Event Announcement: Google Breakfast Vancouver, June 18th

bun styled as car on plate

VANCOUVER, BC – The Google Breakfast circuit will soon be stopping for a bite in Canada’s west coast. It’s a chance for dealers in B.C. and Western Canada to learn about the latest trends and innovations from the digital automotive world, straight from the insiders at Google Canada.

The 3-hour event will take place the morning of Thursday, June 18th, at Vancouver’s gorgeous Chambar Restaurant.

So bring your questions! The speakers will be available for private consultation following the event.

Click Here for More Information and to RSVP — Space is Limited!


What 500 Millennials Told Strathcom Media about Buying Cars Online



Strathcom Media’s President, Duncan Cochrane, has recently returned to Edmonton for a brief layover between automotive conferences.

Last week he was at the 2015 Auto Remarketing Canada Conference in Toronto, where he presented in a panel discussion entitled “Marketing to Millennials: What Changes and What Stays the Same?” 

The timing couldn’t have been any better. Duncan’s presentation came at the same time as the Auto Remarketing Magazine published his breakdown of our quarter-long survey of millennial buying habits. (This double achievement likely accounts for another accolade we’re excited to announce soon…)

We now republish this article for you to read in its entirety.

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A Visual Guide to Canadian Car Buying Trends [Infographic]

The average picture has a market value of 1,000 words, but some are worth millions.

We have just the picture for you!

The global market research firm, Ipsos, has collaborated with Think with Google to analyze the evolving habits of Canadian car buyer over the past five years. Continue reading “A Visual Guide to Canadian Car Buying Trends [Infographic]”

NEW VIDEO: 4 Reasons to Start Blogging

Have you been thinking about starting a blog on your dealership website? You definitely should!

From driving more traffic to your site, building trust with your audience, and boosting your organic search rankings, blogging is one of the best ways to get people interacting with your online content.

Most importantly, it brings in more leads. Continue reading “NEW VIDEO: 4 Reasons to Start Blogging”

Coming Soon: Using AdWords to Schedule Ads Based on the Weather

Google AdWords Weather App
As the weather changes, so do your dealer ads.

In sales, we have been describing leads as hot or cold for decades. Knowing whether a lead is primed and ready to buy, or indifferent and resistant to a sale, helps us to use our time and resources more effectively.

But what if we’ve become so used to these clichés that it caused us to overlook a key insight at the root of the analogy: the physical temperature of the lead?

Essentially, is the person you’re trying to sell to currently reaching for the switch of their space heater or their ceiling fan?

If we knew how hot or cold it was in a target area, we could program weather-specific ads that would only show up when the temperature was in a certain range.

Introducing AdWords Weather Targeting

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2 Upcoming Automotive Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss: AR Canada & Dealer Talk 2015

conferenceThere’s a growing tradition in Toronto: Once April rolls along, the hockey season ends abruptly and the automotive conferences begins in full force. (It’s okay Leafs fans, you could live in Edmonton like us, where the first signs of snow mean the Oilers are already thinking about the June draft.)

Coming up in just a few months are two such conferences in Ontario’s capital that Strathcom Media cannot endorse enough. They are chances to listen to some of the industry’s top thought leaders, network with your peers, and get all of your questions answered to prepare you for the year ahead. Continue reading “2 Upcoming Automotive Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss: AR Canada & Dealer Talk 2015”

Is This Google’s New Mobile Layout, and What Does it Mean for Your Ad Spend?

Google's Mobile Search ResultsHave you noticed anything different about your mobile search results lately? If so, you’re one of the lucky ones.

Google has been experimenting with the layout of their mobile search results. While most users still see individual organic search results separated by a thin grey line, marked off from paid ads and news items by a more prominent gap, a small percentage of searchers are now seeing something new.

What is the new design? As shown below in a photo from the digital bloggers, Android Police, the new layout separates each organic search tile more prominently, adding a subtle border to each in alternating Google colours: red, yellow, blue, and green.

