Time is Money!: Creating More Productive Habits

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When it comes to doing what we need to do –in order to have a high-performing dealership that both provides exceptional customer service as well as meets sales targets– we need to look beyond what we already do, and focus on other areas that indirectly impact our productivity and performance. Remember that old adage, “Time is money?” Well, lets save you some time and, by extension, money!

In a two-part blog, we’ll be investigating some key elements that can drive results, and enable the people working at your dealership to perform at optimum levels. Unless of course, productivity and results aren’t something you’re interested in–and yes, that’s a rhetorical question).

It Starts with Building the Right Team

Just like in sports, you want the best players for any given position. And just like in sports, when you’ve recruited the right player for the right position, you will get the best performance out of them. This idea can easily be applied to your dealership and will result in a focused, cohesive group that are able to drive each other to contribute and maximize their potential.

Start off slowly, and recruit the best person for the key positions at your dealership–hire slow and fire fast! Hiring people who already have the necessary traits for a position, or a natural inclination, will help save you time when it comes to training. With that being said, just because someone doesn’t have a great deal of experience in a position they may still possess some of the intangibles, some of the things that can’t be taught, and it will take less effort to teach them the skills that can’t easily be taught, thereby putting them in a position to succeed.

It’s also important that those you hire truly buy-in to what you’re selling. Staff members who believe in and are inspired by what your organization is doing will almost always spread that enthusiasm and, as a byproduct, be a better fit for your time.

No matter your approach, taking your time at the start to pick the right people at the right positions will end up saving you time in the long run. A revolving door of staff may look bad to returning customers, but we can guarantee it’ll cost you time and money.

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Develop and Nurture a Culture of Productivity and Efficiency

There are many strategies that will result in a more efficient and productive workplace–habits you can build that will soon become a part of your dealership’s DNA. Strategies like:

Having shorter and more focused meetings: Can meetings be shorter? Does everyone need to attend the meeting? A meeting should confirm someone’s priorities, and assess their progress toward their goals. Set aside time for one-on-one meetings to track long term business goals, or personal goals.

Reducing or elimating redundant tasks: Minimizing redundant tasks should be a top priority. Do all of your business tools integrate, or sync up? All-in-one solutions or services may seem more expensive than using a multitude of free apps, but every time something a task is done twice –or worse, missed– you’ve wasted valuable time and resources. Remember, these free apps have to make their money somewhere, and often offer paid services that provide more than their free versions. There’s nothing wrong with looking at the free apps and finding one that you like, just be sure to keep your time productive. Just like hiring slow and firing fast, you can explore the business tools at your disposal but the moment they aren’t improving your productivity you’ve got a decision to make.

Keeping things simple: Sometimes, the most simple actions yield the best results. Try focusing on the 3 most important things that must be done that day. Create similar lists for the dealership’s monthly goals, quarterly goals, etc. Take it a step further by setting a deadline for yourself each day. And while there is certainly an app for that, you can always do this the old fashioned way with a pad of paper and a pencil. Hell, you can even get crazy and bring sticky-notes into the fold.

Single-tasking: Society places a great deal of importance on multi-tasking, even though research has shown it to decrease productivity by up to 40% (not to mention it can take a person 20 to 30 minutes to focus again on a task after being distracted).  Instead, focus on single-tasking. Pick one task, and complete it, it’s really that simple.

Hopefully we’ve been able to provide a few time-saving tips that can increase your productivity–the second part of this blog will focus on how you can create a meaningful shift in how you go about your day, creating a work environment that will get the most out of you. If you have any questions–keep ’em brief (kidding!). Just email me at mlolekonda@strathcom.com.

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