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Marketing Personas & Their Impact on Your Advertising Plan

marketing personas meeting

Marketing personas are a way for your dealership to connect on a personal level with your potential consumers. These personas allow you to relate to a consumer’s personality to create a positive interaction with your brand and its vehicle models. Personas can take some research and in-depth questions to really understand both who your audience is, and what speaks to which target demographic. Through this blog, you can see if a marketing persona approach fits within your advertising plan.

Using personas creates a very targeted approach to engaging potential customers who are interested in your dealership. Since there are many different personalities in the world, you will have to find a common theme and group individuals together based on their similar responses to your questions, as well as their characteristics. Continue reading “Marketing Personas & Their Impact on Your Advertising Plan”

Hero Conf 2018 Wrap Up

Hero Conf wrap up

The 2018 PPC Hero Conference (aka “Hero Conf” for those who prefer to abbrev) has come and gone, and we had the pleasure of traveling down to Austin to attend. As one of the largest online advertising conferences in the industry, Hero Conf attracted attendees from all over the world for a jam-packed three-day PPC marathon. With keynote speakers ranging from heavy-hitters such as Pinterest and Optmyzr, and breakout sessions hosted by some of the best and brightest minds working in the industry, obviously there’s no way to convey every detail of an event so rich in content and actionable information in one blog post. But we wanted to share snapshots of this year’s iteration, both in content and ambiance. Continue reading “Hero Conf 2018 Wrap Up”

The 5 Best Showcases of the 2018 Edmonton Motorshow

Well, another year and another Edmonton Motorshow has passed us by, leaving a small hole in this author’s heart. For car-lovers, the excitement of actually seeing and touching the latest automotive machinery just can’t be replicated by the manufacturer’s “Build & Price” pages or endlessly trolling Kijiji for vehicles you in all likelihood will never own.

This year’s motor show was again a fantastic smorgasbord of economical hatchbacks, looming heavy-duty pickups, and ratified high-performance metal. Picking just five vehicles to represent the very best of the motor show was no easy feat, especially with the car enthusiast inside of me demanding I pick only the most powerful and most expensive machinery available.

Nevertheless, I’ve managed to shorten the list to just five vehicles that stood out from the rest for all the right reasons. So enough babble, let’s get down to business.

Continue reading “The 5 Best Showcases of the 2018 Edmonton Motorshow”