Worldwide Digital and Mobile Ad Spending is on the Rise!

After eMarketer’s latest update to their 2015-2020 forecast, the key points put focus on the growing spend and digital and mobile’s impact.

They are now predicting that ad spend is going to rise faster than previously expected. Having grown to $550.51 billion, global ad spend saw an increase of 7.2% in 2016. Digital ad spend is set to climb 20.3% to 194.60 billion for 2016. The increased jump is due to the recent Summer Olympics in Rio followed by the US presidential election.

From 2015 to 2020 ad spend growth is expected to maintain between 5% and 9% increase per year. eMarkerter also expects that by 2020 $724.06 billion will be invested in advertising.

Consider how to target the mobile market

The top five advertising areas consist of US, China, Japan, UK and Germany. These markets will increase their growth with a strong demand for digital advertising, a huge portion pinning in on mobile. With mobile ad spend on its way up, for the first time, it will account for more than half of digital ad investment and almost 20% of total ad spend. These stats are expected to continually increase climbing mobile to 73.7% of digital ad spend and 34.2% of total media by 2020.

With so many business turning to digital ads, a company like Strathcom Media can help you get a head-start on your digital advertising campaign! And if you want to see eMarketer’s forecast for yourself, you can download the .pdf below:

eMarketer Ad Forecast 2015

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