Move Over Great Pumpkin, It’s a Spooky Halloween Spectacular at Strathcom

image of all the halloween costume contest participants

Generally speaking, Mondays are the scariest day of the week. The thought of the upcoming week is bone-chilling, reports and emails and Susan from accounting who won’t stop talking about her cats—I mean, every day working at Strathcom is a dream! (*mutters to self* Yes, that’ll do). But sometimes, the scariest day falls somewhere else in the week. Like when the Christmas party is on a weekday and the boss asks to see you the next morning. Or, when it’s staff pizza day on a Thursday and Taylor in Content ran out of Lactaid®. The most terrifying day of the year though, especially when it falls on a Wednesday, is Halloween. Continue reading “Move Over Great Pumpkin, It’s a Spooky Halloween Spectacular at Strathcom”

Chronicles of the Last Intern: Working at Strathcom Media

Working at Strathcom Media

Hi again! Its Josh Do, the last surviving intern. I was assigned a blog post to do for my last days at Strathcom Media and I’d like to thank Boris for this nomination (and for his excellent donair recommendations).

Over the last month, I was working on a video project for my school. The project required that I present the company and show some work that was related to my academic studies. Instead of going in with the boring traditional PowerPoint ordeal and reading off each slide, I decided to do a creative project as my presentation. This was also a great opportunity to work on my video and editing skills! I wanted to capture my experience at Strathcom as well as show what the company is all about. In this video, I give an awkward tour of the office environment, interview some amazing people from different departments, and reflect on my growth here at Strathcom Media.

I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I did editing it! Thank you again to my Strathcom family for the amazing opportunity and experience.

Internalizing Our Internship: Strathcom’s Interns Tell Their Tale

Internship banner and icons

Being a grizzled veteran of the Strathcom circuit, having worked here for a grueling 8 months, my sour disposition perked up slightly when I heard we were offering a few summer internships. Perfect, I thought to myself. Some poor unwitting souls I could heap abuse upon, who I could haze mercilessly, and who I could send to Starbucks for overly-complicated drink orders only to berate them when they returned with a drink that wasn’t precisely what I wanted (“I said double sweetener but half-sweet!”). But by the end of July, when our summer interns said a teary farewell, we had all learned a valuable lesson. Well, the interns learned a number of them. I’d like to think I learned to not be such a jerk—but only time will tell. Anyway, why am I telling you all of this? Let’s hear it from the interns themselves.

Continue reading “Internalizing Our Internship: Strathcom’s Interns Tell Their Tale”

Strathcom Media: Beyond the Wall(s)

Carrleesi and her dragon

Before working for Strathcom Media, I’d never-before met such bold allies and merciless foes. I’ve witnessed a queen conquer faraway lands, weathered an attack from the Ice King, and watched a ruler’s dynasty overthrown.  Since Game of Thrones’ season 8 premiere isn’t due until early 2019, I can’t help but see the Strathcom Media head office as a medieval battleground, wrought with schemes and maneuvering. Read on and hear about a new employee’s life at Strathcom Media — the Game of Thrones Edition. Continue reading “Strathcom Media: Beyond the Wall(s)”

3 Things That Our Favourite Dealerships Do

3 things that our favourite dealerships do

“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”

You probably expected me to start off with the most popular Yoda quote, “Do or do not; there is no try” — but that’s not always true. We have plenty of dealers who try very hard to ‘do internet.’ But we also know that many of our contacts at dealerships work with a team full of people who all have different goals at stake, and are all asking for a variety of changes to their websites that they think will help accomplish those goals. By the time those ideas get back to the web team (content strategists and web designers), we’re often missing a few of the pieces of the puzzle. Don’t get us wrong — we’ll still do whatever we can to help, but it’s a lot easier to do that with a little extra information. Continue reading “3 Things That Our Favourite Dealerships Do”

Everyone at Strathcom is Out to Lunch – A Closer Look Into Strathcom Culture

Now I’ve set foot in a lot of lunchrooms over the course of my life. In fact, at school, the lunchroom was where I did some of my best work. Now, I’ve been in lunchrooms where the fluorescent lights were so bright they could blind a man. I’ve been in lunchrooms so clean that even mentioning the ten-second rule was akin to handing out fascist propaganda. Conversely, I’ve been in lunchrooms so dirty I’d rather sneak off and eat my lunch in the bathroom. But I’ve never been in a lunchroom quite like the one at Strathcom…  Continue reading “Everyone at Strathcom is Out to Lunch – A Closer Look Into Strathcom Culture”

The Strathcom Push-Up Challenge: How to Build Trust & Muscle

Caffeine can do only so much to get the work day started. Here at Strathcom, we help each other by yelling at everyone in the office to meet us in the boardroom for our regular push-up challenge! At 9:30 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we put out the Lat-signal on our chatline for everyone to join us in burning some calories and grunting like apes before the heavy workload begins.

