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Why do we experiment?

Because sometimes our assumptions don’t line up with the way the world really works. We get trapped within our own viewpoint, and we project our own feelings onto the public we are hoping to persuade.

For instance, perhaps you’re navigating the web. You get so frustrated when a newsletter sign-up form or a chat window pops up that you immediately leave the page. You’ve voiced your pet peeve with friends and coworkers, and they’ve validated your own feelings with laughs of approval or a meme of a Jheri-curled Samuel L. Jackson daring a pop-up to hover over his ESPN highlights one more time.

But what if chat windows or pop-ups are actually very effective—in the right context? What if they are the right tool, for the right person, in the right stage of the buying funnel?

You may feel badgered by pop-ups, but you aren’t the target; you’re the marksman. You are too far removed and disconnected by the immediate needs of your customers that you may be passing up on one of the most cost-effective lead generation tools around.

But where can you find such a study?…

Chat Windows in the Real World

Luckily, Strathcom Media has recently finished compiling the results of months’ worth of data from our CarChat24 subscribers.

You can download the free case report here:

Show Me the Case Study!

What unknowns will be be soon made clear?

  • Do people actually click on those hovering chat windows and initiate chats?
  • Am I paying for a service that will simply cannibalize leads from another service I am paying for?
  • How much does a CarChat24-generated lead cost on average?

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