Time is Money!: Creating More Productive Habits

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When it comes to doing what we need to do –in order to have a high-performing dealership that both provides exceptional customer service as well as meets sales targets– we need to look beyond what we already do, and focus on other areas that indirectly impact our productivity and performance. Remember that old adage, “Time is money?” Well, lets save you some time and, by extension, money! Continue reading “Time is Money!: Creating More Productive Habits”

Taking Control: Improving the Millennial’s Car Buying Experience

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In our previous post, Driving the Market: What Millennials Look for When Buying Cars, we shared some insight into what can help you and your dealership best maximize your chances for sales success and brand loyalty–when it comes to one of the fastest growing, car buying-demographics.

Following up, we’re addressing what dealers can do to adjust their business practices for what millennials look for–their priorities and expectations–in order to increase the chances of this huge demographic driving off of your lot in one of your vehicles. Continue reading “Taking Control: Improving the Millennial’s Car Buying Experience”

Driving the Market: What Millennials Look For When Buying Cars

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How can you best maximize your chances for sales success and brand loyalty, vs. losing sales opportunities in both the short and long-term? For starters, this can be done by having a deeper understanding of the preferred car shopping experience that today’s customer is looking for, both online and offline, and then adjusting the dealership’s business practices accordingly. Today’s customer, who also happens to be the customer of tomorrow, are those who were born between 1977 and 2000 — commonly referred to as millennials. It is estimated that by 2020, 40% of new car buyers will be millennials; furthermore, according to a study by Brandwatch, 88% of current millennials use the internet to research a new car purchase.

Simply put, this means that a dealership’s sales and marketing team must ensure that their shopping experience, both online and off, is up-to-date.

So how can your dealership ensure that its online and offline experience is up-to-date for today’s potential customer, while staying true to your brand? It starts with understanding today’s customer, particularly the millennial, and doing what’s necessary to integrate the online and offline brand experience for them, in one seamless flow. And no, that doesn’t necessarily mean memes or viral videos (which, if used incorrectly, are the online equivalent of the giant inflatable green dancing tube man).

Continue reading “Driving the Market: What Millennials Look For When Buying Cars”

Increase Brand Awareness & Sales with Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy that focuses on indirectly targeting an audience through a (relatively) influential individual — hence all the bikini models telling you to buy their favourite brand of Fit Tea. As one of the fastest growing marketing trends of 2018, this is something that all businesses, including dealers, can explore and integrate into their sales and marketing strategies. Of course, this strategy only works if it is integrated in a way that highlights the influencer’s profile and sphere of influence; in other words, play to your audience. Continue reading “Increase Brand Awareness & Sales with Influencer Marketing”