How it Started

While some of us are crazy enough to wake up early to go to the gym before work, or exercise during the lunch hour, most of us found it difficult to allocate time after the busy workday to commit to regular exercise. So one day, our web team started talking about getting more active throughout the year and our very own John Positos mentioned that he was already following a six-week program to up his push-up numbers by the end. Continue reading “The Strathcom Push-Up Challenge: How to Build Trust & Muscle”

Random Acts of Kindness

At Strathcom, we know the importance of giving back to our community. We know that there are things that we take for granted, and we know that sometimes it can be difficult to make the time and set aside the funds to give back. This is why Random Acts of Kindness was created. This year, every Strathcom Media employee was given $350 to give to the person or organization of their choice. Continue reading “Random Acts of Kindness”

Play Games, Heal Kids: Strathcom Participates in Extra Life

Extra Life

On November 5th, we locked ourselves in the office to play video games non-stop for 25 hours (THANKS Daylight Savings).


To raise money for the Stollery of course!

This was our 5th year participating in Extra Life – an organization that consists of gamers doing what they do best to help sick and injured children at their chosen Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Players commit to play games for 24 hours, and they ask family and friends to support their efforts by donating or spreading the word!

So far, the Strathcom Team has raised $2,875 dollars (we are still tallying cash donations as well as funds raised from our bottle drive). If you would like to donate, you can follow the link below; any donation over $25 gets a tax receipt!

Pokémon Go for Car Dealerships

Pokemon Pikachu Squirtle Strathcom
Gotta catch ’em all… will this bring you more leads?

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last week, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Pokémon Go – the latest viral app. The idea is that users explore their surroundings to hunt and capture Pokémon. People chase the cartoon creatures at “pokéstops” and “gyms” plotted on a customized version of Google Maps, navigating to their real-world locations using their smartphones. As of Monday, July 11th, the game was seeing about 21 million daily active users, (for comparison, at its peak Candy Crush reportedly had about 20 million daily active users). Nintendo’s new virtual reality smartphone game  has only been officially released in the United States, but Canadians are managing to play the new Pokémon game through a couple different workarounds.

It’s even one of the top searches according to Google:

2016-07-15 3-36-09 PM
Top Google predictive search results for “What is”

One thing to look at with the advent of any new technology or social platform, is what is the impact for advertisers? Pokémon Go is a free app, but users pay in data. The developer behind Pokémon Go is planning to allow retailers and other companies to sponsor places on its virtual map.

“There are several ways that we see the potential for significant monetisation of Pokémon Go by Nintendo, and one of them is certainly the potential for paid advertising or paid deals that encourage players to come to a particular building or store. It is a huge opportunity,” said Atul Goyal, analyst at Jefferies.

In an interview with the Financial Times, John Hanke, chief executive of Niantic, which developed Pokémon Go, hinted that similar advertisements would soon be coming to Pokémon Go.

Alongside in-app payments, “there is a second component to our business model at Niantic, which is this concept of sponsored locations”, Mr. Hanke said, where companies “pay us to be locations within the virtual game board — the premise being that it is an inducement that drives foot traffic”. Advertisers are charged on a “cost per visit” basis, similar to the “cost per click” used in Google’s search advertising, he said.

Pokemon Go has taken over
Pokemon Go has taken over

Some car dealerships & local businesses have already found that positioning a pokestop on their premises has driven a rush of traffic. According to the New York Post, one pizza restaurant in Queens saw business increase 75% after buying a $10 in-game power-up that lured Pokémon to its location.

Robert Drews of Mile High Motors implemented a program to reward players. He created a Facebook graphic to promote oil change discounts, with savings that correlate with your level on Pokemon Go (Level 5 = $5 off, Level 10=$10 off etc). Within the hour he had over 32 shares and 125 likes. Creative dealers could also open their service departments as hunting grounds, or see if their location is a “Pokestop” and use that to buy lures and entice customers to visit.

Pokemon Go could become a very powerful advertising tool in a short amount of time. Since this technology is so new, jury is out on the financial impact, but we cannot wait to see how progressive dealers use tools like this to bring in more business.

