Google’s Changes to Quality Score – What Does It Mean for You?

Quality Score is one of the key attributes in ensuring the success of your AdWords account. At the end of the day Quality Score does two things for you:

  • Enables your keywords to be eligible and tells Google your ads can be shown
  • Lowers your cost of advertising

Quality score can range from 1 through 10, 10 being the highest quality score can be and guarantees eligibility for your ad to be shown. Google wants to make sure that ads are relevant to the user, and a score of 10 proves this.

The lower the quality score the more you will have to pay to get your ad to show to a user. Quality score can lower the cost of advertising by acting as a reward system whereas the higher your score, the less your bid will be for that click.

That’s basically quality score in a nutshell. To illustrate how Quality Score lowers cost refer to the graph below

Optmyzr's chart explains how keeping a high quality score actually lowers the cost of advertising.

Image taken from @Siliconvallaeys webinar with Convirza.

Googles changes now largely affects new keywords by

  • Assigning new keywords a quality score of 6 until it gathers enough data to move your quality score higher or lower.
  • No longer predicting quality score for keywords based off some past performance

What does this mean for your (potential) AdWords account?

  • When creating new keywords it will be easier to plan and optimize for quality score knowing you’ll automatically be given a 6.
  • For NEW accounts it will ensure an average quality score, meaning you won’t have to worry about older advertising accounts taking up all the online real-estate. It puts you on an even playing field.
  • For OLDER Accounts it means that new keywords are no longer going to benefit from your awesome past performance. You will have to make sure you’re doing a good job now and forever (or as long as your account exists, whichever comes first).
  • Based off of research by Optmyzer, they’ve determined a “threshold” where a higher quality score will lead to a cheaper Cost per Click. Once it pasts a score of 6, as shown in the illustration, quality score will dramatically lower cost per click. They’ve dubbed the 1-6 quality score as the “pay to play” zone.

At the end of the day Google wants Advertisers to make sure keywords are relevant to users. By ensuring relevancy, Google rewards advertisers by lowering their costs to advertise.

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