It’s almost as if each webpage competing for your attention is presenting its own business card.

Ads and Organic: The Distinction Blurs…

But there may be more to this upon closer inspection. What we’re also hearing from early reportings is that paid ads and organic search results now resemble each other more than ever before. This has led to online speculation that clever car dealers will have no doubt already realized: that this new layout could benefit advertisers even more than users.

Google Mobile Search Layout
Old vs. New: Will the new-look layout become the default SERP?


Why the change? At this point, Google has not commented on the issue, so speculation rushes to fill the information void. So far theories range from the change being straightforward design optimization—mobile search is still relatively new and unplumbed as a search platform—to hopes that it will increase interaction with sponsored results and paid ads.

Some Chrome-supported browser functions also allow for carousel scrolling through results, which may be another long aim of the new look; raised slightly from the Rolodex, distinct, highlighted tiles may be easier to read, which would be a blessing for those who tire from squinting at the tiny typeface.

Keep Checking for Updates

Will we see the new design roll out widespread in the near future? One thing we can be sure of is that if it takes over as the default layout, it means that Google’s behaviour analysis team has found something more promising. And more lucrative.

As a car dealer, that will be your telltale sign to increase your mobile ad spend.

NEW EBOOK: 29 Tips & Tricks for Planning and Creating Content

Last week we published our guide to the essential SEO considerations you must address before launching a healthy website. And later this month we’ll release another online companion about selling cars through social media along every stage of the sales funnel.

But for now we tackle an even more direct subject: how to create the stuff with which your audience interacts. Websites, blogs, newsletters — this new ebook covers it all!

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NEW VIDEO: How to Take Photos of Your Dealership Inventory

How to Photograph Your Dealership Inventory

It’s one of the most crucial elements for generating leads online, yet it’s also one of the most neglected.

In our newest video, Strathcom Media shares with you the first installment of our new Dealership Fundamentals Series: an 80-second primer on how best to take photos of your dealership inventory.

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Looking Ahead to 2015: Who’s Got The Keys to Your Digital Dealership?

In case you missed it, Strathcom Media President Duncan Cochrane had another article published in the November–December 2014 issue of Auto Remarketing Canada: “Looking Ahead To 2015: Who’s Got The Keys To Your Digital Dealership?” In this piece, Duncan shares the importance of owning your website data; are you handing away the keys to your digital dealership to a third-party provider? Who knows what else you may be relinquishing in turn.

Continue reading “Looking Ahead to 2015: Who’s Got The Keys to Your Digital Dealership?”

Strathcom Gets a Surprise Scoop

It was never supposed to have happened. No one predicted it. In statistics, an event like this would be called a Black Swan.


We were the first to see it, the four of us. Four guys full of fraternal feeling and the energy of youth, riding back from Carl’s Jr. in my ’06 midnight blue Mazda-rati; we just assumed that our burgers would be the highlight of our lunch hour. We were so naïve then. Those days are over.

James had brought up the idea of the road trip; he was always down for heading out and picking up a greasy lunch. David Lord was the oldest of the group. He’d been growing his hair out all summer, but it was clear by his suits and button-down shirts he wore that he was slowly growing away from us and into an adult life full of spread sheets and juice diets. We liked to tease Dave. I was the sensitive, bookish guy with the sweet car, the “Miracle Whip,” the kind of guy who would use words like “abattoir” in a sentence, but in a tolerable way, at least according to James. And David Little, well he was the new guy, coming in after Mikey left us. We don’t talk about that much. I thought it would be a good idea to bring David along. “He’s got a long way to go before becoming a Jet, though” James cautioned, guarding the sanctity of the group.

“I came in from the East with the sun in my eyes…”

Bob Dylan’s Isis was playing on the car stereo, heavy on the violin. It was a tale of a man who heads out to the mountains with a shadowy prospector; but it’s really about him washing away his sins and youthful immaturity, before heading back to seek a second chance with his ex-wife.

