • Customer engagement. We will interact directly with new customers to expand your audience and respond to customer messages and comments on each platform.
  • Customized content. 4 unique posts will be shared on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google accounts, 4 days per week.
  • Professional profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. We will add your company logo, a custom header, and your business information.
  • Monthly strategy calls. We’ll go over the past month’s performance, discuss the strategy for the upcoming month, and provide actionable advice to improve your presence.