Stay Ahead of the Curve with These 2 New Google Marketing Strategies

Prior to heading off on vacation—and in between rolling his Rs and hitting the fake ‘n bake—our il presidente contributed an article to Auto Remarketing Canada. In it Duncan Cochrane outlined the two newest Google advertising methods you can use to funnel clicks and conversions to your website.

I’ll save you few minutes of reading time by outlining and distilling the two need-to-know tactics from the article that can keep you ahead of the pack in the fast moving game of online marketing.

1. YouTube

Everybody knows that Google is the number one most popular search engine. Care to hazard a guess at who’s number two? (Hint: it’s not Bing or Yahoo.)


Sell more cars with Youtube ads


Try YouTube. Google saw its massive potential as a search engine and advertising platform way back in 2006—so why haven’t you? Despite being used by over 91 percent of Canadians, auto dealers have been slow to join this party.

There are a number of ways you can run ads on YouTube. You can place a link within the suggested video listings (InSearch); next to the video while it’s playing (InDisplay); or simply through its own video (InStream). The most common form of InStream ad is what’s called a “Pre-Roll” (the short clip that plays before the intended video).

Sure, you can pay extra to guarantee that the user watches the entire clip, but the more value-priced model allows the skip-this-ad-in-5 seconds option. The beauty of that is if the user is too anxious to sit through your Chevy Silverado ad on the way to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” you don’t have to pay for the impression. Furthermore, mismatches like the above will be few and far between because you’ll be able to target individual demographics such as “men aged 35-50 in the Okanagan region.”

Do we have research to back YouTube as the next big thing in advertising? YouBet. According to a Google study titled “Digital Drives Auto Shopping,” online video research is growing fast among car buyers polled.

  • 57 percent agreed that watching videos online helped introduce them to new brands
  • 49 percent visited a dealer after watching a video
  • 37 percent searched dealer inventory after watching

2. Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Have you been exploiting YouTube as your brand’s personal film festival for months now? Then get the scoop on Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP), which is still in beta form in Canada—perhaps to brainstorm a new acronym less confusing to UFC fans.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions take place in the tab to the right of your Primary and Social Gmail inboxes. Promotions is the neat and tidy place where subscription newsletters and e-blasts are delivered. And now you can use Promotions as a heat-seeking missile intended for your targeted customers.

GSP cleverly uses search interest categories, Google+ demographics, and inbox keywords to position an ad within the Promotions inbox. It has a regular title or teaser like a normal email, but once it’s opened, it can reveal a slick, interactive advertisement with images and/or pictures.

Here’s how it works. Say you want to target people who have previously searched your website for Certified Pre-Owned Hondas. You can make a tantalizing offer show up in their inbox for a 2013 Fit with only 20,000 km and draw them back over.


Target car shoppers with Gmail ads

Though this product is very new, our campaign testing has revealed exceptional numbers. We’re seeing a cost per click of just 75 cents with a click-through rate of over 3 percent. That’s about 300 percent higher than a reasonable rate.

Stand out, don’t stand still 

Ready to keep advancing and be on the cutting edge of online auto marketing? Even if you’re not quite sure, we can send you a few examples of YouTube videos and Promotions emails we’ve done within the past month to give you a clearer idea.

Contact us to get set up with Google’s latest high converting YouTube and Gmail advertising strategies today.

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