Strathcom Does #YEGPride

It was a beautiful sunny weekend in Edmonton, the perfect setting for the 36th Annual Pride Parade. The parade took place down historic Whyte Avenue, kicking off the 10-day festival celebrating the diversity and unity of Edmonton`s LGBTQ community.

Strathcom had a couple of colorful volunteers who marched in the parade as part of the #HeroesforZero of HIV Edmonton. HIV Edmonton had a superhero theme, and featured a couple sweet Mazda MX-5 vehicles that were graciously on loan from local dealership, (and Strathcom client) Weber Mazda.

Carrie Oliva Trish Rowsell Ayla Gagnon Strathcom Media

From Left: Carrie Oliva, Trish Rowsell & Ayla Gagnon

Trish Rowsell Strathcom Media #HeroesforZero

Trish Rowsell getting geared up for the parade

Trish Rowsell Ayla Gagnon Strathcom Media

All smiles at Pride!


#HeroesforZero in action !

Laura Keegan HIVEdmonton Heroesforzero

Mazda MX-5 donated by Weber Mazda!

Carrie Oliva Ayla Gagnon Strathcom Media

Carrie Oliva & Ayla Gagnon from the Strathcom team in their colorful outfits

Trish Rowsell heroesforzero HIV Edmonton Strathcom Media

When your whip matches your cape…

Trish Rowsell heroesforzero HIV Edmonton Strathcom Media


We had a great time and are already planning outfits for next year! If you’re in the Edmonton area this coming September join Team Strathcom at the AIDS Walk & Superhero Run! (We’re all about any excuse to wear a cape!)

Strathcom Media Paint Nite

As a reward for smashing our fourth quarter PPC targets, our friends at Google treated us to a team Paint Nite! It was a great opportunity for us to celebrate as a team while allowing us to meet our needs to get creative and get messy.

Google sent us everything we needed to create our masterpieces including canvases, aprons, brushes, and paints; the only thing they didn’t send was artistic ability because, as you can see, we already had plenty of it!

File_004                    File_003 (1)

The contest was called Escape the Winter, and the challenge was to sign 5 new accounts and have them spend at least $30,000 between November and December, 2015 – and we did it! Nice work, team!








Strathcom Gives Back – Bissell Centre Visit

When asked “What does Christmas mean to you?” many people will likely answer “family gatherings, gifts, good food, and more good food, etc.” Unfortunately, for many people, their reality is very different during the holidays.

Many families simply cannot afford to do these things we take for granted. As an employee at Strathcom Media, I was invited to join my colleagues as a volunteer at the Bissell Centre for one of their special Christmas projects, which gave us the opportunity to gift-wrap and distribute donated gifts to parents who cannot afford to buy gifts for their children this year.

Strathcom Team members wrapping gifts
Strathcom Team members wrapping gifts
The Bissell Centre provides toys & goods for less fortunate families in the Edmonton area

Our various commitments often make it difficult to find the time to give back to our community, so I was very thankful to be given the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful experience at the Bissell Centre.

The experience was very rewarding and it is my hope that the donated gifts, our time and our interactions with Bissell Centre clients will have a real and valuable positive impact on the families benefiting from this initiative. Witnessing the gratitude of the parents, I think I can speak for the whole team of volunteers at Strathcom and say we appreciate the opportunity to get involved with your organization and be reminded of the true meaning of the season.


Christmas Elves Alecia & Justin hard at work
Christmas Elves Alecia & Justin hard at work
Strathcom Team members from left: Angelina Cho, Brian Livingstone, Erin Takhar,  Justin Nolette, Sarah Brodie, Rafael Valdez, Alecia Langlois, Cole Smith, Sinead Errity, Carrie Oliva & Ayla Gagnon
Strathcom Team members from left: Angelina Cho, Brian Livingstone, Erin Takhar, Justin Nolette, Sarah Brodie, Rafael Valdez, Alecia Langlois, Cole Smith, Sinead Errity, Carrie Oliva & Ayla Gagnon

Thank you to the Bissell Centre for having us!

Strathcom Gets a Surprise Scoop

It was never supposed to have happened. No one predicted it. In statistics, an event like this would be called a Black Swan.


We were the first to see it, the four of us. Four guys full of fraternal feeling and the energy of youth, riding back from Carl’s Jr. in my ’06 midnight blue Mazda-rati; we just assumed that our burgers would be the highlight of our lunch hour. We were so naïve then. Those days are over.

