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  • by Darene Cole (with an unnecessary amount of input from the team/peanut gallery)

If you’ve read our blog before, you know we love what we do here at Strathcom Media. And while we consider ourselves to be superhuman content-creating machines, our team must grow to ensure that all that quality content for our growing roster of clients hits the interwebs with the quickness—while maintaining a high level of accuracy and effectiveness. That’s why we’re hiring a Junior Content Strategist to join our SEO team this January. If you’re looking for a fun job (on *ahem* the best team at Strathcom) where you’ll get to learn new things every day, we’ve got the position for you!

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What does a Junior Content Strategist do?

What don’t we do? Over six months ago, the SEO team moved from being simple copywriters to content strategists because, to be frank, we do a lot more than just writing copy for dealers. Our job as content strategists has shifted to a more comprehensive role, where we help clients develop successful strategies that result in a better online presence, making their content easy to find by the people searching for it (like you!). We research what people search, and provide answers to those questions. On a daily basis, we write blog posts and landing pages, create and layout web pages with WordPress, perform technical SEO tasks, and improve our clients’ local SEO by managing their Google My Business profile, building citations, and responding to reviews. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we do. We also (albeit in a less official capacity) make memes, trade gifs, talk trash, and eat Northern Chicken. Lots and lots of Northern Chicken.

What do the other Content Strategists think about working here?

Here are a couple of quotes from other Content Strategists on the team:

“I’ve only been at Strathcom for a year and I’m really proud of the growth our entire department has experienced. When I started, I was just known as a ‘copywriter,’ but our duties and responsibilities go so much more beyond that now. We’re the company’s go-to resource for technical SEO knowledge (and general sassiness) and we help our clients optimize their websites for search engines on the daily. I feel proud of where us “writers” ended up in the company, today—okay Melina I said it, can I finally leave the office now? I haven’t slept in days and I miss going to the gym.” – Lawrence Dy, em-dash enthusiast

“I can’t believe they hired me, but I ain’t complainin’” – Evan Kirby, lip balm wearer

“Huh?” – Taylor Zottl, Director of At-Desk Napping

“So far, so good!” – Scott, recent hire, one-and-a-half weeks into the job

What kind of special skills would help me excel in this role?

We have a diverse team of people, so the most important asset to excel at this position is a desire to learn and think critically. Working with us is not about becoming like anyone else on the team —in some cases an impossibility, in other cases highly un-advisable— but, rather, just being yourself, and bringing all of the awesome that is you to our already awesome team. We do require that you show up with a sense of humour—it’s pretty much a guarantee that at least one person a day is left incapacitated by laughter.

On a more serious note, you should always come with a willingness to learn because we work in a constantly evolving field that needs our full attention in order for our customers to be successful (and make no mistake, they’re highly successful).

Being adept at finding funny and well-timed GIFs is a must, but we’ve got an experienced team that can heckle you into learning where the best gifs are (which I can tell you from personal experience).


(Editors note: she’s still a work in progress)

What is the interview process at Strathcom like?

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The interview process is quite straightforward, with the first round of interviews being more formal and focused on the professional side of things, your skills and your experiences. With that being said, we’re pretty laid back so you can save the tuxedo. You’ll be interviewed by our team lead and one content strategist. The second interview, or “cultural interview,” is more casual—and mostly an opportunity for the team members to get to know you (and see if you will be a good fit on the team). It’s sort of like speed dating, only without the awkward ass-out hug at the end. Expect a variety of questions on any topic, from what you enjoy doing to the TV shows you hate watching. You never know what we might ask—in fact, Taylor never knows what he’s asking until the words have come out of his mouth! It’s really that simple, just bring in your smile and a lot of confidence!

How can I apply?

Have we convinced you yet how great this position is? Do you think you’re meant to work with us? If so, check out the complete job description and apply today! We’re looking forward to your application, so what’re you waiting for!?

If you’re interested in learning more or have questions about the position, application, or interview process, please don’t hesitate to reach out by e-mail!

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