Harness the Power of Automatic Keyword Bidding

Until recently, in the dark days before Bid Management Tools, Pay-per-Click Strategists had the tedious task of manually optimizing Paid Search Accounts across multiple campaigns. As clients’ keyword baskets grew, so did the task of managing optimization tasks. At Strathcom Media, it soon became a heroic challenge to implement optimization.

We needed to make some changes if we were going to continue providing our clients with the best service in the industry. That was when we found Acquisio’s Bid & Budget Management (BBM), a new tool to automatically manage bids and budgets in near real-time with keyword optimizations every 30 minutes.

BBM’s automated bid capabilities significantly improved the performance on our clients’ accounts by allowing us to make multiple optimizations during the day.

What is Automatic Bidding?

Automatic bidding uses a series of rules to manage keyword bids in Paid Search Accounts. You can create various bid rules to control the automatic bidding process in order to meet the goals of each account.

At Strathcom, we still like to keep automatic bidding on a tight leash. Why? Automatic bidding can’t think by itself. Don’t expect to sit back, relax and see conversion rates magically increase after enabling automatic bid rules. Our strategy is to constantly monitor, adjust and manage automatic optimizations according to trends and other factors that the automatic process will never see.

Bid & Budget Management Dog

Leaving automatic bidding unattended is like leaving a juicy steak in front of your dog. If you’re not paying attention, something will definitely go wrong. Don’t let automatic bidding control your accounts!

BBM Case Study: Strathcom

We were amazed by the results that Bid & Budget Management (BBM) delivered. In the time that we have been using this new tool by Acquisio, we found that:

  • Average cost-per-click was reduced
  • Traffic to our clients’ websites increased
  • Budgets are now managed with pinpoint accuracy
  • Conversion rates increased!

By the end of March, average Budget Variance across accounts was -0.20%. The best part is that our clients are getting more bang for their buck.

Budget Variance Dropped -0.20% Across Accounts

BBM Variance Graph

Pre-BBM Checklist

Automated bid & budget optimization won’t deliver great results if the account is set up incorrectly or with a poor account structure to start with. Before turning on automatic optimization, does your account have the following?

  • A killer account structure
  • Awesome campaign/ad group segmentation
  • Appropriate landing pages
  • A strong keyword strategy
  • Relevant and compelling ad copy
  • A great negative keyword list

Consider dealing with any issues that could be holding it back before switching to automated keyword management.

Don’t forget about:
• Campaign Settings
• Location and Device Strategy
• Defining and Understanding your Goals
• Analyzing the Competition

While we still have to set up our clients’ accounts correctly and diligently monitor the bid rules of each account, automatic bidding is a great time saver. A properly set up account, combined with Acquisio’s BBM (Bid & Budget Management), will unleash the full power of automatic bidding – making BBM the online marketer’s best friend.

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