James had brought up the idea of the road trip; he was always down for heading out and picking up a greasy lunch. David Lord was the oldest of the group. He’d been growing his hair out all summer, but it was clear by his suits and button-down shirts he wore that he was slowly growing away from us and into an adult life full of spread sheets and juice diets. We liked to tease Dave. I was the sensitive, bookish guy with the sweet car, the “Miracle Whip,” the kind of guy who would use words like “abattoir” in a sentence, but in a tolerable way, at least according to James. And David Little, well he was the new guy, coming in after Mikey left us. We don’t talk about that much. I thought it would be a good idea to bring David along. “He’s got a long way to go before becoming a Jet, though” James cautioned, guarding the sanctity of the group.

“I came in from the East with the sun in my eyes…”

Bob Dylan’s Isis was playing on the car stereo, heavy on the violin. It was a tale of a man who heads out to the mountains with a shadowy prospector; but it’s really about him washing away his sins and youthful immaturity, before heading back to seek a second chance with his ex-wife.

Pulling back into the Santa Fe Plaza parking lot at a quarter past noon, we saw it standing there, somewhat surreal by itself on the asphalt: a long blue alloy box, propped up on thin metal legs. It was like seeing your childhood sports hero in public, but everyone was too unsure to approach him, preserving a radius of awe as he went about his grocery shopping.

“Is that…?”

“A food truck!”

It was. It was as if a little piece of Portland had fallen from the heavens, as though coming unattached from a celestial trailer hitch.

“I think it’s…ice cream. It’s ice cream!” said James.

“No way! Our little office park has really hit the big leagues,” added David Little. “You know, having a food truck permanently stationed at lunch hour.”

He was right. This did feel like life was going on a bit of an upswing. Maybe we’d head out later in the afternoon and buy a cone, too. It now felt like one of those days.

Three of us took our brown bags back and headed back towards the main door of the brick office. But David Lord stayed back. He was walking towards the truck.

An office is a strange place when you really think about it. People just deciding to wake up each morning, put on clothes, and synchronise their travels to show up at the same place and sit in the same chair, day after day, then go home to their other familiar spaces before starting the whole cycle over again the next morning. Maybe that was just my sensitivity talking. Fall was coming soon. Then one day we’d be gone like Mikey.

I can’t remember with perfect fidelity all that happened from that point sitting on the edge of my desk, dropping off my car keys. I just remember D-Lord coming back in:

“Hey guys, our kind and generous landlords, Matthew Giuffre and Matthew Woolsey of York Realty Inc., brought in a food truck. Free ice cream for everyone. Go now!” We knew what he meant by those last two words: Run, you fools!


Already I could feel the first rumblings of a mass migration towards the front entrance. Nothing like this had ever happened before. It would have been impossible to predict. And to think of any of the 365 days of the year that an ice cream truck would set up shop in our lot, most of which are frozen and snowy, that free ice cream day would happen on a hot, 28-degree Celsius summer afternoon. How lucky! Dave Little and I got on our way.

But before I got to the break room door, I managed to catch one last look at David Lord, heading back and away from the free dessert, spreading the news throughout the office. Looking around corners, checking under desks, leaving no man behind, he moved with the thoroughness of Paul Revere galloping through the New England twilight. I never told him this, but it was at that moment that I realized that he was the kind of guy you wanted around on the day when that fire alarm was pulled.

Strathcommers finally at the front of the line

There isn’t much to say from here. One by one, group by group, we wandered our way outside, pilgrims of the parking lot, congregating to our sacred land like hippies to Woodstock. The food truck no longer stood alone; it was now met with a long channel of strangers, each seeming content to just stand out in the sun and be a part of something greater than all of us, if only for a few minutes. I saw the web designers standing in a group outside the front door. Even Maurice was back in the circle, after having recently left for the CMS team and another side of the building, another way of life. Free ice cream at work does that to people.

And soon it was our turn, too. When we finally made it to the front of the line, we were greeted by three sun-kissed 20-somethings, kids who seemed like we just made their day when we ordered a pistachio cone or a chocolate-and-peanut-butter bowl. And why not? Weren’t they just on another leg of another Endless Summer, chasing after the elusive promise of eternal youth and rebirth, but chasing anyway? What a life, handing a scoop of joy to a total stranger and seeing a bit of the mid-day weariness melt away from their eyes. Some of these people might have been waiting for that for a long time. And then they’d pack up and go off with the sun. Soon they’d be off to Melbourne, Fort Lauderdale, or Panama City. But today, it was Keilan’s Creamery at Strathcom.

