What is your provider counting as a lead?

At Strathcom Media, we know how important it is to track how many customers are submitting forms through your website or calling your dealership directly. So, unlike other providers that report website visits or clicks as leads, we report actual leads.

Tracking actual leads means collecting the important information your dealership needs to increase sales and determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. That’s why we always include Lead/Conversion Tracking in our clients’ Pay-Per-Click accounts.



Lead/Conversion Tracking provides you with the data you need to make educated decisions about your dealership.


Lead Types Available

If you’ve determined that your agency is tracking actual leads and not just clicks or visits, you should also make sure they’re not only tracking those leads accurately, but that they’ve selected the best Google leads for your dealership.

Some of these Google lead types include:

carWebsite Forms: You can track all the forms submitted through your site, including Service, Finance, New Sales, Used Sales, Trade-in, etc.


livechatLive Chat: You can also track the leads from your chat provider. Chat services are popular because they let users get answers quickly and conveniently.


phones e1Mobile Apps: If your dealership has an app for customers, you can track the number of downloads and the most popular app features.



phone bubble

Phone Calls:  Google tracks three types of phone call leads:

  • Mobile click-to-call
  • Calls from your mobile site
  • Call-only ads


So what’s the difference between click-to-call, calls from your mobile site, or call-only ads?


Mobile click-to-call is a paid ad that allows users the option of phoning your dealership on a mobile device by clicking the Call button or visiting your website by clicking the headline. You can activate click-to-call through Google Call Extensions.



Calls from your mobile site are tracked when the user visits your site on a mobile device and clicks the Call button to phone the dealership directly.



Call-only ads display your dealership’s phone number on an ad when viewed on a mobile device. Instead of being directed to your site when they click on the ad, the user is taken to their mobile phone’s keypad with a pre-populated number to call your store.



Now that you know about the available lead types, be sure to ask your provider to:


  • Add Lead/Conversion Tracking to your PPC account
  • Add the best leads types for your dealership goals
  • Check that all leads are being tracked accurately

If your provider doesn’t offer these services or you’re just looking for a little more information, give us a call at 1 (888) 914-1444 or email info@strathcom.com. We can show you how to get the most out of conversion/lead tracking for your dealership.

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