NEW EBOOK: The 4 Steps to Social Selling

The 4 Steps to Social Selling - Free E-BookHave you been eagerly anticipating the next Strathcom ebook volume? Unlike A Song of Fire and Ice series author George R. R. Martin, our content writers and designers have eluded the late night talk show circuit in order to bring you another fresh batch of knowledge for car dealers in the online age without delay.

Last month we published a list of the 29 best tactics for planning, writing, and designing content on a daily basis. This time we’re focusing on helping you navigate the often uncharted waters of marketing and selling cars through social media.

Selling cars on social media? Yes, it’s possible.

You don’t have to have a masters in Marketing to Millennials to know that today’s buyers, particularly in the 25-34 year old range, have largely abandoned traditional media like TV and magazines for other means in getting informed on what new or used vehicle to buy (and from whom). Instead, shoppers enjoy the speed and convenience of being able to ask their friends/followers, read reviews, and check out the latest pictures and videos—all though social media.

If your store’s Facebook and Twitter feeds have been left to wither and die like houseplants while mom’s down in Arizona on vacation, give them some TLC with this easy-to-read, 4-step guide.

We’ve written this ebook for the unabashed amateur, but even self-proclaimed social media moguls will find something of use. From creating account profiles that reflect your brand, to interacting with customers and serving up your unique content on multiple fronts, we’ll give you the tools to sell more cars and encourage your customers to keep coming back for more.

4 Steps to Social Selling Free E-book
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You can keep all the how-tos for yourself or print off a copy to plunk down with authority on all your sales persons’ desks. Don’t miss this opportunity to get ahead of the competition when there is so much room for marketing growth in social media.

NEW EBOOK: 29 Tips & Tricks for Planning and Creating Content

Last week we published our guide to the essential SEO considerations you must address before launching a healthy website. And later this month we’ll release another online companion about selling cars through social media along every stage of the sales funnel.

But for now we tackle an even more direct subject: how to create the stuff with which your audience interacts. Websites, blogs, newsletters — this new ebook covers it all!

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NEW EBOOK: 10 SEO Slip-Ups That Will Sink Your New Website

Just in time to start the new year, Strathcom is giving you the chance to strike off one of your digital resolutions: get a better understanding of search engine optimization.

Even if you already trust your dealer website’s SEO duties to our development, content, and web design teams, it doesn’t hurt to know some of the finer points for yourself.

Ready to pop open the hood and learn how to tell a redirect apart from a responsive design?

We’ve extracted today’s best online practices from across the web and placed them into one learning resource for the uninitiated: 10 SEO Slip-Ups That Will Sink Your New Website: A Guide to SEO for Your Website!


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This new ebook — the first in a trilogy set to publish this month — will take you by the hand and guide you step by step through the sometimes comfusing world of search engine optimization, helping you to identify and avoid the most damaging SEO pitfalls and pratfalls.

It’s a quick read, written for the layman, and totally free to download!

You’re welcome.

But save your gushing letters for another time; a more intuitive, speedier web experience is thanks enough for us — and your customers!

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13 Tips to Winterize Your Car Dealership

If you’re in the automotive industry, then you know all about winterizing vehicles. But have you ever considered what you should be doing to winterize your car dealership?

The winter months tend to bring with them a slow-down in sales, but they don’t have to. Your customers haven’t flown south for the winter (well, apart from the lucky ones). No, your customers are still right here—but the way they buy cars has changed with the drop in temperatures.

Learn how you can adapt to these changes with 13 tips that you can use to winterize your car dealership and overcome the winter slump with our latest Ebook:

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winterize ebook

If your customer has the choice between standing out in the cold or browsing your inventory from the comfort of their own home, where do you think they’ll be? They’ll be on your online dealership, shopping from home.

That’s why optimizing your website is key to giving customers the information and incitement that they need for it to be worth making the trek to your physical store.

Don’t sit down and accept that winter is a “slow” time for sales at your dealership. When you get aggressive with your online sales strategy, you can overcome the winter slump and improve sales all year long.

Key Points

Here are a few tips to get you started (you’ll find the rest, plus in-depth explanations and examples, in our ebook above):

  1. Have a well-presented, clean inside area allotted for photographing your vehicles.
  2. Write your descriptions with the weather in mind.
  3. Focus your online marketing strategy towards winter: emphasize things like All Wheel Drive Vehicles, winter tires and remote starter installation.
  4. Don’t resign to the idea that ‘the winter is quiet’ for sales! People still buy cars, and in the winter they need them quicker than ever. Cater to this need and overtake other dealerships that have gone into hibernation.
  5. When things are quieter, get a handle on your social media outlets. Use your team effectively to improve your social media presence.
  6. Get a winter advertising campaign up and running! Combine things like PPC, display advertising and other online advertising methods to bring in customers out of the cold.
  7. Get Blogging! Now is a better time than ever to put on your ‘writer’ hat and catch up on your blog. Check out 15 winter blog topics to get started.

Feel free to contact Strathcom Media if you have any questions, ideas for our next ebook — or want to talk about anything at all!