David Little (left) and myself, Boys of Summer

World Cup BBQ

It’s the biggest game in the world. Every year, millions everywhere gather to yell, cheer, and pump their fists. Clutching to the dream that their respective clan will dominate, claiming glory to that golden cup.

FIfa World Cup

It’s one of the most fierce and competitive seasons known to man, characterized by blood, sweat, grass stains, and fans with a huge lung capacity. The never-ending sea of fans cheer and stomp their feet so loud, it echoes like thunder. The players hold the crowd’s breath captive as they dance across the field like a cheetah cornering its prey.

I have always been amazed that something so simple could bring so many people together. Hundreds of thousands of people, many who are complete strangers, put their differences aside and gather in unison to cheer, high-five, and clink drinks with each other with every play.

Today at Strathcom, we dipped our toes into the soccer world and partook in the celebration.

This included the old fashioned American burgers, German-style smokies with sauerkraut, and perhaps some German refreshment as well.

world cup bbq

We headed south of the border with some amazing homemade salsas and nachos. Don’t worry, we didn’t leave the Italians out either. We had vegetables with our veggie kabobs topped with dressing. Don’t forget the pitas, thanks to the Greeks.

fifa world cup bbq

pot luck food

Of course we had cake—is there a culture that doesn’t? We had a small detour to Switzerland and indulged in their infamous chocolate.

Nothing beats a beautiful day outside while partaking in one of the most celebrated games of all time.

Some of us took the initiative to dress the part, as well as some soccer dribbling practice during the feast while we allowed ourselves to digest.

Here at Strathcom, we gathered together as a team to share in the amazing culture of soccer the only way we know how. We ate until we could eat no more, and we have no regrets about that.

Strathcom Celebrates Cinco de Mayo, Fells Piñata

EDMONTON, AB – In an elaborate ruse to root out the company’s most skilled Jedi warrior, Strathcom staff celebrated the Mexican-American holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

The social committee, led by Carrie, Megan Lepp, Adam, Bill, and Leo, helped to set up and organize the event. The food included dos tacos, salad, and pico de gallo, and was supplemented by virgin margaritas and daiquiris. Today’s event also coincided with three new interns joining the Web Design staff. Online Marketing Manager, Daniel Lord, thought it would be a pretty great idea to tell them that this kind of thing happens every day.

While staff sat in a circle to share lunch, Strathcom President, Duncan Cochrane led a crowdsourced discussion to discover the true meaning of the holiday, which Wikipedia describes as “generally mistaken to be Mexico’s Independence Day.” Though no consensus was reached, it was generally agreed upon that today was also the 25th birthday of R&B singer Chris Brown, and that he is persona non grata around the office.

The day’s highlight was yet to come. After plenty of food and social bonding paying homage to Mey-hee-co, the afternoon’s events culminated in the destruction of a festive piñata. Uno por uno, a succession of reluctant volunteers took a turn donning a blindfold and battering the flamboyant cardboard donkey, before it was finally destroyed by Carrie Oliva.

“I saw a job that needed to be done,” said Oliva, “so I rolled up my sleeves, and knocked that donkey’s head off its ass!”

Oliva, though nearly thrown off by the encouraging honks from passing motorists and purposely misleading advice from her coworkers, nonetheless managed to regain composure before beheading the piñata with one fell swoop of her rigid cardboard tube.

However, not all contestants were as accurate as the web designer, who also captained the winning team from last month’s Easter egg hunt. Digital Content Strategist and regular blog contributor, Michael Fisher, was cruelly mocked by two dozen of his coworkers for his wayward attempts, as captured in the following footage.

Fisher, 24, was reached to comment, but declined. NOTE: No staff members were bludgeoned by misdirected swipes at the piñata.

Virgin Margaritas salsa tacosPinata Dana, the intrepid camerawoman, narrowly avoids a deadly bludgeoning.

Pinata Pinata Strathcom Media Staff

Recruiting volunteers proves difficult.


Sarah appears to be at a disadvantage, but tags the piñata, nonetheless.

Pinata Candy Dave Lam risks his life pursuing a stray piece of candy.