Pulling back into the Santa Fe Plaza parking lot at a quarter past noon, we saw it standing there, somewhat surreal by itself on the asphalt: a long blue alloy box, propped up on thin metal legs. It was like seeing your childhood sports hero in public, but everyone was too unsure to approach him, preserving a radius of awe as he went about his grocery shopping.

“Is that…?”

“A food truck!”

It was. It was as if a little piece of Portland had fallen from the heavens, as though coming unattached from a celestial trailer hitch.

“I think it’s…ice cream. It’s ice cream!” said James.

“No way! Our little office park has really hit the big leagues,” added David Little. “You know, having a food truck permanently stationed at lunch hour.”

He was right. This did feel like life was going on a bit of an upswing. Maybe we’d head out later in the afternoon and buy a cone, too. It now felt like one of those days.

Three of us took our brown bags back and headed back towards the main door of the brick office. But David Lord stayed back. He was walking towards the truck.

An office is a strange place when you really think about it. People just deciding to wake up each morning, put on clothes, and synchronise their travels to show up at the same place and sit in the same chair, day after day, then go home to their other familiar spaces before starting the whole cycle over again the next morning. Maybe that was just my sensitivity talking. Fall was coming soon. Then one day we’d be gone like Mikey.

I can’t remember with perfect fidelity all that happened from that point sitting on the edge of my desk, dropping off my car keys. I just remember D-Lord coming back in:

“Hey guys, our kind and generous landlords, Matthew Giuffre and Matthew Woolsey of York Realty Inc., brought in a food truck. Free ice cream for everyone. Go now!” We knew what he meant by those last two words: Run, you fools!


Already I could feel the first rumblings of a mass migration towards the front entrance. Nothing like this had ever happened before. It would have been impossible to predict. And to think of any of the 365 days of the year that an ice cream truck would set up shop in our lot, most of which are frozen and snowy, that free ice cream day would happen on a hot, 28-degree Celsius summer afternoon. How lucky! Dave Little and I got on our way.

But before I got to the break room door, I managed to catch one last look at David Lord, heading back and away from the free dessert, spreading the news throughout the office. Looking around corners, checking under desks, leaving no man behind, he moved with the thoroughness of Paul Revere galloping through the New England twilight. I never told him this, but it was at that moment that I realized that he was the kind of guy you wanted around on the day when that fire alarm was pulled.

Strathcommers finally at the front of the line

There isn’t much to say from here. One by one, group by group, we wandered our way outside, pilgrims of the parking lot, congregating to our sacred land like hippies to Woodstock. The food truck no longer stood alone; it was now met with a long channel of strangers, each seeming content to just stand out in the sun and be a part of something greater than all of us, if only for a few minutes. I saw the web designers standing in a group outside the front door. Even Maurice was back in the circle, after having recently left for the CMS team and another side of the building, another way of life. Free ice cream at work does that to people.

And soon it was our turn, too. When we finally made it to the front of the line, we were greeted by three sun-kissed 20-somethings, kids who seemed like we just made their day when we ordered a pistachio cone or a chocolate-and-peanut-butter bowl. And why not? Weren’t they just on another leg of another Endless Summer, chasing after the elusive promise of eternal youth and rebirth, but chasing anyway? What a life, handing a scoop of joy to a total stranger and seeing a bit of the mid-day weariness melt away from their eyes. Some of these people might have been waiting for that for a long time. And then they’d pack up and go off with the sun. Soon they’d be off to Melbourne, Fort Lauderdale, or Panama City. But today, it was Keilan’s Creamery at Strathcom.

David Little (left) and myself, Boys of Summer

Google my Business Cleans Up the Dealer Search Platform

If you’ve been following the buzz in search marketing these past few weeks, then you’ve likely heard the news about Google’s new suite of tools, Google my Business.

Because of its rather apt and obvious name, you can probably guess that this Google’s new system to help ordinary Joes everywhere (observe: the lower-case M) organize and run their online marketing, all in one place.

Well, you’re right!

After having to put up with managing multiple, competing profiles through recent years in Google Places, Google+, and Google+ Local, dealers can now organize everything they need in one spot. (One site, one login, one password—hmm, where have we heard that before?…)

Google my Business

Source: Google.com

Goodbye Google Places

Gone is Google Places, useful at one time, but now shed like training wheels for this maturing search engine.

In case you don’t remember, this was the little box in the top margins of your Google search results that listed your name, phone number, and a map to help find you, littered with a load of lettered red tabs that may or may not have had to do with your dealership.

Now that your memory has been refreshed, look forward to someday reading a BuzzFeed article about “21 Hilarious Internet Search Results Pages that’ll Totally Make You Nostalgic for 2010 (Number 17 is so true!!).”

Things look little rosier now. All your SEO juice will be, um, concentrated in a clean, straightforward, and user-friendly platform. Look forward to posting general information, photos, and even include a virtual tour of the inside of your dealership, as well as automatically tracking website insights with these tools, such as clicks and new followers.

The Google my Business user interface now combines these six search elements in one system:

  • My Business Home
  • Reviews
  • Business Insights
  • AdWords Express
  • Google+
  • YouTube

That’s right—all your AdWords data, analytics statistics, SEO-boosting social media, and dealer videos in one place.

Q: Why?

A: To get you higher visibility and “curb appeal” in Google searches, maps, and Google+. So make those dealership selfies extra chic!

Search results

Source: Google.com


Perhaps the most welcome change of the bunch: all of your online reviews collected and compiled in one spot. Save your marketing manager the time it takes to scan each and every entry from their bookmarked folder of online review sites, and have all of those linked reviews at your fingertips, instantly.

We all know that reviews are time sensitive; you want to know what people are saying about you, when they are saying it. Not two or three days later.

Locate, review, respond, neutralize.

Turn slighted customers into happy ones, and have your happy ones post reviews on the third-party sites that people are actually following in your area. Yep, Google my Business lets you discover this, too.


Source: Google.com

Mobile Access

The Android app has just been released, and its iOS counterpart is not far behind; screenshots of both apps look promising so far. This means that not only can you manage your search marketing campaign at the office, but on the go, wherever you have access to your cellphone or tablet. Just don’t be obvious about it in the bathroom.


Let Us Keep You Informed

You trust Strathcom Media to keep you up to date with the latest online automotive tech trends; trust us with Google my Business, too.

If you have any questions, or if you need to be advised on setting up you Google my Business profile, contact your Strathcom representative and prevail in local search, today!

Stay tuned for a post on How to use the new Google my Business.

Strathcom Celebrates Cinco de Mayo, Fells Piñata

EDMONTON, AB – In an elaborate ruse to root out the company’s most skilled Jedi warrior, Strathcom staff celebrated the Mexican-American holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

The social committee, led by Carrie, Megan Lepp, Adam, Bill, and Leo, helped to set up and organize the event. The food included dos tacos, salad, and pico de gallo, and was supplemented by virgin margaritas and daiquiris. Today’s event also coincided with three new interns joining the Web Design staff. Online Marketing Manager, Daniel Lord, thought it would be a pretty great idea to tell them that this kind of thing happens every day.

While staff sat in a circle to share lunch, Strathcom President, Duncan Cochrane led a crowdsourced discussion to discover the true meaning of the holiday, which Wikipedia describes as “generally mistaken to be Mexico’s Independence Day.” Though no consensus was reached, it was generally agreed upon that today was also the 25th birthday of R&B singer Chris Brown, and that he is persona non grata around the office.

The day’s highlight was yet to come. After plenty of food and social bonding paying homage to Mey-hee-co, the afternoon’s events culminated in the destruction of a festive piñata. Uno por uno, a succession of reluctant volunteers took a turn donning a blindfold and battering the flamboyant cardboard donkey, before it was finally destroyed by Carrie Oliva.

“I saw a job that needed to be done,” said Oliva, “so I rolled up my sleeves, and knocked that donkey’s head off its ass!”

Oliva, though nearly thrown off by the encouraging honks from passing motorists and purposely misleading advice from her coworkers, nonetheless managed to regain composure before beheading the piñata with one fell swoop of her rigid cardboard tube.

However, not all contestants were as accurate as the web designer, who also captained the winning team from last month’s Easter egg hunt. Digital Content Strategist and regular blog contributor, Michael Fisher, was cruelly mocked by two dozen of his coworkers for his wayward attempts, as captured in the following footage.

Fisher, 24, was reached to comment, but declined. NOTE: No staff members were bludgeoned by misdirected swipes at the piñata.

Virgin Margaritas salsa tacosPinata Dana, the intrepid camerawoman, narrowly avoids a deadly bludgeoning.

Pinata Pinata Strathcom Media Staff

Recruiting volunteers proves difficult.


Sarah appears to be at a disadvantage, but tags the piñata, nonetheless.

Pinata Candy Dave Lam risks his life pursuing a stray piece of candy.

Hitting PinataDestroyed Pinata

What is Bounce Rate? (And What It Isn't)

Have you ever gone to a party, and thought, “Nah, this is boring. Let’s bounce!”? Maybe the music was too loud, maybe they were out of beer—maybe you showed up to the wrong house! Anyway, the record will show that you arrived at the doorway, made a quick impression, and then promptly left before exploring any of the other rooms. The same principle is behind Bounce Rate, one of Google Analytics’ most misunderstood statistics. But as we’ll discover, there are plenty of factors that come into play when dissecting this statistic. We’ll explore a few of these in this post.

Bounce Rate Like a Bouncey Castle

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of viewers who arrive at your website, and leave without clicking through to any other pages. If ten people visit your webpage and nine of them click on at least one link, your Bounce Rate will be 10%, highlighting that mysterious stranger who didn’t click to explore another page for whatever reason.

**Think about this as you read: This blog post has its own Bounce Rate, and our Analytics team will be examining it later. Your actions will help determine this number. Do you feel like you will click through to other pages when you finish this post? Whether the answer is yes, or no, think about why that is. And is that necessarily a good or a bad thing for us? What do you think we hope to expect? Most importantly: How does this line of thinking apply to your website?**

What is a good Bounce Rate? Or a bad one?

To properly understand Bounce Rate, it is important to give up the idea of “good” or “bad.” Bounce Rate is a statistic. And, like any statistic, it should never be taken in isolation to make general conclusions. Perspective is key. For instance, if you’ve hired a firm to design and run your business’s website, and your site attracts only seven visitors, it doesn’t matter whether you have a high bounce rate, or even a low bounce rate—where are the visitors? Similarly, if you run the most lucrative car dealership in town, with one of the best reputations around, then your Bounce Rate shouldn’t rank among your primary concerns. Life is good! So just as you should be suspicious when your barber suggests you need a haircut, be a little wary when someone points to a Bounce Rate in a presentation and builds their case based on a number. confused 

Not all pages are created equal

Each page on your website fills a unique function. And, ultimately, these pages should work together in a way that best helps you sell cars. Your inventory pages should have low bounce rates, as customers should want to click on more links as they browse and compare vehicles. Your home page should also have a low bounce rate since it acts as the main hub to all other content pages. If your Bounce Rate is high here, then either you have an off-putting webpage (you should be able to tell), or you’re too good at attracting the wrong kinds of visitors (think car buyers from far away regions looking for local service). Meanwhile, some pages should have a higher bounce rate if you’re doing things right. Blog posts with regularly updated content and “Contact Us” pages are both natural one-and-done stops. Try to include some more engaging links to keep your visitors on the site if it makes sense to do so, but don’t be discouraged by a high Bounce Rate here. 

Reasons why you might have a high Bounce Rate

  • Your site isn’t engaging: This is what you should be worried about. If your content is too bland, if your navigation tabs aren’t anticipating your visitors’ interests, or if your Calls to Action are missing or simply not enticing enough, you’ll have a poor website. You’ll probably also have a high Bounce Rate.
  • False advertising: If you’re looking for a truck and you click on “Check Out These Great Pickups,” only to find this at the other end of the link, chances are you’ll exit right away and refine your search terms (before never looking at your neighbour in the same way again). Somewhere along the line your website isn’t meeting expectations; either your content doesn’t measure up, or the link to your site had a misleading description. Either way, your visitors will bounce.
  • Your landing pages are also your Exit Pages: People need to leave a website eventually, and some pages act as better terminals than others. Your Bounce Rate may be high if the sites your web visitors are landing on answer all of their questions, leaving them fully satisfied and ready to move on to their next task. (E.g. If someone is looking up your dealership hours, then chances are their web search will have them arrive at the very page they need, after which they can quickly move on to whatever else is grabbing their attention, like driving to your dealership.)


When Bounce Rate is helpful

Bounce Rate is a bit like reading body language. Sometimes you can come close to making accurate judgments on first sight alone, with a lone data point, but this method is unreliable. To get closer to the truth you need to observe changes over time compared to a base rate, or what is considered typical for that stat. Bounce Rate is your canary in the coal mine. When you make changes to the design of one of your webpages (say you embed a few more links in the text, or add a few more call to action buttons), if the Bounce Rate for that page drops, then it is likely that your strategy had some effect. Especially if your Bounce Rate for that page has historically been consistent.

How to lower your bounce rate and keep it that way!

It’s simple: Make a truly awful website where people are forced to navigate through a whole bunch of pages to hunt down an answer for their basic question. They will eventually give up in frustration and never revisit your website, which protects you from future threats to your Bounce Rate. Genius! Or not. You might just have to get used to the ambiguity of this statistic. Keep an eye on your Bounce Rate, but don’t worry too much about it. Focus, instead, on how your analytic measures work together. For more information on Google Analytics basics, or for a Free Audit on your Bounce Rate, contact us!

Facebook Ads are Getting Pricier – Don't Ignore Your Budget

Paid advertising on Facebook is getting more expensive. How much more expensive is it? It’s so much more expensive…that it’s about 10 percent pricier than it was at New Year’s. (*crickets*) facebook catBetween more dealers recognizing the advantages of targeted Facebook ads, and the company’s recent redesign of their News Feed that limits paid content to 5% of total News Feed items, those surefire search terms of old are becoming more of a luxury.

What does this mean for your Facebook marketing strategy?

Some cities have very high rents; that’s in part because a lot of people really want to live there. Facebook advertising works in the same way, and now the competition is boosting up prices. Just make sure you don’t blow your whole budget on promoted content just because all the rich kids want to. At Strathcom, we recommend that you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Keep a close eye on your vital marketing metrics (like total cost per new customer) and make sure your ROI is still within an acceptable range. Meanwhile, don’t overlook your other promotional avenues, and opt for a well-rounded campaign that aims for market penetration and growth. Facebook Like Button For a free audit of your current marketing efforts, contact us now at info@strathcom.com.

Get Ready for the 2014 Edmonton Motor Show

motor show

Auto insiders of Edmonton unite! That’s right, the 2014 Edmonton Motor Show is set to open its doors to the public this Thursday, April 10th.

The four-day event that runs until Sunday the 13th is Western Canada’s largest automotive show, with car manufacturers from the tried n’ true to the super exotic ready to fill the cavernous halls of the Edmonton Expo Centre. Get ready to mingle with the who’s who of local dealerships, customization shops, parts providers, and local automotive enthusiasts.


And did we mention that the best and brightest of the new 2015 models will all be on hand?

Why you should be there

Still haven’t realized why you should definitely go?

  • Because your customers will be there: Don’t worry if they seem to be swooning over the new Ferrari and Maserati fleets. When they get to your pavilions, it’s because they’re interested. Have a friendly chat, car nut to car nut, win the conversation, and don’t let them be swept up by your rival dealers.

  • Spring content for your blog: What better place to get your spring blog season started (and boost your search rankings) than with a few blog posts documenting your experience at the Edmonton Motor Show? Remind your email list about how they saw you at your fun and informative display, and show them that you’re a human who can have fun, too. Fill your film with candid photos of you and your staff enjoying the food and flashy sports cars, and posing with out-of-town tourists and local TV celebrities.

  • Get out there and network: You guessed it, it’s not just your potential customers who you should be out there meeting. We’re all here because we’re crazy about cars. So drop the schtick, and go out and meet people. You never know when you’ll discover that great specialty mechanic or custom shop to refer a client for value-added service your dealership doesn’t offer. Or who knows if you’ll run into your future Sales Manager waiting to hear from a keynote speaker.

Wednesday’s VIP Precious Metal Gala

But why wait until Thursday? Get yourself a ticket to Wednesday’s Precious Metal Gala enjoy the event as a VIP. With greater access to the cars and exhibits than offered to the general public, Wednesday’s formal gala will be an elegant ticket of fine dining, dazzling displays, and electric entertainment. You can even stock up on Facebook profile pics for the year, as you hobnob with Strathcom staffers. Just don’t be the guy wearing cargo shorts and sports sandals.

So be sure to stop by the 2014 Edmonton Motor Show. Adult general admittance tickets are only $15, so even if you’re not there strictly on business, be sure not to miss out in the action!

How 5 Minutes Can Save Your Reputation Online – Twitter Photo Tagging

It’s finally happening. Twitter is changing its photo settings, making it possible for you to tag and be tagged in photos. Great news, right? Well, not unless you have a savvy social media expert on your team who is available every single minute of the week to un-tag you from unflattering photos before they repel all of your followers.twitter bird

A picture is worth your monthly marketing budget—get it right!

As you’ve probably already learned from Facebook, people share photos that are flattering for them, even if they don’t showcase you in your best light. You want your Twitter followers to remember you for the bumblebee-striped Corvette in your showroom and the glowing grins of your staff and customers. Not for a slouching sales manager caught mid-sneeze, standing next to a dingy mop and bucket in an out-of-focus cell phone pic. And you certainly don’t want an unhappy customer slandering you in your newsfeed with an intentionally humiliating shot of your dealership, tagged for all of your followers to see. Why bother hiring photographers and designers to cast your dealership in its most glamourous light, when a few unflattering tweets can torpedo your image in a few seconds? You can’t entirely eliminate the damage caused by an unflattering photo, but you can drastically reduce its spread by taking a few simple precautions.

It’s better to be in control of what shows up in your newsfeed

Five minutes is all it takes to protect you and your dealership from a few easily avoidable disasters. We recommend that you change your photo settings on your Twitter account and disable the tagging function now.

  1. Locate the Settings tab (The gear icon in the top right hand side of your Twitter screen)
  2. Click on Security and Privacy (In the navigation on the left hand side)
  3. Select, “Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos.” (Under the Privacy Section)

twitter tag block

Social Media for Dealerships — Strathcom Meets Auto Marketing Consultant, Ryan Holtz

We were recently lucky enough to sit down for a half-hour chat with Ryan Holtz, the internationally recognized automotive marketer and social media consultant.

Check out what Ryan had to share with Strathcom’s own Duncan Cochrane about the often uncertain and puzzling yet crucial marketing realms of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more including:

  • Why should your dealership be on social media, and who should manage your account?
  • How can you get more likes and followers?
  • What’s the next big thing in social media for 2014?

But, most importantly, does this actually sell cars? Here’s the full interview (click on the links to view the video in parts):