Coming Soon: Using AdWords to Schedule Ads Based on the Weather

Google AdWords Weather App
As the weather changes, so do your dealer ads.

In sales, we have been describing leads as hot or cold for decades. Knowing whether a lead is primed and ready to buy, or indifferent and resistant to a sale, helps us to use our time and resources more effectively.

But what if we’ve become so used to these clichés that it caused us to overlook a key insight at the root of the analogy: the physical temperature of the lead?

Essentially, is the person you’re trying to sell to currently reaching for the switch of their space heater or their ceiling fan?

If we knew how hot or cold it was in a target area, we could program weather-specific ads that would only show up when the temperature was in a certain range.

Introducing AdWords Weather Targeting

Starting mid-April, Strathcom’s Paid Search Department will enable you to target your ads based on the weather in the geographic area.

Using Google’s AdWords scripts, we will create custom ads that will only show up under certain weather conditions. For instance, let’s say you want to promote you’re A/C inspection service. You can schedule an ad that runs only when the temperature rises above 23 degrees. Anything cooler than that, you can pause the ad and a separate campaign will run in its place.

Or what if you wanted to highlight a certain aspect of your top truck line? Write an ad mentioning how its 4×4 system makes winter driving a piece of cake, then schedule it to run when it snows, the time when online shoppers are best primed to appreciate your offer.

Choosing to pause or run the ad isn’t the only control we have over weather targeting. We can also program the script to raise or reduce your keyword bids or daily budget based on temperature ranges, as well.

Imagine the Possibilities

What are some of the ways that dealers will be able to take advantage of this new offering?rainy

Rainy Days


Has it been pouring for days? This is the ideal time to direct searchers to the landing page for your wiper blade discount. It might also be the time to hold off on advertising your car wash and detailing ads.

Snowy Dayssnowy

Even the most stubborn winter tire holdouts start to second guess themselves while spinning out or struggling to gain traction after the latest snow dump. Before these fleeting thoughts disappear, take this opportunity to show these users an ad about your winter tire promotions or your selection of all-wheel drive vehicles.

Heat Waves

When it gets so hot that you can’t sleep at night, it’s time to turn irritation into relief. As an advertiser, you can plan this campaign from two main approaches:

  • General approach: A/C repairs and installation, convertibles, window shades, etc.
  • Model-specific: Cooling seats, dual-zone climate control, drink cooler compartments, etc.

Deep Freezesfreezing

When the mercury drops below zero, don’t waste a breath (or a dollar) mentioning air conditioning. Change your focus to advertise the following:

  • Block heaters
  • Remote starters
  • Heated seats, side mirrors, and steering wheels
  • Roadside assistance coverage
  • Prize trips to the tropics

3 More Benefits of Weather Targeting

Less Reactionary

Ad success is equal parts preparation and opportunity. Though it’s true that you may not be able to predict that a particular weather event will occur on a certain day, you can certainly predict that at some point over the course of a year that it will be hot, chilly, snowy, or rainy. And when it is, in each case you’ll be ready.

More Personal, Specific Ads

Readers respond to tailored ads—the more specific, the better. When you have fewer than 100 characters to get your message across, it helps to narrow down your focus. And what better thing to focus on than the special features and services that best apply to this hour’s forecast.

City Specific

Canadian weather can change in a hurry. If there is a thunderstorm in Hamilton while it’s 30 degrees in Guelph, yet your dealership is displaying ads in both cities, there’s no need to make trade-offs and convert in one market at the expense of the other. Ads for rainy weather will show up in the Steel City while car shoppers in Guelph will be invited to your website by one of your air-conditioned ads.

ice cream truck

Why do we get excited every time we hear the music of a passing ice cream truck? Because it creates the perfect storm of sales conditions:

Close by, time-sensitive, and what we need when we want it most.

Take advantage of Strathcom’s AdWords experts and watch your ads have the same effect.



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