Hitting PinataDestroyed Pinata

Strathcom Gives Back with Random Acts of Kindness

At the beginning of February, Strathcom laid out a challenge to our team: Each employee would receive $500 to do an act of kindness in the community. This Random Acts of Kindness initiative would show that even in the face of hostility and selfishness, we are able to make a stand for kindness and help those who are really in need. The challenge:

  • The money could not be spent on yourself or immediate family
  • The donation(s) had to go to someone in genuine need (no not for profit clubs, teams, etc.)
  • You could partner with other team members to create a bigger impact

“We at Strathcom felt this was a great way to both engage our staff and give back to the community. Hopefully those that were helped will be able to pass on that positivity and pay it forward”—Duncan Cochrane, President of Strathcom Media

Below are some of our stories.

$3500 to Families Fleeing Violence

Seven team members pooled their resources to purchase much-needed items for the WINGS of Providence Second Stage Shelter for women with children fleeing violence and abuse. The shopping list included:

  • 2 New Laptops
  • 1 Galaxy Tablet
  • 42 Pillows and Pillow Cases
  • 37 Pairs of Children’s Shoes
  • 21 Sheet Sets
  • 2 New Highchairs
  • $500 in Sporting Goods and Equipment
  • 1 Playpen
  • 900 Diapers
  • 3500 Baby Wipes
  • Bibs
  • Formula
  • Cupcakes for all the shelter staff and volunteers

This is what some of our team did for WINGS of Providence Second Stage Shelter in Edmonton:

$500 to a Rwandan Refugee and Single Mother

Background Sifa is a single mother and refugee from Rwanda with four kids. Her youngest child, who is seven years old, is sick and needs to be taken for treatment every day. Since Sifa has to take care of her sick child, she is unable to work. She is on welfare and trying to take care of her four children. One child is quite skilled at soccer and trains six days a week. What we did One of our team members gave Sifa a basket full of games, markers, pencil crayons, and art pads along with $500 worth of gift cards to Superstore so she could feed her four growing children.

Donation to mother in need

$500 to a Woman Who Lost Her Job following a Brain Aneurysm

Background A Strathcom team member knew a woman who had lost her job while she was recovering from a brain aneurysm. She needed help to get back on her feet so she could find a new job. What we did Seeing the need, he used his $500 to help her pick out new suits and take her out for a haircut so she would be prepared for job interviews.

$1000 to a Local Family in Need

Background Teachers at a local school noticed one of their students appeared to be losing weight and was unfocused in class. They discovered that his mother had lost her job and was having trouble keeping food on the table. The teachers have been sending home weekly food hampers to try to help. What we did Two of our staff combined their funds to give $500 in cash and $500 in Superstore gift cards to help out while the family gets back on their feet.

$1000 to Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS)

Background Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS) is a not-for-profit organization unconditionally devoted to helping youth facing difficult realities. What we did Strathcom team members donated $1,000 to help YESS in supporting Edmonton youths in need of help.  

$500 to Kids Who Want to Play Hockey

One employee gave their cash to Kids Who Want to Play Hockey, a local organization that assists underprivileged and low-income families with Hockey registration fees and equipment.

$500 Worth of Warm Clothes to Edmonton Hope Mission

Background On a skin-numbing -30 degrees celsius morning, one Strathcom employee realized that what some people need most on an Edmonton winter is warmth. Edmonton’s Hope Mission seemed like the perfect distribution point to get help to those in need. What we did One Strathcom team member purchased and delivered a whole whack of warm socks, work gloves, toques and fleeces to Hope Mission.

Socks donation

Donations to the Edmonton Hope Mission from Strathcom Media toques donation

hope mission donation

We hope that these acts will inspire others to pay it forward in the future, because even a small act of kindness can be enough to change someone’s life around—and there isn’t a better feeling than helping someone who is truly in need.

Strathcom Raises over $3,000 for the Stollery Children’s Hospital

From November 1st to 2nd, a tenacious team from Strathcom Media challenged their endurance and participated in the annual Extra Life video game marathon in support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. With the support of Strathcom employees and friends, they surpassed their goal and raised $3,265! As soon as office hours ended, the team of intrepid players threw on their comfiest sweat pants, set up their gaming rigs, and hunkered down with a flat of energy drinks.d For over 24 hours they cruised the virtual streets of GTA San Andreas, battled epic dragons to save the people of Skyrim, raided dungeons in WoW’s Azeroth, built real-life slot car tracks in the office, and ran away in fear from the utterly terrifying Slender Man. We’re proud of our team and we’re excited to go even bigger next year! Check out the awesome time lapse of the marathon below: