Why You Should be Remarketing Right Now in the Automotive Industry

It’s time to demystify remarketing advertising. It’s not magic. Nor is it some new form of alchemy to spawn gold from a few base elements. But it can still spellbind customers who would have otherwise left your website to go onto other exploits.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, lets you send display ads to users who have visited your website and then left to browse the web. Through remarketing you can develop a personalized campaign that delivers display ads to people who have shown a particular interest on your website. For example, say you own a car dealership and a user is searching your website for a 2013 Nissan Sentra. If they decided to leave your website and browse the web, the same Sentra that they were viewing in your inventory could be delivered in the form of a display ad on another web page. This encourages them to return to your website and make the next step in the purchase process. Now doesn’t vehicle remarketing sound awesome?

Is Remarketing Right for You?

The answer is almost always yes! Remarketing is a great way to shift some of your print advertising budget to the online arena. You could compare it to cold calling a customer versus contacting someone who has recently inquired about one of your services. Users who have already visited your website and shown an interest in your products will be much more open to an advertisement inviting them to return. Statistics show that 95% of customers are likely to leave a site without making a transaction. Statistics also show that users who are the subject of remarketing or retargeting are 70% more likely to complete a purchase.

How Does Remarketing Work?

To start retargeting users on your website you put a piece of code called a re-targeting pixel on a specific part of your web site. As users visit this page, the code sends a tracking cookie to that user’s browser. As they visit other website, the cookie calls up display ads related to an offer or item that they viewed on your website. Google has a nice video description here: A variety of user actions can also be chosen to trigger the remarketing process, whether it’s a specific button or just visiting a particular page. The important thing to remember is that while remarketing will not bring new users to your website, it is still an important part of your online advertising effort. Your best chance for success is using a combination of tools to both bring in traffic and then retarget individuals.

Remarking vs. Retargeting Advertising: What’s The Difference?

Let’s get something straight: the terms “Remarketing” and ‘Retargeting” are essentially interchangeable. While some sources would like to tell you there are notable differences, when it comes down to it they are different titles for the same thing. Google generally refers to this type of advertising as remarketing, and Google’s word is gold.

How to Start your Remarketing Campaign

Strathcom Media offers fully personalized remarketing strategiesfor car dealerships. In our remarketing strategy we target more ‘sales ready’ users that are closer to performing an action on your website (say filling out any sort of form). By targeting users at this point of the buying process you can improve your conversion rates significantly and capture customers who almost have their foot in the door. What we offer:

  • A custom tailored Remarketing Strategy
  • Professional Advertising Design (Flash Ads or Static Images)
  • Monthly Ad Management (update Display Ads to match Dealers Monthly promotions)
  • Budget Management (to maximize traffic to the Site)
  • Lead Tracking

Don’t Frustrate Your Customers!

Remarketing is great, but it can go too far. To keep your customers from showing up on your doorstep with a lynch mob in tow, there are a few things to avoid if you want to keep them happy. Don’t let your ad frequency get out of control. Manage how many times your customers will be exposed to a banner in a 24-hour period. You should maintain a “healthy relationship” with your customers. Don’t let your ads become stalkers, following your customers around the internet wherever they go. It can get creepy. Give users a rest. Anyone can have too much of a good thing. If your customer has already purchased a product from you, give them a break from related ads for similar products and services. While your buyers shouldn’t be forgotten, they shouldn’t feel harassed either. Make it easy to opt out. It should be possible for your users to opt out of a campaign completely. Make an easy one-click solution either right on your ads or on your website.

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